400+ Best Autumn Captions for Instagram

It’s the time of the year when the weather changes. There’s no denying it, the leaves are starting to turn and fall. We’re not talking about the ones you can eat either, we’re talking about the ones that are falling from the trees. It’s a good time of year to reflect and appreciate all the things around you. We recommend taking some photos of you enjoying all the beauty of the season and adding the Autumn Captions below.

Autumn Captions

Autumn has officially begun, and this means it’s time to start looking forward to the changing of leaves, cooler temperatures, and the arrival of pumpkin spice everything. If you’ve been looking for the perfect way to capture the beauty of fall in your photos, these captions will help you do just that.

This is also the perfect time to start thinking about your Instagram captions since it’s a great way to share photos of you with your friends and followers, giving them a glimpse into your life and what you’re doing during this fall season.

  • Autumn is the season when colors change.
  • Autumn is when I’m finally happy with my life and myself.
  • The last days of summer can be difficult.
  • The colors in autumn make me smile.
  • Autumn is a time to let go of the past and embrace the future.
  • Autumn is the best season for being alive.
  • The trees celebrate with color.
  • Autumn brings back memories of childhood and childhood friends.
  • I’m feeling like autumn is coming.
  • Autumn is about slowing down and getting comfortable.
  • Autumn is a season that brings many new beginnings.
  • The sky turns to a glorious yellow.
  • When the light changes in fall, I can’t help but think of death.
  • Autumn is the time for me to be happy.
  • Autumn brings me closer to the things that matter most to me.
  • “It’s almost October,” I tell them, “and we are just starting to fall.”
  • It’s when nature gets really romantic.
  • Autumn is a time when the world turns orange.
  • Autumn is my favorite season.
  • As the leaves change colors, a feeling of autumn comes over me.

Autumn Captions

Autumn Rise Captions

  • Autumn in New York City means cold weather and color.
  • There will be many leaves on the trees in autumn.
  • The wind blows.
  • Autumn is when you feel more alive.
  • Autumn is the season when nature reminds us that we are all mortal.
  • I found myself in a forest today.
  • The weather forecast says it will rain tomorrow.
  • Fall is the time for new beginnings, new adventures.
  • That would be a shame.
  • Autumn is the season of endings and beginnings.
  • In autumn there is more than one kind of rain.
  • In a moment, our lives pass like the wind.
  • My favorite time of year is fall.
  • The best memories are from when you were young.
  • Every time you close your eyes, it feels like the first time.
  • Autumn is the season when the sun is warm and dry and the air is clear.
  • Autumn is about finding your own peace of mind.
  • Autumn is the season of memories and stories.
  • I found a fallen branch and sat down in front of it.
  • It’s autumn.

Cool Autumn Captions

  • People come up to me and say, “That was a beautiful sunset!”
  • Fallen leaves will eventually make a new place to live in.
  • Autumn is nature’s way of giving us hope for spring.
  • I walked a little further and saw a pond.
  • It’s when I can be alone with nature.
  • This season, you can look around and see people dying all over.
  • The sky is clear now.
  • Autumn is the time for gathering your thoughts.
  • There is something magical about autumn.
  • We celebrate with gratitude.
  • I watched it as it reflected off the ripples in the pond.
  • Falling leaves are my favorite things to photograph.
  • Autumn is a time when we give thanks.
  • Nature gives us so many gifts and yet we only use a small part of them.
  • Fall has arrived in Chicago and I can hear it calling me.
  • Fall is a great time to visit family.
  • There’s nothing better than a walk in the woods on an autumn day.
  • It was looking for a place to sleep.
  • The air smells like wood smoke and the leaves are falling fast.
  • Autumn is a season full of colors and beautiful scents.

Best Autumn Captions

  • Autumn can bring joy and sorrow.
  • The harvest is ripe.
  • Autumn is about saying goodbye to old things and hello to new ones.
  • If you feel like there are things you want to say or do but cannot,
  • Fog always takes me back to childhood.
  • Autumn is the time for people to reflect on the past.
  • The season of change.
  • Autumn is a mystery.
  • When you feel like the world is falling apart, remember the earth is falling apart too.
  • We are born of the past and die into the future.
  • I love autumn more than winter or spring.
  • Autumn is nature’s way of bringing things to a close.
  • Sometimes you see more in silence than you do when you talk.
  • The colors of autumn are more beautiful than summer.
  • Fallen leaves always remind me of my childhood memories.
  • It is time to look at the present with patience.
  • Everything is changing color.
  • Autumn is the season when the air turns crisp and sharp, and the leaves change color.
  • Fall is the perfect season to capture the essence of nature.
  • My eyes start crying when autumn comes along.

Instagram Autumn Captions

  • We slow down and get back to basics.
  • If we could see the past in our minds, we would be haunted by memories.
  • I see the beauty in every leaf.
  • In the misty autumn air, the colors of autumn leaves seem to be all around us.
  • Autumn is a season of warmth and friendship.
  • Autumn is the season of melancholy, hope, and renewal.
  • Color changes are always a surprise.
  • The leaves change color; the weather changes; the birds migrate.
  • It’s time to stop dreaming and start planning for next year.
  • Autumn is a season of renewal.
  • Autumn reminds me that time is passing and leaves will soon turn brown.
  • It’s been raining and I feel like I am back in Ireland.
  • The sun was starting to set.
  • The way we look back on our lives defines how we live now.
  • Autumn is the time to reflect on the past, dream about the future, and be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life.
  • I saw a fox.
  • Fall is when nature becomes transparent and soft.
  • Autumn is the season of red leaves.
  • Autumn is the time to celebrate life.
  • As the leaves change color in autumn, so do we.

Autumn Fall Captions

  • Autumn is a time to reflect.
  • Autumn is a time of change.
  • Fall is my favorite time of year.
  • Autumn is the season of nostalgia.
  • Fall is the beginning of a new chapter in your life.
  • The leaves turn yellow.
  • I hope to see autumn again.
  • Autumn is the best season in the world.
  • As the fall leaves change colors, a feeling of calm and peace comes over me.
  • Autumn is a time for reflection.
  • Nature is like love.
  • Autumn is the most mysterious season of nature.
  • I feel like it’s the first day of my life.
  • Autumn is one of the few times that nature shows off its full beauty.
  • The fall of leaves gives us a glimpse of winter.
  • I love autumn more than anything.
  • I want to take advantage of the season before the winter season.
  • It is time to look at the future with hope.
  • Autumn is the season of love, sorrow, and friendship.
  • Fall is when nature starts falling apart.

Sassy Autumn Captions

  • The wind was rustling the water softly.
  • The weather changes so do the season.
  • I watched as they danced on the ground and caught the light.
  • Capturing the beauty of the changing seasons is a way to stay in touch with nature.
  • Autumn is a season of change.
  • It’s important to live each day as if it were our last.
  • Autumn is a great time for me to go into my creative side.
  • Autumn is full of mystery and magic.
  • Rain is predicted for next week.
  • We lose leaves, but we gain memories.
  • I watched the last rays of the sun as they slowly began to fade away.
  • Autumn is a beautiful season that lasts for weeks.
  • Maybe tomorrow it will be sunny.
  • It’s easy to miss what you already know.
  • There is nothing more beautiful than autumn leaves.
  • It is time to remember those who have gone before us.
  • Autumn is a time for letting go.
  • The best photographs are the ones that capture what was captured.
  • Autumn is a beautiful time in any season.
  • I can never forget the fall days at our cabin.

Beautiful Autumn Captions

  • It is time to reflect on the past.
  • It’s when I think about how things could have been.
  • This city is full of wonderful autumn colors.
  • Autumn is nature’s way of celebrating life.
  • Capture the beautiful colors in the changing leaves.
  • Autumn is a celebration of life.
  • Fall colors are what make autumn special.
  • The leaves were falling in torrents, making the ground wet and slippery.
  • Autumn is a season of rebirth.
  • A feeling of calm and peace comes over me.
  • Autumn colors are the epitome of beauty.
  • Just remember that the only person you will never see again is yourself.
  • Autumn is a season of reaping what you sow.
  • I was watching him when he disappeared.
  • It was a pleasant day, so I decided to stay a little longer.
  • It’s time to prepare for cold weather.
  • Autumn has a deep and silent beauty.
  • The changing colors of the seasons are a mystery.
  • Fall is when nature starts to lose its vigor.
  • Autumn is the time for everything to become quiet.


Start out with one of these captions for your best autumn pictures. You’ll be making sure your friends and followers know that you’re embracing this change in seasons and that you have the best time of your life in the fall. These are perfect for photos of you wearing some cute fall clothes, eating delicious pumpkin treats, and enjoying every moment that the season brings.

Make sure to put some autumnal-inspired filters on your photos and use your best skills to make sure that you’re ready to show off your new fall look to everyone.


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