240 Bath Soap Slogans and Taglines for Your New Soap Brand

In this article, we will share with you some creative and unique bath soap slogans that you can use as inspiration to create your own slogans for your bath soap.

As a business owner, it is important to understand that the slogan is the most important aspect of any business. If you want to make it in today’s market, then it is imperative that you come up with a creative and effective slogan.

The slogan is the way you get the message across to potential clients. When do you consider your target audience, and who do you want to attract?

What will set you apart from others and give you the edge over the competition? That is where the importance of the tagline comes in. If you don’t know what to say, then you will not stand out.

If you want to do a great job at creating your own soap, it has to be unique. What makes something good? Is it how it smells? Is it how it works? Or is it just how it looks?

The best slogan or tagline for a bath cleaning soap business will be a slogan that emphasizes customer service and the customer’s benefit. For example, “You will never go back to commercial soaps.”

Another tagline could be, “Our goal is to make your skin look better than new”. This type of slogan will capture the imagination and make people want to know more about your company and what you are offering.

If you are looking for ways to make your products or services stand out, then you need to take a look at these amazing bath soap slogans.

Bath Soap Slogans

This list of best bath soap slogans is a nice combination of the main keyword “Bath Soap”. I found it very interesting to see the different combinations, what the manufacturers thought about, and what makes one soap better than the other.

As expected most people like soap scented with lavender, mint, lemon, orange, or eucalyptus. There are many other nice combinations as well. Some people like soaps that are scented with grapefruit and peppermint, lavender, lemongrass, lime, orange, or eucalyptus.

I was wondering why the makers would put these types of scents together in soap but when you really think about it, they sound pretty good.

Here are some great bath soap slogans that you can use as a guideline when creating your own:

  1. Be bold in your skincare routine.
  2. Keep the shower fresh and clean.
  3. Cleanse and condition with the right products.
  4. It’s time to wash away years of dirt with the right cleanser.
  5. Get rid of dirt and bacteria with the right soap.
  6. Soap up your body with the right shampoo.
  7. Get rid of bad hair days.
  8. Be clean for life.
  9. The most indulgent soap
  10. Soap that keeps you clean all day long.
  11. Made from purely natural ingredients
  12. A soap that has a soothing and relaxing effect.
  13. Cleanses your skin and makes you feel clean.
  14. Softens your skin and makes it supple.
  15. Energizes your skin and makes it glow.
  16. Go for the bath with your favorite scent.
  17. Let the smell of nature surround you.
  18. Find your happiness in the world of bubbles.
  19. Soak in the bathtub and enjoy your time.
  20. Enjoy the beauty of nature with the natural fragrance.
  21. Enjoy the most relaxing bath experience ever.
  22. Get all soap-scented body care products for all body parts.
  23. Get a full line of bath and shower soaps.
  24. It’s not just soap, it’s a whole new experience!
  25. No more dripping water!
  26. Showering can be therapeutic, a chance to think and relax.
  27. For a clean, fresh start every day.
  28. Make me your new favorite soap.
  29. Use my skin as your canvas.
  30. Let me do the cleaning for you.

Bath Soap Slogans

Funny Soap Slogans That Will Make You Laugh

  1. A clean conscience.
  2. Make me your new favorite soap
  3. It all starts with a good wash.
  4. A healthy body.
  5. The best gift you can give yourself.
  6. Let me do the washing.
  7. Take care of yourself,
  8. You deserve it.
  9. Create a soap that’s more than just skin deep.
  10. Make your soap more than just a product.
  11. Make your soap a symbol of beauty.
  12. You can’t hide your smile.
  13. You can’t escape your true self.
  14. We are one.
  15. Be beautiful inside & out.
  16. Every little bit of dirt counts.
  17. Make sure your body is ready for your skin.
  18. Get clean, or get dirty.
  19. The best soap you’ll ever use.
  20. Discover the beauty in your soap bubbles.
  21. Cleanse the skin naturally.
  22. Reduce irritation while you bathe.
  23. It will soften your skin, too!
  24. Feel refreshed and renewed with your soap.
  25. It’s never been this easy before.
  26. Bathing is so much fun.
  27. Keep yourself looking and feeling good.
  28. Lather up, clean up, lather up.
  29. Bathe the entire family in a flash.
  30. Take all of the mess out of the bathtub.

Cool and Catchy Soap Slogans

  1. You can use the sink if needed, but why not go all-in?
  2. Capture the beauty in everyone you meet.
  3. Beauty Soap – captures beauty every day.
  4. Everyday beauty is captured.
  5. For an incredible experience during your bath.
  6. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients, which won’t clog pores or dry out the skin.
  7. It’s free of chemicals and synthetic preservatives, which means it’s safe for even the most sensitive skin.
  8. You don’t have to worry about it drying out your skin.
  9. You won’t find any additives or artificial ingredients in our soap.
  10. Experience your best, natural skin by using this soap.
  11. This soap will leave your skin feeling so soft.
  12. The most luxurious soap ever.
  13. Beauty soaps, because they keep you looking good.
  14. Let yourself be in love.
  15. Embrace the beauty that is you.
  16. Love yourself just the way you are.
  17. Live a life of love.
  18. Create a better you.
  19. Give your face a break.
  20. It’s time to wash up.
  21. Cleanse your face naturally.
  22. The key to beauty is in the soap.
  23. It is as simple as ABC.
  24. Soap makes the world a better place.
  25. Beauty soaps are a great investment.
  26. They last for years.
  27. A good scrub keeps you healthy.
  28. Soap is essential.
  29. Keep it close at hand.
  30. It’s time to wash clean.

Organic Soap Slogans

  1. Organic Bath Soap has fewer chemicals and fewer additives.
  2. Cleansing the skin gently while also promoting healthy skin.
  3. Organic soap is made without harsh chemicals or synthetic additives.
  4. Sustainably grown food and natural herbs provide the base ingredients in our organic soaps.
  5. Make your own hand soap from organic ingredients.
  6. Eco-friendly and safe for your skin.
  7. Keep the environment clean, use eco-friendly soaps.
  8. Green your showering experience.
  9. Green your home and planet with organic soaps.
  10. Sustainable, natural ingredients.
  11. Get the purest organic soap you’ve ever had.
  12. Scent the air with natural fragrances.
  13. The perfect gift for anyone.
  14. Nature’s gift.
  15. Nothing beats pure, goodness.
  16. You will not regret using an all natural soap.
  17. The soap you can be proud of.
  18. Skin that feels soft and clean after using.
  19. Use soap that feels good, smells good and heals.
  20. Let nature take care of you.
  21. Get clean with organic soap.
  22. Natural is better than chemical-filled.
  23. Be more gentle to your body and the environment.
  24. Organic Soap is safer for you and the environment.
  25. Wake up to a clean you.
  26. Wake up in the morning knowing your body is clean.
  27. Get to know yourself better, when you’re clean.
  28. Be in the right mindset to make good decisions.
  29. A healthy mind in a healthy body equals happy life.
  30. Live, love, and be loved.

Slogans for Liquid Soap

  1. It’s the only thing I’m certain about.
  2. Cleansing without chemicals.
  3. Aquatex soaps provide clean fresh air.
  4. Tested and certified organic.
  5. No toxins no harsh chemicals.
  6. The soap you have been looking for.
  7. Comes from the heart of the country.
  8. Make an ordinary moment look extraordinary.
  9. Capture your beauty so it lasts forever.
  10. Beauty soaps are designed for women who care about their appearance.
  11. Take pride in your work.
  12. Be different from the rest.
  13. It’s time to create a healthy and happy lifestyle.
  14. Live in the now.
  15. You deserve to enjoy the luxury of a clean, fresh face!
  16. Get a luxurious, natural, soap that’s so pure, it’s like bathing in nature.
  17. Use natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals.
  18. No preservatives or dyes.
  19. Be kind to your skin, and your body will thank you.
  20. Sustainably made in America.
  21. Make your own bathtime experience.
  22. Cleans with natural oils.
  23. Soothe and relax the skin.
  24. Cleanse, exfoliate and detoxify.
  25. We strive to create the best soap bar by using 100% natural ingredients.
  26. Organic soap is an alternative for people who don’t want synthetic ingredients.
  27. Because we use organic soap, we can’t guarantee our soap will last longer than regular soap.
  28. Our products are made of natural ingredients like fruits and herbs.
  29. Organic Body Care Products are more natural and healthy.
  30. Aromatherapy body care products provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Handmade Soap Slogans and Taglines

  1. A little bit of magic in your home.
  2. Make your life healthier and cleaner.
  3. Save money on washing powder and detergent.
  4. A soapbox for all those hard-to-reach places.
  5. Washing away the grime.
  6. Soap cleans you.
  7. Soap makes you feel clean.
  8. The soap of life.
  9. Clean as new.
  10. Wash yourself clean.
  11. Live Cleanly. Be Clean.
  12. Clean Up your life, live Clean.
  13. You will feel cleaner. You will save time.
  14. Liven your body. Be Clean.
  15. It’s time to wash away the past.
  16. Lather up with Pure Romance.
  17. Experience the romance of a soap.
  18. Get Pure Romance for a lather.
  19. Get Pure Romance.
  20. Soap that makes you look better in just a few seconds.
  21. Look good, feel good, be good.
  22. Soap that works on its own, so you can use it to wash your clothes too.
  23. A Soap that makes your clothes really clean.
  24. Soap that works on its own, so you don’t need to wash clothes with it.
  25. Soap that works on its own, so you can wash.
  26. Live life in harmony with nature.
  27. Enjoy a balanced life with food, health, and laughter.
  28. We’re in this together.
  29. You can only get one shot at life.
  30. You can do anything with soap.

Creative Slogans for Whitening Soap

  1. Be yourself, no matter what the world says.
  2. Do it your way.
  3. I believe in beauty, I believe in you.
  4. A handmade soap, from your hands to mine.
  5. Create the body wash you, love.
  6. The best of both worlds.
  7. A natural ingredient soap.
  8. A handcrafted soap that smells like heaven.
  9. A rich, warm and luxurious body wash.
  10. The perfect gift for someone special.
  11. Soap can be used all over the home, kitchen, and bath.
  12. The soap has no added dyes or perfumes.
  13. Be kind to yourself and to others.
  14. You are your own unique creation.
  15. The journey of self-discovery has just begun.
  16. There is beauty in simplicity.
  17. The world needs more kindness.
  18. Be the change you want to see in the world.
  19. Live your life with purpose.
  20. Life is too short to waste time on things that don’t matter.
  21. Our soaps contain no chemicals or animal by-products.
  22. Don’t use soap that contains harmful chemicals.
  23. Our soap will give you soft, supple skin.
  24. Our handmade soap is made in small batches.
  25. It takes less than 15 minutes to make.
  26. Laugh while you wash.
  27. The best soap slugs ever.
  28. Handcrafted with love.
  29. A great gift for yourself or your loved one.
  30. Wash away all those stress marks.

Antibacterial Soap Slogans and Taglines

  1. Go beyond clean.
  2. Be the first to use antibacterial soap in the office.
  3. Use antibacterial soap to get rid of germs in the kitchen.
  4. Use antibacterial soap in the shower.
  5. Go beyond clean to go beyond germ-free.
  6. Make the people around you healthier.
  7. Cleanse and purify.
  8. Keep the bacteria away from your skin.
  9. Protect yourself against germs.
  10. Cleanse and purify.
  11. Keep the bacteria away from your skin.
  12. Protect yourself against germs.
  13. Natural beauty is never too clean for you.
  14. Don’t use antibacterial soap when you don’t have to.
  15. Keep your family healthy by using this soap.
  16. Soak your hands in antibacterial soap.
  17. Take care of your skin naturally.
  18. Save money on soaps and lotions.
  19. Eliminate bacteria with these antibacterial soaps.
  20. A safe environment for your family.
  21. Protect your family from illness with these antibacterial soaps.
  22. Antibacterial soap for every bathroom in the house.
  23. Cleanse your body and soul.
  24. Wash away bacteria, germs, and viruses.
  25. Keep your home and family healthy.
  26. Protect your skin from germs and viruses.
  27. Soothe and calm your skin.
  28. Keep your body and soul clean.
  29. Enjoy our handmade soap in your bath or sink.
  30. Use our homemade soap to take care of your hands.

20 Best Slogans for New Bath Soap Brands

If you want to be a successful bath soap entrepreneur, you need to consider a catchy tagline for your product.

A great tagline is catchy and gives an impression of the product in a short time. And that is what you need in order to promote your product on social media platforms.

If you are looking for some ideas for catchy bath soap company slogans, take a look at this list:

  1. I’m an Artistic Bath Soap
  2. You Make My Bath Smell So Good
  3. Soft Touch Skin
  4. The Best Bath Soap In The World
  5. A Soap You Can Really Love
  6. It Makes Your Bath A Real Spa
  7. A Scent For Your Body
  8. A Bath Soap For Every Mood
  9. An Invigorating Bath Soap
  10. Get Ready For Your Bath With A Splash Of…
  11. Soothe Sensitive Skin
  12. The Artful Way To A Soapy Experience
  13. The Most Relaxing Bath Soap
  14. What Will You Say When You See Me Naked?
  15. My Bath Is An Exquisite Escape
  16. I Am A Luxurious Bath Soap
  17. The Only Bath Soap You Need
  18. You’ll Have The Time Of Your Life With My Bath
  19. Why Don’t You Take This Beautiful Bath Soap?
  20. I’m A Romantic Bath Soap


The best thing about a soap tagline is that it has an impact on how the customer uses the product. The slogan can be very short or long, and it can be humorous or not. If you’re marketing bath soaps you can opt for something like “a shower is for washing away your stress and a bath is for washing your body”, or even just “wash in the water”.

You don’t have to make a slogan only about your bath products, but if you have a set of products then they can all work together.

A good slogan is an effective tool in your online marketing strategy. That’s why we have created this list of amazing bath soap slogans. Hope you liked these slogans.


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