Best Quotes About Life: 400+ Sayings and Captions About Life

Here we have shared some of the cool, catchy, creative, and best quotes about life. All the life quotes and captions about life that we have shared can be used anywhere you want. You can use them as captions for your Instagram photos and posts.

We are living in an era where the internet has taken over all of us in many aspects of our lives. The internet along with it; brought social media. Social media includes applications like Facebook, Instagram, and many other apps where you post your pictures and update your friends and family with your life and what is going on around you. While posting these pictures, people like to add some captions for their pictures which have become an important element of our social media life.

Now, what are captions? Captions are a few words that you type while posting your pictures that not only tell people around you that what is going on with the picture but also brings about aesthetics through the picture.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of amazing captions about life that you can pick for the pictures that you post on your social media. Not just that, but we will also provide you with some tips and tricks that will help you with generating your captions without much effort.

So, buckle up your seat belts and ride along with this article.

Captions About Life

Here are some cool, catchy, creative and unique captions about life:

  • The more you spend it, the more you learn.
  • Life is a teacher that does not wear a tie.
  • Learn the mistakes but do not repeat them.
  • You give direction to your own life.
  • Be respectful with your life.
  • A healthy life is a way to go
  • Set your life apart
  • Do not wait for the perfect day, make it perfect.
  • Life has its ups and downs, do not give up.
  • Your life deserves to be on the right path.
  • Life is a blessing take good care of it.
  • You never lose until you decide to, hence stick to it.
  • Fight and fight do not take it lightly.
  • If no one has told you yet listen, you can do it!
  • Life will support you once you respect it.

Life Quotes

Below are some of the best quotes about life that will inspire you:

  • Stay away from the life harms.
  • Get your life straight be in one of the greats.
  • Each day is a beautiful start to life.
  • Learn to fight with the bad days and make full use of the good days.
  • Change the bad into good like the farmer in the hood.
  • No one has an easy life, just go with the flow.
  • Predictable life gets tasteless real quick.
  • Your life’s timer started with your first cries, so spend every moment like it’s your last.
  • Spice up your life in the right way.
  • Be creative, stand apart, do your best, like an art.
  • What is life without friends?
  • Remember life is not meant to burn you out.

Famous Quotes About Life

Here are some of the most popular and famous quotes about life:

  • Life is like salty water, the more you drink it the more you get thirsty.
  • There are no fast processors in life, work it out.
  • You do not get lucky again and again take every step with good care.
  • Make your life your best friend.
  • Hardships are part of the game, play for the reward of life.
  • Life lessons make you twice as wise.
  • Our life is like a police precinct, there is so much going on.
  • Life can be dark sometimes, only you can touch it up.
  • Embrace the bright shine of the sunny life.
  • Make your life smell beautiful like the first drop of rain.
  • Do not make your life like someone else’s but make it the best version of itself.

Phrases About Life

Following are some of the wisest phrases about life written in history:

  • Either cry like a baby or learn like a man during the downs of life.
  • You never get the magic button in life it’s either the long way or no way.
  • Life itself is not easy; learn skills to make it look easy.
  • Maneuver your life accordingly.
  • The little sparkles of life cost a million bucks.
  • Do not let others make your life decisions.
  • Ups and downs are normal it’s the matter of how you deal with it.
  • Life teaches us to take the positives out of our failures.
  • Enjoy your life like the confetti in the air.
  • Stop being dull and get a little edgy.
  • You can’t live the best life with no effort.

Best Quotes About Life

Below written are the best quotes about life by the famous people:

  • Provide happiness to your soul by doing things accordingly.
  • Life never tells where it is going, but it surely is going somewhere.
  • The direction you direct your life is the most important.
  • Manage your time in the best manner until it lasts.
  • Enjoy your highs but respect your lows.
  • The time is never perfect you have to make it perfect.
  • Get your facts straight and spend some time with the greats.
  • Your life always has an alternative plan.
  • Do not fear to take risks as they are necessary for life sometimes.
  • You are the only one to decide what path to take.

Inspirational Quotes for Life

Here are some of the most inspirational quotes for life that will motivate you:

  • Get your life out of the blacks.
  • Throw some colors in your life to stand out.
  • Do things in life that outshines the negatives.
  • Do great, aim greater, and ultimately reach the greatest.
  • Those little points in life can be the reason for your elevation.
  • Do not get mistaken by the success of some people they also had setbacks.
  • Contour your life with happy efforts.
  • Regret is a poison hence, live your life to the fullest.
  • Those scratches are the signs of efforts in life.
  • Life is the game of risk and success.
  • Do a little more worry a little less.
  • You grow stronger with every moment you go through.
  • Let your success talk to the ones that pulled your leg.

Famous Sayings About Life

Here is the list of some good phrases and famous sayings about life:

  • Life is not stagnant it is sporadic as always.
  • How to deal with problems? Simple, dance it through.
  • Every inch of your hard work will reward you in life.
  • What made you stand out? Just that extra mile you covered!
  • Manipulate yourself in doing those extra tasks.
  • Giving up should never be an option in life.
  • Life rewards those who never decide to give up.
  • Learn to make yourself communicate through hardships.
  • Make best friends with yourself.
  • You should know everything about something, and something about everything.
  • It is better to try than to just wonder what if.
  • Shine bright in the light, kill your problems in the fight.
  • Keep digging in and you will find the way ultimately.

Old Quotes About Life

Here is the list of some of the most inspirational old quotes about life:

  • Being grateful for success is normal, but being grateful for that failure is extraordinary.
  • The best revenge is to make yourself better.
  • Just because you made a mistake does not mean you will always make a mistake.
  • Do big, dream bigger, and aim biggest.
  • Life does not always go as planned stay ready for everything.
  • Remember failure is just one step away if you do not try.
  • Risk has to be taken to fly around and enjoy.
  • You might fall a few times but the next elevation is going to be higher.
  • Hope has a never-ending pact.
  • Life does not only age you physically but also age your smartness by lessons.
  • Never get tired of trying, you would not regret it.
  • Hard life is all about perspective.

Words About Life

Here are some of the most clever and wise words about life:

  • Take notes from Justin’s song never say never.
  • Life is a warzone, do not fear it just guard up and jump right in.
  • Your biggest enemy and your best friend, both could be yourself.
  • Life is too short for negative anxiety.
  • Create your happy place, stay there when needed.
  • Work hard and enjoy the fruits.
  • You must have to start somewhere.
  • Worry less, passports out!
  • Live like an eagle, Run like a tiger.
  • Being mentally strong is what you need.
  • Demand happiness and not just materialist things.
  • Aim for the sunshine and don’t stop before you get it.

Cool Quotes About Life

Below is the list of some cute and cool quotes about life:

  • Stay honest with your-self; never cheat to get success.
  • Looking for shortcuts will always waste your time.
  • Life might seem slow but it paces up so stick through.
  • Giving up should never be an option.
  • We experience different sorts of life events that make us stronger.
  • Keep up the same seal and watch yourself doing A-OKAY.
  • Live for the perfect moments in your life.
  • Little perfection more trying is the way to go.
  • Sometimes just a smile do wonders in tough times of life.
  • Let it go when it starts to hurt a lot.
  • It is all about the games of life.
  • Try to avoid the words “What if”.
  • You never learn until you are deep inside the problem.
  • Impossible is the word that itself says that I am possible.
  • There are many hidden lessons in life dig it through.
  • Not all smiles have the same reason behind them.
  • The socials are not the true reflection of real life.
  • Love your life even if your life does not love you back.
  • Stick boy stick there, it is your game!
  • And you thought that I would never be able to do it?
  • Mediate-Collaborate-Create-Eradicate and then Detonate!

Words About Life



Best Quotes About Life

How to Write Your Own Captions about life

Here are some tips to create amazing captions about life for your Instagram posts:

1) Brainstorming: –

As told earlier that captions have become an integral part of our social media lives and bringing about the aesthetics from the picture captions plays a vital role. Now where to get these captions? You can do it on your own! What you need to have is a fresh and creative mind and a piece of paper.

Assess your picture think about the things going on with the picture ask yourself questions like, what are you feeling about that picture? What point of your life is described in that picture?

What suggestion would you like to give from that picture? These are some questions whose answers need to be written on a piece of paper that you can later glorify into captions.

2) Portray your thoughts:-

This tip is similar to brainstorming but rather just focused on your thoughts. Your thoughts are very worthy and you should give some respect to them as they can turn out to be pretty helpful.

While thinking about your captions think about your life or think about life in general. You can think about the minor details about the back story of the picture and can come up with some extremely good captions. Just portray your thoughts in the caption.

3) Conduct thorough internet research:-

This tip is as simple as it sounds. For this, all you need to do is enhance your research skills and you are good to go. As mentioned earlier, This is the world of the internet and social media and the internet knows about the needs of today’s world hence, all you need is provided all over the internet.

Just type Cool and amazing captions for Instagram or Facebook or whatever app you want; you will get so many sites providing free articles about the captions that you are looking for.

4) Ask for suggestions from your close ones:-

You can ask for a little help from your friends and family In this regard. Just have a friendly conversation with them and tell them that you need a little suggestion about the captions for your pictures and we are sure that they are going to come up with some amazing suggestions that may help you out for the most part.

5) Shortlisting:-

After getting to know about all these tips and tricks you will ultimately be having a lot of suggestions and a ton of captions for your pictures. Just pick the right ones that suit your picture the best and upload them without any hesitation. People are going to love it as you have pulled out quite a few efforts right there.

So, there are no chances of you getting confused on whether the caption sounds as cool as the picture? The simple answer is yes it does.


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