400+ Best Boyfriend Captions for Instagram

Here are some best and catchiest boyfriend captions for you. These are some heart-warming boyfriend captions for Instagram that you can use anywhere you want on any social media platforms.

We have made a collection of boyfriend captions for you to use under your photos and share your feelings with friends, family and followers.

These are probably the best and impressive boyfriend captions you will see on the internet. So, let’s get into it:

Boyfriend Captions

Here are some creative boyfriend captions:

  • Your smile brightens up my day every time I see you.
  • Hold my hand and take me to the best place of yours.
  • Take me with yourself, forever.
  • I don’t believe in that you truly fall in love only once after meeting you.
  • I fall in love all over again whenever I see you in front of me.
  • You make my heart enjoy the best with no rest.
  • I love spending time with you, you are such an amazing person.
  • You have always brought love to my heart.
  • I love the way you treat me like a princess.
  • You are such an incredible person that I couldn’t even no.
  • You don’t love someone because they are perfect, you love them for being who they are.

Boyfriend Captions for Instagram

Enlisted are some coolest boyfriend captions for Instagram:

  • Let’s get weird and never be normal.
  • You are my happy place to be.
  • I don’t have any words to explain how much I love you.
  • Never new real love was this wonderful.
  • I can’t explain how you make me feel special and how I feel so happy around you.
  • I didn’t believe in love until I met you.
  • Between the weird jokes, awkward laughs and stupid fights, I fell in love with you.
  • I feel so lucky to have you in my life, you are such an incredible person, love.
  • Every love story is beautiful but ours is y favorite of them all.
  • Can’t wait for the future to hold us together and live our lives together.

Cute Boyfriend Captions

Followings are some cute boyfriend captions:

  • Love isn’t something you find, it’s what finds you.
  • Wish we can live together all our lives.
  • True love stories never have endings.
  • Love is accepting every good and bad habit of your partner.
  • If I had to fall in love again, I’d still choose you.
  • You are the one, it was worth melting for.
  • Love is just the same like wind, you can just feel it but can’t see it.
  • I will always pick you, choose you and love you until my last breath.
  • You are the one and only I would spend my whole life with.
  • You make me fly like a bird in every phase of life.

Funny Boyfriend Captions

Here we have some funny boyfriend captions:

  • Every time I am feeling low, you make me laugh.
  • Who thought I’d listening to some weird guy’s funny jokes!
  • You are like a light to my darkness.
  • It wasn’t love at first sight neither at second sight too.
  • I love you more than I love tacos.
  • You drive me wild sometimes.
  • I was looking for manfriend but I found a boy, who’s now my boyfriend.
  • Do you know what looks good on you? Of course, me.
  • Grow up Maths, and find your X on your own.
  • My boyfriend dresses to kill, same goes when he cooks.

Boyfriend Quotes

Enlisted are some best boyfriend quotes:

  • Seeing you just melts my heart.
  • All I needed is someone who could match my craziness and I got it.
  • I feel more annoyed when you don’t annoy me.
  • Real person doesn’t care about your looks, he loves you anyway.
  • Here to collect all the beautiful memories with you.
  • It is really difficult now a days to meet someone who can love you, care for you the way you do for them.
  • You know you are blessed when you get someone, you love, loves you.
  • You are an antidote to all my problems.
  • Love doesn’t have any language. It just comes from the heart.
  • Be original to be loved by an original person.
  • You are always on my mind 24/7.
  • I can deal with every bad phase of my life when I am with you.

Best Boyfriend Quotes

Followings are some best boyfriend quotes:

  • I am always grateful to God for blessing me with such an amazing life partner.
  • Life seems beautiful when you have an amazing life partner who has supported you throughout.
  • You are the best match that I could ever imagine.
  • I can’t imagine my life without you, it seems impossible to live without you.
  • Even if the whole world come against you will always find me by your side.
  • You are the perfect thing that has ever happened to me.
  • You are the loveliest person I have ever met.
  • Being with you just makes my whole day beautiful.
  • You are the only reason behind my every happiness in life.
  • When I am with you, I feel like I have got all the luxuries and treasures of this world.

Boyfriend Love Quotes

Here are some boyfriend love quotes for you:

  • The way you look at me just takes my breath away.
  • Your absence kills me from inside.
  • I love you for all the sacrifices you have made for us.
  • You know, you are the only source of my happiness.
  • It’s better to have a bad day with you than a good day alone.
  • No matter what, I will always choose you.
  • Million tiny little things, when we added them, they meant love.
  • Without you, my life was incomplete.
  • You let me enter your life despite my weaknesses, my life choices and my decision.
  • What’s better than having a supportive boyfriend.
  • From dreaming about my dream boy to waking up by my dream boy.

Amazing Boyfriend Quotes

Here we have some amazing boyfriend quotes:

  • Your kiss is the best thing I have every day before going to sleep.
  • Ending my beautiful day with you; what else do I need in life?!
  • You capture my inner soul whenever you come closer to me.
  • How a person holds you tell a lot about that person.
  • When I am with you, the world becomes more happier place for me.
  • I still remember the moments when we were about to kiss, how our hearts were beating fast.
  • You came in my heart and lived without any rent.
  • You were the one when everybody left, you held my hand and walked beside me.
  • It feels like I have got everything I needed in my life when I got you.
  • I can’t put down my feelings into the words that how much I love you.

Crazy Boyfriend Quotes

Enlisted are some crazy boyfriend quotes:

  • You are the beginning of my day; you are the end of my day.
  • Even when I am losing, I am winning when I am with you.
  • You were the one when everybody left, you held my hand and walked beside me.
  • It feels like I have got everything I needed in my life when I got you.
  • Loving me wasn’t easy but you made it looked smooth.
  • I don’t need anything else in life when I have got you.
  • I will always be grateful for whatever you have given me, for all the gifts, for all the love and care.
  • You make my every morning beautiful.
  • Seeing you beside me just makes my whole day beautiful.
  • Love is accepting every good and bad habit of your partner.
  • If I had to fall in love again, I’d still choose you.

Boyfriend Caption

I hope you would have gotten impressed reading all these amazing and interesting boyfriend captions and must have found what you were looking for. You can use these captions anywhere on Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat etc.

Enjoy and peace out!

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