399 Creative Christian Captions for Instagram

Christians believe that we are sinners and that we have been saved through Jesus Christ, which is a pretty important thing to think about. But what do they really mean when they say that? What exactly does it mean to be saved? Why should we care?

And if we’ve been saved, why should we worry about being judged by God for all the horrible things we do every single day? After all, we’re good people, aren’t we?

That’s why so many people turn to the idea of hellfire and damnation. They don’t want to be held accountable for their sins, but instead they want to just blame others for their bad behavior. They don’t want to take responsibility for their actions, and that’s okay because God will do that for them.

Christian Captions for Instagram

Include a caption that lets followers know who you are and what you do: “Christian speaker, Christian music artist, Christian author, Christian coach, worship pastor.” Include a link to your site and add links to your social media profiles. This increases conversions and keeps followers engaged longer.

  • When you find your special someone, and he or she finds you, the most important thing is to believe in yourself.
  • I found my happiness, not in what I did, but in what I was.
  • The best way to make an enemy is to treat them as friends, and then you are sure to have one.
  • The true artist is never satisfied, he is only happy when he can give more than he has received.
  • I believe in a creator, God.
  • I do not believe in a devil, only in human beings.
  • In the eyes of God, everyone is equal.
  • In the eyes of God, if you are good, you will go to heaven. If you are bad, you will go to hell.
  • If the Bible were written by humans, it would be incomplete.
  • It is not my job to judge. It is your job to judge.
  • Judge yourself first and then judge others.
  • It’s not how long you live that counts; it’s how you live in every minute.
  • Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get.
  • Love is God in action.
  • Only love gives strength. Only love makes the impossible possible.
  • A person who has no friends can never be happy.
  • A good relationship should always include honesty, trust, understanding, and mutual respect.
  • A little learning is a dangerous thing.
  • A smile costs nothing but pays a lot of money.
  • A wise man speaks, a fool listens. A wise woman speaks, a fool understands.
  • All things work together for good to them that love God.
  • Always look for the best in others, they too are humans.
  • All that glitters is not gold.
  • An eye for an eye only leaves everybody blind.

Christian Captions for Instagram

Christian Quotes for Instagram

When you’re writing about a Christian brand on Instagram, you need to be mindful that the product isn’t just about religion, but is about the life Jesus lived.

People are looking for authenticity and relationship, so if you want to reach people who have questions about the Christian faith, or would like to learn more about Jesus, you need to let them know in your posts.

  • Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.
  • As we walk through life, we need to remember three important things; the first is people can make us happy or unhappy, the second is, if we keep smiling and the third is, God loves us!
  • Attitude determines altitude.
  • B-basic, I-instructions, B-before, L-leaving, E-earth
  • Be an organ donor, give your heart to God.
  • Be kind, it’s good for us.
  • Burn your ego into ashes.
  • Determination is the first step of the ladder of success.
  • Divine treat includes holy talks and holy minds.
  • Don’t worry. God is always on time. Trust him.
  • Don’t be sad when we suffer because through suffering we clear our road towards heaven.
  • Every morning I wake up and thank God.
  • Faith and hope are the inspiration to move forward into life.
  • Fear is the glue that keeps you stuck. Faith is the solvent that sets you free.
  • For external beauty we put on things, for real beauty we have to shed all things.
  • God alone cannot change our destiny, we have to act accordingly.
  • God doesn’t create a lock without its key, God doesn’t give you problems without its solutions! Trust him.
  • You can be religious without being fanatic
  • If the devil can quote scripture, then you should be able to as well.
  • You know that there are many ways to god, but you only have one way to be saved.
  • If you think that you know all there is to know about God, you don’t know anything.
  • If you believe in God, it doesn’t matter whether you like him or not.
  • If your religion is true, you won’t worship any other god.
  • If you are a believer, you should also be a non-believer.
  • If you have faith, you can do things that others can’t.

Christian Quotes for Instagram

Jesus Christ Caption

When posting religious content, try to maintain a certain level of transparency. You might want to write an inspirational quote about following Christ, but if that’s all you say, its likely people will think you’re just trying to sell them something.

Instead, use the hashtag #religionshortcaption to show followers that you care about their faith and invite them to read more about Christianity. That way, when someone does click through to your Instagram page, they’ll see you as an ally in sharing their faith.

For instance, this post on Christians using the hashtag had a lot of engagement:

  • If you have a deep relationship with God, you will treat other people better.
  • You will never let anything interfere with your relationship with God.
  • If you do your best at everything, you will be successful.
  • If your religion is wrong, it will not work.
  • If you believe in God, it does not matter what you believe in.
  • If you believe in god, you will be happy.
  • If you don’t believe in god, you will be a miserable person.
  • If you don’t believe in God, you can still make a difference.
  • If you don’t believe in God, you’ll be alone.
  • If you are born again, you will love and respect yourself.
  • If you are born again, you will get saved.
  • If you are not born again, you will be eternally condemned.
  • I don’t want to get hurt, I’m a pacifist; I won’t fight; I don’t care
  • If god is there or not; I’m not scared; I know what I’m doing
  • But the people of my world are lost in darkness
  • My hope is in God; I don’t pray, I talk to him
  • He gave us a brain; we should use it
  • It’s time to stop fighting, let’s be friends
  • I am not a believer; I just believe in god
  • The bible says “Let God be true and every man a liar” (Romans 3:4.)
  • Don’t put all your trust in people, just follow God.
  • No one will be able to change your heart except God
  • No one else can give you the peace of mind like God
  • Trust in God
  • Faith in God is better than faith in man

Jesus Christ Caption

Best Christian Captions for Instagram Selfies

If you are new to posting Instagram, the first thing you need to know is that there are rules and there is etiquette. Instagram is a great platform for connecting with people. It has the potential to turn strangers into friends and help you share stories.

But if you’re going to succeed, you need to respect other users. Here are five things you need to know to get the most out of Instagram.

  • God loves all men, he forgives everything
  • He is merciful and compassionate
  • God can hear you and he can help you
  • Trust in God and wait for him to deliver you from evil
  • Christianity is a beautiful thing, I love it!
  • I’m a true believer in Jesus Christ
  • You are forgiven by god if you ask him for forgiveness
  • It’s a blessing from god that we are born again
  • The name of Jesus is powerful and awesome
  • You’ll never find anyone as strong and brave like Jesus
  • Jesus will always be with you
  • Every time you read a Bible verse, remember this is all because of Jesus
  • Thank you God for your son, Jesus, who died for me
  • We are truly blessed because of the blood of Jesus
  • If you put your faith in God, your life will be changed
  • If you’re in need of God’s help you can talk to him anytime
  • If you know nothing about Jesus you have no excuse
  • There’s no reason to live a life without love
  • God wants everyone to get saved
  • God loves everybody even the bad people
  • If you choose to go to hell, you’re going to burn for eternity
  • Jesus forgives all our sins and so do I
  • Jesus loves you and he died for you, I love you
  • Thank you God for the grace of Jesus
  • Let your name be great in the kingdom
  • Jesus is my lord and savior
  • You are welcome in heaven. You’ll have all the things that you’ve dreamed about
  • God wants to show you the truth, about who he is
  • How much he loves you, and what he offers
  • I am here to tell you about Christ, and what he has done

God Instagram Captions

There’s no doubt that social media can be an effective tool for evangelism. But there are many things you need to be aware of, so that you can use social media as effectively as possible.

Social media is not just for people who want to evangelize; it’s a great way to interact with your friends and family, too. You can use social media to encourage people to follow Christ, or to share their faith and testimony with others.

  • I am here to remind you that Christ died on the cross, and rose again
  • That’s what he did, so you won’t have to live through the pain
  • It was so that we could have salvation, eternal life
  • The Bible says that Jesus came to take away your sin, to set you free
  • I want you to know that there’s no other way to heaven
  • We need to make a choice today
  • I was once lost, now I am found
  • And I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
  • You must choose, and you can choose Jesus or hell
  • I want to say thank you to all the saints
  • Saints are those that gave their lives for us, they gave their life for our sins
  • So we can be forgiven and we can go to heaven
  • Because of Jesus, all things are possible.
  • You must choose, and you can choose Jesus or hell
  • I was once lost, now I am found
  • Heaven isn’t a place, it’s a state of mind.
  • If you are one, it’s time to shine.
  • Jesus said he came to set us free… But you think he meant just you.
  • God’s blessings follow wherever you go.
  • There is no heaven without hell.
  • If you think about it, everyone is a Christian.
  • It’s not the first time I’ve seen this.
  • It’s not that I’m bitter; it’s that I’m not religious.
  • I’m not talking about a religious experience, I’m talking about a religious feeling.
  • A woman who doesn’t believe in miracles needs to get her eyes checked.
  • You don’t have to be a preacher to preach.
  • You are more than your best friend’s Facebook status.
  • We all struggle. You struggle, I struggle. We all live with regret.
  • I am not the girl with the Jesus poster in her room.

God Captions For Instagram

If you’re a Christian and want to draw attention to your faith, then the caption is the perfect place to do it. Use phrases like “God loves” or “Jesus loves” to invite users into the conversation.

But be careful that your message is appropriate for the platform. If you post a picture of a Bible verse, for example, users may get the wrong idea and think that you are promoting Christianity

  • We are not always given a choice.
  • If I could go back and have a do-over, I’d spend my time with Jesus instead of friends.
  • There is nothing on earth or in the heavens
  • Thats worthy of worship. It’s not something you can have. You cant buy it or own it. It is a gift from God
  • If you are a christian then you know Jesus Christ is alive today.
  • Being a Christian means that you have made a decision for Christ
  • Being a Christian means that you know and believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose again.
  • Being a Christian means that you know and believe that Jesus Christ has the authority to forgive sin and to cleanse our hearts.
  • Being a Christian means that you know and believe that Jesus Christ paid a price for you so that you may have eternal life.
  • Being a Christian means that you know and believe that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead and is alive forever.
  • Being a Christian means that you know and believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins and was resurrected to pay the penalty of your sins.
  • Being a Christian means that you know and believe that Jesus Christ, as the one who died for you, lives in you now and will never die again.
  • Being a Christian means that you know and believe that Jesus Christ is coming again to judge the world.
  • Being a Christian means that you know and believe that Jesus Christ will come back and reign with His saints in heaven.
  • Being a Christian means that you know and believe that Jesus Christ, God’s son, the eternal one, was born of a virgin.
  • Being a Christian means that you know and believe that Jesus Christ lived a sinless life and died an agonizing death upon the cross for your sins.
  • Being a Christian means that you know and believe that Jesus Christ descended into hell, was crucified, rose from the dead and is now seated at God’s right hand in heaven.
  • Being a Christian means that you know and believe that Jesus Christ will come back someday to bring the righteous with Him to heaven to share in His throne of glory forever.
  • Being a Christian means that you know and believe that Jesus Christ is your Savior.
  • Being a Christian means that you know and believe that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead.
  • The sun is a shining light in the sky
  • Let me tell you about an extraordinary man

God Quotes For Instagram

If you’re writing for an Instagram account devoted to God or Jesus, use a different language to describe Him. For example, you could say “It was Jesus who gave me a new start.” Or “He changed everything.” And if you’re posting a picture of someone praying or doing good works for the Lord, then your caption should speak to that too.

This could be something like “She prayed hard for a miracle, and her prayers were answered.” or “She said a little prayer and got a raise.”

Here are some other options for what to write in your caption when you’re talking about God:

  • He lived an average life
  • He was normal like you and me
  • But as he went through life, he kept a deep longing to know more about Jesus
  • He asked God for help, and God sent him an angel
  • This angel told him to open his heart and ask questions
  • The angel brought him books, he read them and thought about the meaning
  • After reading these books, he started to pray
  • He prayed every day
  • And one day he went to church for the first time
  • At church he met an amazing man who told him many stories of Jesus
  • After hearing those stories, he decided to give up his career, and devote himself to serving others
  • His name was Francis Xavier
  • He was the only son of a wealthy family
  • As a young man, he was very intelligent, but he wasn’t interested in school
  • He spent his days alone in his room thinking about his life and trying to understand what he should do with it
  • He felt a deep yearning to know God, and this yearning kept growing stronger
  • He felt his destiny to serve God
  • He gave up his position as the head of his family, and went on a mission trip to the Far East
  • There he met a man who had a vision from God
  • He said this man was to be his friend and guide on his mission
  • The rest of his life was spent travelling through Europe and the Far East, visiting places that needed to hear the word of God
  • He came back to Rome, and finally returned to Portugal
  • There he built a church, called St. Francis Xavier Church
  • Today it is one of the most important churches in Portugal

Cool Christian Captions for Instagram

You’ve heard it a million times, but captions are crucial to the success of your social media posts. When writing your Instagram captions, try to focus on the most important things. Start by telling a little about yourself and the story behind the photo.

After that, talk about how the post relates to your brand and what your customer is getting out of it. Add a few more details for more of your audience to care about.

  • He left behind many letters that explained what he had done during his life
  • He left them to the people who would follow after him
  • People were amazed at his faith, and he became known as “the apostle of India”
  • I was born with the gift of faith
  • The gift of faith comes as a gift from God
  • If you are looking for the best captions about God, then you are at the right place, right? Best captions about God Best captions about God
  • God can’t even touch me but I can touch him forever.
  • God’s plan for our lives is good news.
  • If you have faith like a mustard seed, you could move mountains.
  • We have all kinds of abilities and abilities, but God gave us one ability above others.
  • When you have a problem, think of it this way: God can fix it for you today.
  • In spite of the world, God is still on his throne.
  • Let go of worry. It’s God’s job.
  • God is our protector, defender, and friend.
  • The devil wants to steal your joy and your peace.
  • God is more interested in who you become than what you do.
  • God made you. God is your parent.
  • You have to trust that God is in control.
  • God has a plan for each one of us.
  • He was born a baby, lived as a man, died as a king, and came back to life again.
  • God wants us to let go of everything so we can have true freedom.
  • A true friend loves you when you’re good, when you’re bad, and when you’re indifferent.
  • God knows what we don’t.
  • The Bible says God is love. That’s why we love him.
  • God gives you the chance to change your life.
  • Don’t just read about Jesus. Read about him every day.
  • Don’t give up. God is with you.
  • God made it possible for us to forgive others.
  • God created you to show his love.
  • God made a way for you to be happy.
  • If God is a part of your life, nothing can keep you from reaching your full potential.


Religion is one of the most polarizing topics for social media posts. A post about religion could be construed as promoting an opinion, or as attacking another belief system. To avoid this type of backlash, try to stay neutral when posting about religious beliefs.

“While people may get triggered by certain phrases and concepts, the goal is to simply post something that will help build awareness about the religion and to help people understand a little more about what others believe,” says Carter. “I’ve found that being neutral and objective about religion is the best way to handle it.”


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