Couple Captions: 400+ Best and Cute Captions for Couples

Here we have shared some of the cool and cute couple captions that you will like the most.

Use these wonderful Instagram couple captions for praising, showing love, pleasing, enjoying the company of your partner, and showing proximity to your beloved wife.

These couple captions can be used in different situations, including Outing, inside home enjoying the meal, for travel, the cuteness of a couple, supporting each other in kith and kin, inspiration for each-other, mutual understanding, interdependence, and wisdom behind the marriage.

All these aspects will shed light on the importance and essential need for having a life partner. So here we go.

Cute Couple Captions

Here are some unique and cute couple captions for your Instagram:

  • In heaven, like a valley your existence works as oxygen for me.
  • Creating memories for the future with the most important person in my life (wife).
  • Wherever I go You come along with me like my soul.
  • When I sat at the river bank, I saw your reflection in water and Smiled!
  • It`s passion to travel for famous tourist points but without you those would be colorless.
  • One of Precious destination for me is to reach for your heart!
  • True love is to travel together.
  • Do you remember the day when I kissed your hand under the Eiffel tower? Yes!
  • Hand in Hand when we crossed the reiver.
  • I still visit the place where I found you and lost myself in you.

Funny Captions For Couple Pictures On Instagram

Here are some funny captions for couple pictures on Instagram:

  • It feels like my peace of mind lies in this home with You (Wife).
  • My anxieties and tensions go away when I find you smiling in sweet home.
  • Home feels heaven when your around me.
  • I am a simple man who`s life only purpose is to keep you Happy all my life.
  • This place feels desolated when I don’t see you here.
  • This is Your Love and care that makes this house the sweet home.
  • In this home reside two bodies one soul.
  • I saw you watering the garden of love! It’s like Eden in our home.
  • How cute is her face resting at my arm in the bed? Have no words, just feel.
  • You are the force that binds me to this place.

Best Captions For Instagram Picture With Girlfriend

Here are some of the best captions for Instagram picture with girlfriend:

  • Our combination is like milk and strawberry, sweet together.
  • Your cute face with dimple on it, is life fuel to me.
  • Your cute blushing face, that is important to me more than anything.
  • You and I together are like rain and the cloud.
  • Your like garden of flower and I am its Gardner and protector.
  • Smile my love, it consoles my soul.
  • We are most alive when we are together.
  • Its true. loving you was the best decision of my life.
  • With you I can withstand every hardship in my life.
  • Whenever there will be sadness, you will find me as your shield.

Captions For Couples

Here are some cool and cute captions for couples that you can use:

  • When I find myself in any problem you become the glimmer of light for me.
  • We are necessary for one another as root to the tree.
  • Its like we are connected as the light and the shadow.
  • When I am upset, I think of you and it works as mood refreshing.
  • When you need me I`m there for you and when I need you your always there for me.
  • Every sun rise reminds of your importance to me.
  • We are like the fish and the water, essential for each other.
  • I never find myself stuck anywhere because you’re with me.
  • My pain withers away when I see your charming face.
  • You’re my world and you’re my cure for every ill in it.

Cute Captions For Boyfriend

Here are some cool and cute captions for boyfriend for your photos:

  • Whenever I need motivation my life, I think of you.
  • Your happiness works as an inspiration for me to live more.
  • On the kingdom of my heart your beauty rules.
  • When you are with me, I can stand against the world.
  • Your smile is the food that my soul feeds on.
  • It’s like you’re are the center around which my world whirls.
  • My soul dances like a madman when I think of your face.
  • People watch motivational videos for inspiration I watch you.
  • Let us complete the tale of love that is about you and me.
  • You’re are the one friend I have to whom I tell every secrete of life.

 Funny Couple Captions

Here are some of the best funny couple captions that you will like:

  • When someone asks where does your life reside? I point at You.
  • My wife loves me so much that she wakes me early every morning even Sunday too!
  • Let’s dance together in the realm of paradise where love reigns supreme.
  • Your eyes are making me your hostage.
  • What a captivating smile my beloved has its marvelous.
  • I am half without you, your presence makes me complete.
  • Our combination is like rain and the cloud.
  • I still wear the smile you gave me.
  • You are the most precious person my life.
  • Sometime I think I am living only for you.
  • You’re an Angel.
  • You are an apple of my eye.
  • You are blessing from God to me.
  • God made you for me.
  • You are an angel in disguise.
  • Inside you resides my soul.
  • If there is a tale of love, it starts with you.
  • There stands the special person of my life.

Relationship Captions

Below are the best relationship captions for Instagram that you can use:

  • Every time I celebrate our marriage ceremony it feels anew.
  • You’re still the person I love the most.
  • You paint my life with bright colors.
  • My love, you are the one.
  • You are the light I seek.
  • My world is empty without you.
  • I see myself in you.
  • You are my mirror.
  • My success means nothing without you.
  • It`s like I`m tied to you.
  • My fortune is you.
  • How lucky I`m to have you.
  • Life? that`s you.
  • You are a Queen of my life.
  • I can`t think of living without You.
  • I see you are the one I live for.
  • It like we have an unbreakable bond that entails us both.
  • You are the rope of life that entangles my soul.
  • I can`t find words to describe you.
  • May you live long my love.
  • Hazel eyes, captivating smile, I love you.
  • My happiness is in your happiness.
  • I was lucky to choose you.
  • The best gift from God is You!
  • Marriage is the bond that generates generations.
  • Man is a social animal and I can`t live without you.
  • In my prayers, I asked God for your happiness.
  • Let’s create heaven together.
  • All the praises are for you, my beloved.
  • Verses of poetry will make you eternal my love.
  • You are my salvation.
  • In my sleep, I often dream of you.

Couple Captions

Funny Couple Captions

  • Do you know what’d look good on you? Me.
  • Love is the most amazing thing to feel. And even if it’s fake, it’s still real.
  • It’s a strange feeling when you think someone else loves you.
  • When you feel like the only person in the world when you have no one to talk to.
  • It’s strange to know someone who cares.
  • I want to spend my life with someone like you. Someone who loves me.
  • I would like to marry you. You will never be lonely with me.
  • You’ve changed my life for the better. No matter what happens, I’m sure we’ll be okay.
  • You’re beautiful. And I want to show you off to the world.
  • How do you think I feel? I’m happy. I know I’m in love.
  • The best part of my day is coming home to you. And knowing you’re there.
  • I love you more than I could ever imagine. My heart is yours forever.
  • I really, really love you.
  • You’re my soulmate.
  • I was really worried about you. But you’re fine. Everything’s going to be ok.
  • I’m sure we’re going to be just fine.
  • We can’t stand to be apart, so why would we go against love?
  • It takes two people to make me happy, one to make me laugh, and one to make me smile!
  • I’d like to thank my wife for being an amazing friend, wife, lover, and partner.
  • You made me fall in love with you and taught me to believe in forever.
  • My wife is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
  • We’ve been married for 16 years. It’s not always easy, but it’s still the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
  • “When your girlfriend texts you saying, ‘I don’t want to talk to you’, don’t ask her why.”
  • “You can be the one, you’re just missing out on one small part.”

Cool Couple Captions

  • “She asked me what I was doing tonight, but I was busy sleeping.”
  • “She doesn’t want to talk about it, so we’re not going there.”
  • “If you want someone to talk to, there are plenty of other guys around.”
  • “If she said she’d rather have an elephant as a pet, I’d say that’s fine with me.”
  • “She’s my life; I’m her life; we’re the same person. If you love her, you should love yourself too.”
  • “That’s how two people can be together forever.”
  • “He has a good heart, but no head. She has a good head, but no heart.”
  • “When she asked me where I was going, I told her I was going home.”
  • “I’m afraid to sleep alone at night.”
  • “Don’t look back, the road ahead is too long.”
  • “I hope they’re happy together.”
  • “I’m not jealous because you’re with me. I’m jealous because you’re with her.”
  • “We’ll never fall asleep if she doesn’t kiss me goodnight”
  • I can’t imagine life without you…
  • Why do I love you? Because I don’t know how to explain it.
  • Why didn’t you want to marry me? Because I couldn’t afford the ring.
  • The reason I love you is that I have absolutely no idea what the hell you’re talking about.
  • Because you’re beautiful, smart, sexy, kind, and funny. You make me want to keep trying…
  • I don’t know why I love you – I just do.
  • I have to marry you because I love you.
  • I love you so much that it scares me.
  • My name is not on the ballot this year, but I’m still voting for you.
  • What’s the secret to happiness? It’s my birthday, so let me have some cake!
  • Love is all I want for now. It’s better than money, or fame.

Unique Couple Captions

  • It’s the only thing that matters. You don’t have to be rich to live happily ever after.
  • I love you, and that’s all I need to say.
  • You’ll always be my one and only.
  • If we ever get divorced, I’m moving to California.
  • You’re the best, I can’t believe I finally found you.
  • A little too close for comfort.
  • We were meant to be together from the very beginning.
  • It took a long time for me to find the right one.
  • I could see it from the beginning, but you had to ask.
  • I’m gonna marry you.
  • You’re the kindest person I’ve ever met.
  • I hope we’ll be able to spend the rest of our lives together.
  • This is my life. We spend every minute together. Sometimes, we don’t even need to talk.
  • I love the way your face looks when you look at me like that.
  • We’ve known each other so long that we could say anything to each other.
  • How do you know what I like? Because I told you.
  • How do you say “I love you” without saying it?
  • Love is the most dangerous game, it’s hard to get out of it once you’re in.
  • I don’t understand how people can talk about all the things they have in common and never mention the big things that separate them from each other.
  • People who are afraid of commitment should not marry.
  • You don’t find happiness in relationships, you create it.
  • Marriage is a prison where you spend half of your life waiting to be released, and the other half wishing you were still inside.
  • The real difference between men and women is that men leave and women stay.
  • You should always remember that you’ll be back in your room alone in a few days or weeks.
  • If you think you are too young to get married, wait until you are old enough to get a divorce.
  • A couple has nothing in common unless both want the same thing.
  • When a man tells a woman he loves her, it means he wants to possess her.
  • If you are thinking about marriage, you better be damn sure you really mean it.
  • When a man marries, he takes on a responsibility that his wife never asked for and never understood.
  • I guess you’re going to be late for dinner, I’ll see you at breakfast.
  • What’s wrong with marriage? Marriage is one of the most foolish inventions known to mankind.
  • If you’re going to marry someone, get it over with and get out.
  • Love can only last if both parties respect it.
  • It’s hard to know what to do when you love someone and they don’t love you back.
  • There’s no one more miserable than the man who is unhappy in his own home.
  • I’ve learned there are two kinds of people in this world – those who seek God and those who seek their spouses.

Creative Couple Captions

  • The best place to hide something is in plain sight.
  • Life is full of beautiful moments and ugly moments. Moments that will make you laugh, and moments that will break your heart.
  • You cannot love two people at once. You can only love one person at a time.
  • Never marry the one who laughs at your jokes, because the next day he will start laughing at you.
  • Your first love will hurt you more than anything you will ever experience.
  • Love is a beautiful, but marriage is a beautiful thing.
  • A person is never married until he or she is tired of being single.
  • I’m sorry, I can’t be your boyfriend because I don’t believe in marriage.
  • The truth is that nobody is perfect and it is not fair to hold people to a standard of perfection.
  • The best way to have a happy marriage is to be happy with yourself.
  • Love is blind but marriage is smart.
  • When people tell me they don’t have a problem with infidelity. I ask them if they are married.
  • Marriage is a series of compromises. A little cheating here and there goes a long way.
  • We love it because we can see how we become the person we want to be.
  • Don’t go looking for love, it will find you. But first, it has to stop looking for you.
  • The first step towards a happy marriage is understanding that it doesn’t last forever.
  • Love will knock at your door, you better answer it.
  • When my wife and I first got together, she was very beautiful. I thought I found my soul mate.
  • Never trust a woman who says, “You drive me crazy, I’m crazy about you.”
  • My wife is a beautiful human being. I am her husband.
  • He had a bad day. I just had a great day.
  • A man can’t live on passion alone. He needs someone to share it with.
  • The best thing a woman can do for a man is to learn to cook and clean.
  • The first step toward learning anything is admitting you don’t know.
  • If you are in a relationship, it’s time to start dating.
  • You can’t fall in love when you are mad at your partner. You have to forgive.
  • Men are good for getting your heartbroken, so you get back into shape for a new love.
  • I don’t know if I’m in love with her or just glad I met her.
  • Love means never having to say you’re sorry.
  • I’ve been told I’m a good kisser. And I think it’s time I prove it.
  • A woman doesn’t have to love you to keep you in her life. She only has to tolerate you.
  • Sometimes, you just have to let your partner fail. It’s better to fail to do something you enjoy than doing it and failing at it.
  • Love is the best revenge.
  • A woman may be a little crazy but that doesn’t mean she’s out of her mind.
  • Love is the only reason to stay together after 40.

I hope you liked all the couple captions that we have enlisted.


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