400+ Creepy Captions for Instagram To Inspire You

Here are some best and creepiest creepy captions for you. These are some best creepy captions for Instagram that you can use anywhere you want on any social media platforms to scare your followers and connect with them with a little different kind of way.

We are here for you; we have made a collection and have covered you up with some best creepy captions which you can use when you are about to post creepy theme photos on any social media platform.

These captions have been written to make an impact on your photos and videos on social media. You can use them to connect with your followers and gain new reach on your profile.

These are probably the best and creative creepy captions you will see on the internet. You can use these captions for free anywhere you want. So, let’s get into it:

Creepy Captions

Here are some best and amazing creepy captions I have shared for you:

  • Be afraid, be really afraid.
  • They are here for you.
  • Where will you hide now!
  • It’s time up for you.
  • How may I help you!
  • I like blood sometimes.
  • Necks attract me the most.
  • Sometimes I see dead people.
  • If you are reading this, be careful for the next few hours.
  • You never know what is creeping behind you.
  • They are coming for you.
  • I am the nightmare you would have never seen.
  • I am the one who you were afraid of.
  • There’s something in my soul, it pinches me every time.
  • Do you understand your soul!
  • I am your worst dream.
  • Whatever you do, just don’t your own name.
  • Don’t fall asleep.
  • Better lock your door, and don’t open it for anyone.

Creepy Captions for Instagram

Enlisted are some creepy captions for Instagram that I have shared for you:

  • Freddy’s coming for you.
  • It was only a dream, but it can become a reality too.
  • Wait for the next scream, it might be yours.
  • World of living with the world of the dead.
  • Everything looks scary these days.
  • All the devils are here.
  • Hell is empty and it wants you.
  • Witches at your door.
  • I wish you a haunting night.
  • Turn all of your lights and stay hid.
  • You are getting scared for sure.
  • The voices whisper in the trees scare me the most.
  • Tonight, it’s about to go down.

Creepy Quotes

Followings are some creepy quotes I have shared for you:

  • Don’t look under the bed anytime at night.
  • The evil eyes are on you.
  • There are people who embrace pain.
  • Doors have eyes too.
  • Walls have ears too.
  • Trees have voices too.
  • Beware, the next rain can bring a lot of scary things to this house.
  • Be really afraid of the devil hidden within.
  • I see dead people.
  • There is always something creeping behind you especially when you are in your room at night.
  • It feels like all the devils have come out of the hell.
  • Hell is not a good place to live in.
  • The rising fog always scares me.
  • Bring out the creep you have hid inside you.
  • Always thirsty for blood.
  • Don’t look back.
  • She is after you to take you with herself.
  • You would have never seen a guy like me.
  • Trust me, I am so innocent. Don’t I look like one!
  • I am every nightmare you are having these days.
  • I am your worst dream come true, better don’t mess with me.
  • Hell is good, but world is better.

Funny Creepy Quotes

Here I have shared some best funny creepy quotes for you:

  • I like people who live in their past.
  • Let me take you to my own world.
  • Everything red seems beautiful.
  • Everything seems great when you can control things around you.
  • Never ever I thought that I will be living as a devil in the society.
  • Here to do only devil business.
  • Meet me at night beside graveyard.
  • I love roaming around at night.
  • I am not just a shadow but more than what you think.
  • It’s not always the wind messing with the windows and doors.
  • I saw a smile that I would never forget my whole life.
  • I want angels to take me with them, can’t bear it with the ones which you call shadows.

Short Creepy Quotes

Enlisted are some best short creepy quotes I have shared for you:

  • Don’t be the person who just talks but who just acts.
  • Felt like someone was scratching my pillow from behind.
  • I don’t if it was a dream or it really happened with me last night.
  • All I saw was fog around me and a loud voice asking me weird questions.
  • Today’s weather wasn’t friendly.
  • Tit feels like the dark clouds always want to say to say something to people.
  • I have no one in this world except.
  • Meet me on the other side of the world.
  • No body can beat me in staring game.
  • When home don’t feel like home, know that there’s something that is not friendly.

Creepy Phrases

Followings are some best creepy phrases that I have shared for you:

  • Never mess with a person who is quietly in the room.
  • Do you have any idea about how to talk to dead people?
  • It’s all imagination, that’s what you say. See through my eyes, you will know then.
  • Found my happy place in the most unusual place.
  • I like big hundred years old trees; it gives an indescribable feeling.
  • Be gentle to ghosts, they were once humans like us.
  • Just like there are every kind of human, there is every kind of shadow.
  • Better not get out of the house when it’s night and you live far away from the city.
  • You don’t have to be afraid of the dead really.

Creepy Captions

I hope you would have like all these amazing creepy captions and must have found what you were looking for your photos to post it on social media. These are all absolutely free to use anywhere you want e.g., Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat etc.

Keep reading and enjoying the captions. Peace out!

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