400+ Most Depressing Captions for Instagram

Here are some heart breaking depressing captions for you. We have shared these depressing captions for you to use anywhere you want.

Depressed are the ones who need us, to be with them, to listen to them and understand everything they want to share. These are the the people who are lost in their lives, they need our guidance, be with them and help them because no one has ever owned the time and situation of life. This is life, it can be beautiful and miserable at times. Help each other.

So, we have shared some depressing captions that you can use to express your feelings with people who know you, follow you or you can spread awareness too with these captions.

These are probably the best ones to be used. So, let’s get into it:

Depressing Captions

Here are some depressing captions we have shared for you:

  • I am not okay! Lately.
  • It is not love, if it is destroying you mentally.
  • I have lost all my interest in everything.
  • I am somewhere but just not here.
  • Have you ever felt like nobody cares for you?
  • Don’t worry. We all are in different stages of the same game, living in the same hell, just different monsters.
  • I neither feel sad or depressed. I just don’t feel anything.
  • Even when we are surrounded with friends, why do we feel lonely?
  • Just asking for less pain, not more of happiness.

Depressing Captions for Instagram

Enlisted are some depressing captions for Instagram:

  • I am not feeling my self anymore. Can anyone help me get back to who I was?
  • I was not myself for so many days and nobody noticed.
  • All of sudden live life was not about living anymore, it was more about surviving.
  • At the edge of having a breakdown any minute.
  • Is it getting better? Or we are just getting used to all of it.
  • Alright, we can wipe off the tears in our eyes. But how to wipe off the pain in our hearts?
  • If you think you can hurt an overthinker then kudos to you. They already knew they are about to get hurt.
  • Every night, I lie in my bed to fall asleep before I fall apart.

Depressing Quotes

Followings are some depressing for you:

  • At least I have become pro in pretending to be okay.
  • I don’t know when and I don’t know how, I have lost my self.
  • How to say good bye to everything that you want to hold on to?
  • Stuck between to accept how my life is and running away from it.
  • A mix of happy persona and sad soul.
  • Life is like a prison at some times.
  • All I am left with is negative thoughts.
  • Running away from the storm, roaring in me.
  • Check up on that friend who make everyone laugh, they might be depressed from inside.

Short Depressing Quotes

Here we have shared some short depressing quotes for you:

  • Living in a mess of unfinished thoughts.
  • Taking a nap, not because I am tired, I just don’t want to be awake.
  • Choosing to fake smile over explaining what is going on inside.
  • Why is it okay to make anyone feel worthless?
  • I am not ok lately, but it is ok, doesn’t matter.
  • Some times the rain sounds seem scary.
  • Left all alone, but will not give up.
  • Just pretending to be okay!
  • Dear mind, stop pushing me back into my past, I don’t to feel that shit again.

Sad Depressing Quotes

Here are some sad depressing quotes for you:

  • The life is going on so fast and the saddest part is that I am not living it.
  • Screw breakup, have you ever had flashback coming of something you want to remember anymore?
  • The crack in the voice while explaining what the person is feeling is so heart wrenching.
  • All I want is someone to hold my hand and say “you will be fine” when I am about to give up.
  • One of the toughest decision a person has to make is between to walk away or try hard again.
  • They knew exactly what was going on but the still chose to ignore that is what hurts the most.
  • A feeling of being drowning while everyone around is breathing.

Most Depressing Quotes

Enlisted are some most depressing quotes for you:

  • Who says that only your soul mates can break you apart? Friends also breaks you apart.
  • At least I am okay in feeling pain rather than feeling nothing at all.
  • The thing which breaks my soul is how easily people replace you, even after changing your entire life for them.
  • How am I supposed to trust that person again who didn’t leave a single chance to break it over and over again.
  • Break down under a running shower. Boom! No one will ever know about it.
  • Some people give several reasons to un-love them.

Depressing Quotes About Life

Followings are some depressing quotes about life:

  • Not able to cry just because you are in public is a miserable feeling.
  • To people saying that being depressed is a choice, it is a disease for god sake.
  • Often caught myself reading old chats and smiling to them.
  • Everything has fallen apart, and so have I.
  • Accepting that fact that some people can only live in your heart not life.
  • I stay up all night tell myself I am alright even when I am not.
  • Emotionally not available to anyone even my own people.

Famous Depressing Quotes

Here are some famous depressing quotes:

  • Accepting everything going on as it is, is the only option left.
  • Be kind. People are here trying survive the day without falling apart.
  • It is scary how often I am silent physically but screaming inside my head.
  • Think before you spit out mean words, you would never realize how deep they might have cut the person.
  • The only thing that stops me to live a happy life is acceptance of what is going on.
  • I have lately started to forget who I really was.
  • Lately, apologizing for everything, believing that every mistake is my fault.

Depressing Captions

I hope you would have read all these depressing captions.

Take care and peace out!

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