400+ Best Freaky Captions for Instagram

Sometimes, you just want to share the fact that you’re really enjoying yourself and that no one is getting in your way. Even if it’s not a holiday or something like that, a good Instagram caption is still a good idea.

It’ll definitely let people know that you’re really having a great time, while also reminding them whose boss. If they don’t know you yet, they’re probably wondering what it is that you do, and this will help you give them a hint.

Freaky Captions

Freaky captions are perfect because they make people laugh, sometimes in their heads, but they never know that it was you that made them do it. So they don’t know if they want to mess with you or not. If they do mess with you, they will regret it.

  • In one moment, everything seemed hopeless, and in the next, it looks as if everything is possible.
  • It’s not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters.
  • If you don’t take chances, you don’t experience anything.
  • It’s not what you look like on the outside that counts.
  • No matter what happens, if you are true to yourself, you will always come out alright.
  • If you believe you can, then you truly can.
  • Freedom is never free. You have paid a price in order to gain it.
  • Don’t you know I can make it if I want to?
  • If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.
  • If you have faith, you don’t make excuses.
  • You can go out and be a contributing member of society.
  • Sometimes the best things in life aren’t things at all, they’re people.
  • Confidence is infectious.
  • We may not always think so, but we are.
  • Be yourself! Everyone else is taken.
  • This one is for those who want a positive picture captioning experience.
  • It’s a good thing to be human.
  • If you can’t be positive, be real.

Freaky Captions

Cool Freaky Captions

  • Optimism comes from a strong faith that no matter what happens you can always make the best of it.
  • It takes time to develop a positive mindset.
  • No matter how old you get, you’ll always be a child at heart.
  • It doesn’t matter what you do, or how hard you try, if you can’t be happy, you can’t succeed.
  • Always remember to keep a positive outlook on life and never lose hope!
  • You may not know where you’re going, but you can always go back home.
  • In order to change this world, we need more people like you.
  • I don’t worry about tomorrow because I’m too busy planning today.
  • Life is too short to wake up sad.
  • Everything happens for a reason. So, why not make the best out of it?
  • They are stressed out about work, money, about love.
  • And I love everything about it: the excitement, the butterflies, the possibility.
  • Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear — not absence of fear.
  • It’s so easy to go into a relationship with an attitude.
  • What goes up must come down.
  • I’ve lived through a hundred years.
  • But if you’re a positive thinker, you can make them your stepping stone to success.
  • If you want to attract someone you must first believe in yourself.

Best Freaky Captions

  • A smile costs nothing but gives everything.
  • You’ll never know yourself unless you look inside yourself.
  • What’s the difference between an admirer and a lover? An admirer only wants what you have, a lover wants who you are.
  • When the going gets tough, the tough get going.
  • Let go of fear and live the life you desire.
  • Optimism means looking at the bright side of things.
  • If you have a problem, first of all, ask yourself if you are willing to pay the price for your problem.
  • Smiling in adversity makes the thorny path seem less steep.
  • When you’re feeling good, people are drawn to you.
  • I could stay in bed all day with you and I wouldn’t get bored!
  • We all have inner confidence. It is what gives us courage.
  • A person who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.
  • It’s okay to be different, you’re special.
  • I’m not afraid to cry if you’re hurt.
  • Every day is a gift. You just have to open your eyes and wake up.
  • I love you for your gentle soul and your sweet spirit.
  • Enjoy every minute of the trip.
  • Sometimes, you have to take a chance at love.

Instagram Freaky Captions

  • If you want to start something, you must first finish something.
  • You will only be happy if you realize that you deserve to be happy.
  • It is important to believe in yourself and never let anyone take that away from you.
  • Don’t lose hope, you are young and strong.
  • The secret of a happy marriage is to remember that you are the only one who can make your wife feel safe and secure.
  • If you think it’s over, it isn’t yet.
  • Don’t you think that’s the kind of world we want?
  • You don’t need to be beautiful, you’re already beautiful.
  • You’re only as young as the person you believe yourself to be.
  • There’s no one in this world who is stronger than me.
  • If you have to knock on wood to make a wish, don’t bother. It’s already been granted.
  • No one can make you feel inferior.
  • Every time I see an old photo of myself I am amazed at how much I have changed.
  • It’s important to know when to step back and when to take over.
  • If you believe, you will see!
  • Let’s make our future our passion.
  • I know who I am and what I want, and I’m not afraid to show it.
  • We all need positive reinforcement.

Freaky Sassy Captions

  • How many of us truly believe that we deserve a perfect life?
  • Always look on the bright side of everything and you will see the sunshine.
  • I love being independent, but I also love having someone to lean on when I need a shoulder to cry on.
  • There is no happiness without humor.
  • I don’t want to grow up. I want to stay a kid forever.
  • When I wake up in the morning, I say to myself, ‘I’m a lucky person today.
  • I’ll never try to fit in. I was born to STAND OUT.
  • Optimism is the most important character trait you can develop.
  • There is no place like heaven.
  • If you don’t have time for anything else, then make time for yourself.
  • If you have a dream, go for it.
  • What would you do if you had everything you wanted?
  • Why can’t we just help each other out?
  • There’s only one thing worth living for: the next day.
  • If you want to achieve something in life, just start with small steps.
  • Confidence is the ability to live as you choose.
  • Don’t let others define your limits.
  • But if you DO, no one can bring you down.

Attractive Freaky Captions

  • Do you have confidence? You’re not alone.
  • We all have our own talents and our own gifts.
  • It’s all about attitude!
  • They need a purpose.
  • I may not always win but I will always try.
  • You are what you eat.
  • A smile is contagious. It lights up a room and brightens a person’s day.
  • If you don’t have confidence, no one else will.
  • A smile can cure the darkest night.
  • I’m not an extrovert, but I am a very friendly person.
  • I believe in happiness and success.
  • I love what I do because it makes me feel good.
  • When I think about life, I realize how important it is to live it fully.
  • We are here to help each other.
  • Here’s to the women who refuse to let their beauty go to waste.
  • My goodness, how wonderful the world would be if we all held our heads up high and had faith in ourselves!
  • Optimism isn’t a passive thing, it’s a way of life.
  • I don’t let rejection get me down.

Beautiful Freaky Captions

  • When you stand for something, even if the odds are against you, you’ll still win.
  • There’s nothing more important than believing that you are special and unique.
  • You can’t live without love, but you can die without hope.
  • Optimism is like a pair of sunglasses.
  • I don’t worry about tomorrow, because I’m enjoying myself today.
  • Never tell someone your dreams unless you intend to follow them.
  • But one thing you should know…if you find yourself in times of trouble.
  • One is not to get your heart’s desire, the other is to get it.
  • There are no ordinary days. Just ordinary moments made extraordinary by you.
  • Life is short. Don’t waste time wishing you had more.
  • Don’t be scared of failure. Just don’t repeat it.
  • You must look after your health or your beauty will look after you.
  • Letting go of perfection makes room for happiness.
  • A good attitude makes all the difference in the world.
  • And when you’ve been a little shy and retiring for too long, it takes even more courage to go out and be brave.
  • You are so lucky to have a dreamer as a husband.
  • You are beautiful, and the world is beautiful.
  • Optimism gives me the strength I need to make it happen.

Cute Freaky Captions

  • If you don’t go for it now, you might not have another chance.
  • We all have a destiny, but we must find it for ourselves.
  • Most people are under a lot of stress.
  • I have to be strong in every way if I want to get through life and be happy.
  • Everything will be alright.
  • We are what we think.
  • If you look for the good in every situation, you will find it.
  • I love you. Not because of the way you look.
  • It makes me feel like a princess.
  • To know who we are, we must learn to look inside ourselves.
  • If you believe, you will achieve your goal.
  • You must take the first step. The first step toward a new goal is always the hardest.
  • The secret of a good life is a cheerful countenance.
  • The most important thing in life is to learn how to love.
  • Don’t let your head get so big that the sky cannot hold it.
  • Believe you can! You can do anything. Believe you will.
  • They are still yours.
  • Just be yourself and live.


So you’ve just had it with this person that doesn’t respect you enough to at least try to act as if they care. You’re sick and tired of being put through the wringer over and over again by this person and you’re seriously thinking about leaving him/her forever.

Well, why wait any longer? You can make this person regret ever stepping foot in your life, so get ready to post this awesome Instagram caption and make sure he/she knows that they don’t deserve you.


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