Funniest Instagram Captions: 400+ Funny Captions for Instagram

Here we have enlisted some of the funniest Instagram captions that you can use anywhere you want.

As we all know that nowadays all people especially youngsters are frequent users of the internet and social media. Social media has changed a lot since the beginning of it and also has expanded a lot worldwide. Every year these social media sites get major updates that bring exciting new features for their users.

The most commonly used application or social media site for pictures and videos is Instagram. People use this app to post their pictures or videos and even stories to keep their followers updated. Not just that but a lot of people just like to document their lives so that later into their lives they can look back at these amazing pictures and videos of them and enjoy the memories they made.

Now, before uploading these pictures and videos, a few sets of words are added to describe the picture or video or sometimes just random thoughts of people. These sets of words are known as captions. Captions are of different types it just grabs the attention of the followers and makes the picture pop out.

Now, if the captions are humorous, people would not only enjoy the picture but also would enjoy the caption as well because who does not enjoy a good laugh or smile.

Without further delay let us have a look at the list.

Funniest Instagram Captions

Here are some of the funniest Instagram captions to make your readers laugh out loud:

  • With a great wife come a lot of great expenses.
  • Dear chemistry I do not care about your bonds, I am sorry.
  • Before you decide to get married please have a look at happy bachelors.
  • Some makeup would look perfect on you since that’s exactly what a joker need.
  • My wife isn’t scared of ghosts instead the ghosts are.
  • Always chase a cheque never chase girls.
  • My sister is as beautiful as the cow I saw in the cattle show.
  • All married boys are on a treasure hunt for happiness.
  • Everyone is made in pairs, I think mine one has already rejected me.
  • Am I healthy? Yes, because I run… out of money!
  • I think my sleep can’t see clearly at night because of the dark, it never finds me.
  • Dear lord, I asked my friends to laugh at my jokes, not my life to laugh at me.
  • I might hate math but I love counting money duh!
  • Cousins are born so that our exams result can be compared by them.

Hilarious Captions

Here are some cute and hilarious captions that will make you laugh:

  • I went to my aunt’s house, rang the bell, and instead of ding dong, I heard, your result out yet?
  • Can I take you on to cruise to push you in the waters?
  • Can Dora’s map find my journey to success?
  • Just got my hearing back, guess my dad’s slap was not that hard.
  • Just got my new phone, the old one failed to unfold its wings when it fell from the 19th floor.
  • Brains are an impressive organ of the body unfortunately not everyone has one.
  • I went to my friends to take my 1000Rs I came back with giving him a thousand more.
  • I called my friend to tell him that I feel depressed, I ended the call saying everything’s gonna be fine.
  • Can some glue make me stick to my original plan, please?
  • It’s risky to call your friends at night when everyone is sleeping because I laugh like a horn.
  • Dear money why don’t you come to me? I am a good boy I swear.
  • Don’t complain as I saw you and didn’t wave my hand, bro I am blind without my glasses.

Witty Instagram Captions

Below are some unique and witty Instagram captions for your Instagram posts:

  • If you can’t remember my name it’s good! Because I don’t remember yours either sorry.
  • Fridges are my best friends at night.
  • I like to celebrate everyone’s birthday around the globe that’s why I eat cake a lot.
  • My six-pack abs are just around the corner, unfortunately so is the burger place.
  • Friends are like animals that can talk! At least mine are.
  • Trusting your friends is like trusting corrupt politicians with your money.
  • I am sorry that you are sensitive but I treat sensitive people as I treat my tooth which means IDC.
  • Friends make you stay away from naughty things best friends do naughty things with you.
  • Once you start giving exams without studying, you are never going back.
  • Roses are red water is blue, Scooby dooby doo where are you?
  • My friend just complimented me I wish I could say the same to him.
  • I love you with all my face I would say heart but my face is way bigger.

Quirky Captions for Instagram

Here are some cool and quirky captions for Instagram that you can use:

  • I did not believe in ghosts till I saw her without makeup.
  • Please be extra careful while promising her before marriage.
  • I promised her that she is not heavy but forgot to tell her that she is, on my wallet.
  • I went on to the internet to search for some diet plan, end up ordering a pizza online.
  • I am strong enough as I can break a bar of chocolate into four pieces.
  • I would give up fast food but I care for every heart and I can’t see the burgers sad.
  • I would love to compliment you to but please earn it.
  • I heard my friend sing and now I hate music.
  • I am not asking for much, I just need a 6-month vacation two times a year.
  • I think my life is taking on revenge on something that is don’t even know I did.
  • How can people wake up so early and smile?
  • It is funny how people ask for second chances, bro even I won’t get a second chance from me.
  • It was a beautiful morning when I woke up because there is no such thing.
  • The best way to keep food fresh is to eat them in one sitting.
  • Why would a person not treat himself to delicious food? You only live once!

Instagram Captions for Boys

Below are the best Instagram captions for boys that you will like:

  • I ordered a whole large pizza and my friend asked me bro you won’t eat anything?
  • Why do I always get hungry 30 minutes before I decide to sleep?
  • My phone just learned a new language all I had to do was to watch him swim.
  • I was in a car with my friend in the middle of the road where he told me that was his first time.
  • Sending ugly pictures to each other is comfort on another level.
  • It friends are expert to present illegal things legally in front of you.
  • You told me you’ll be here in 10 minutes I came 40 minutes late and you are still not here!
  • Calories do not taste bad after all!
  • I swear I am smart I just haven’t unlocked that feature of mine yet.

Funniest Instagram Captions


I hope you liked these amazing and funniest Instagram captions that we have enlisted. You can use these funny captions for Instagram on your posts, stories, and other social media platforms.

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