How Do Harry And Meghan Make Money?

Have you ever wondered how Harry and Meghan make money? In this blog article, I will delve into the intriguing world of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s finances and provide you with answers to this burning question.

If you’ve been curious about the sources of income for the royal couple, you’ve come to the right place. I will explore the various ways in which Harry and Meghan generate revenue and shed light on their financial independence.

As a business research guru with a passion for helping people find answers, I have extensively studied the subject of how public figures, such as Harry and Meghan, navigate their financial endeavors. Through my experience, I have gained valuable insights into the strategies and opportunities available to them.

Rest assured, this article will provide you with the best-researched analysis on how Harry and Meghan make money. I will present the facts, along with my own thoughts and opinions, in order to give you a comprehensive understanding of their financial situation. So, let’s dive in and uncover the fascinating world of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s income sources.

How Do Harry And Meghan Make Money?

1. Introduction

Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, have been the subject of much curiosity since stepping back from their roles as senior members of the British royal family. One burning question on everyone’s mind is how they generate their income. In this article, we will delve into the various ways Harry and Meghan make money and explore the fascinating world of their financial endeavors.

2. Royal Allowance

As members of the royal family, Harry and Meghan used to receive a significant portion of their income from the Sovereign Grant. This grant, funded by the British taxpayers, covered their official duties and supported their royal lifestyle. However, since their decision to step back from royal duties, they no longer receive this allowance.

3. Book Deals

One of the avenues through which Harry and Meghan have been able to generate income is through lucrative book deals. Their memoirs, such as Harry’s “Finding Freedom” and Meghan’s “The Bench,” have been highly anticipated and have garnered substantial advances from publishers. These deals provide them with a substantial source of revenue.

4. Speaking Engagements

Harry and Meghan are sought-after speakers and have been able to command significant fees for their appearances at various events and conferences. Their unique perspectives and experiences make them valuable contributors to discussions on topics such as mental health, philanthropy, and social issues. Speaking engagements have become a prominent source of income for the couple.

5. Production Deals

Since their departure from the royal family, Harry and Meghan have ventured into the world of production. Through their production company, Archewell Productions, they have signed multi-million dollar deals with streaming platforms like Netflix and Spotify. These partnerships allow them to create and produce original content, including documentaries, docuseries, podcasts, and more. The revenue from these production deals contributes significantly to their overall income.

6. Brand Partnerships and Endorsements

Harry and Meghan’s global popularity and influence have made them attractive partners for various brands. They have entered into strategic partnerships and endorsement deals with companies aligned with their values and causes. These collaborations not only provide financial benefits but also serve as platforms to promote their philanthropic endeavors and raise awareness about important issues.

7. Investments and Personal Wealth

It is important to note that Harry and Meghan also have personal wealth and investments that contribute to their overall income. Prior to their departure from the royal family, Harry had inherited a substantial sum from his mother, Princess Diana, and Meghan had accumulated wealth from her successful acting career. These personal assets, along with smart investments, further enhance their financial stability.

In conclusion, Harry and Meghan have diversified their income streams since stepping back from their royal roles. Through book deals, speaking engagements, production deals, brand partnerships, and their personal wealth, they have built a sustainable financial foundation. This newfound independence allows them to pursue their passions, support charitable causes, and lead a fulfilling life outside the constraints of traditional royal duties.

Frequently Asked Questions – How Do Harry And Meghan Make Money?

1. How do Harry and Meghan make money?

Harry and Meghan make money through various sources, including their personal wealth, investments, and business ventures. They also receive financial support from Prince Charles, Harry’s father, and have recently signed lucrative deals with media companies.

2. What is the source of Harry and Meghan’s personal wealth?

Harry and Meghan’s personal wealth primarily comes from Harry’s inheritance from Princess Diana and the Queen Mother, as well as their own earnings from their previous royal roles. Meghan also had a successful acting career before marrying Harry, which contributed to their wealth.

3. Do Harry and Meghan receive financial support from the royal family?

Yes, Harry and Meghan receive financial support from Prince Charles, Harry’s father. This support is known as the Duchy of Cornwall, which is a private estate that provides income to Prince Charles and his immediate family, including Harry and his brother William.

4. What business ventures have Harry and Meghan pursued?

Harry and Meghan have pursued various business ventures since stepping down as senior members of the royal family. They have founded their own production company, Archewell Productions, and signed a multi-year deal with Netflix to produce documentaries, docuseries, feature films, and children’s programming. They have also signed a podcast deal with Spotify.

5. How much money did Harry and Meghan receive for their media deals?

The exact financial details of Harry and Meghan’s media deals have not been disclosed publicly. However, it has been reported that their deal with Netflix is estimated to be worth around $100 million, while their podcast deal with Spotify is rumored to be worth around $25 million. These figures are subject to speculation and may not be exact.


I think we’ve uncovered some intriguing insights into the secret business model and various ways Harry and Meghan make money. From brand partnerships and book deals to public speaking engagements and their production company, the couple has strategically diversified their income streams. By leveraging their fame and influence, they have built a sustainable financial foundation that allows them to pursue their passions and philanthropic endeavors.

In my opinion, there are valuable lessons we can learn from Harry and Meghan’s entrepreneurial spirit. Their ability to adapt and seize opportunities is commendable, and it serves as a reminder that success often comes from thinking outside the box. By embracing innovation and being open to new possibilities, we can discover alternative avenues for financial growth and personal fulfillment.

Investing early in our own ventures can yield invaluable experience and knowledge in the long run. Just like Harry and Meghan, we should strive to build a diverse portfolio of income streams and continuously seek opportunities to expand our horizons. By taking calculated risks and remaining dedicated to our goals, we can navigate the ever-changing landscape of business and finance, ultimately securing a brighter future for ourselves and our loved ones. So, let’s be inspired by the dynamic duo and embark on our own entrepreneurial journeys, knowing that every step forward is an investment in our own success.

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