How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation

Writing a LinkedIn recommendation can greatly enhance your professional profile and help you stand out in the competitive job market. It is an effective way to showcase your skills and expertise, while also highlighting the strengths and accomplishments of your connections. Whether you are a current or former colleague, supervisor, or client, providing a thoughtful recommendation can make a lasting impression on potential employers or business partners.

At [Blog Name], we understand the importance of crafting a compelling LinkedIn recommendation. In our upcoming articles, we will share valuable tips and insights on how to write an impactful recommendation that captures the essence of your connection’s abilities and achievements. We believe that by following these guidelines, you can create a recommendation that not only reflects positively on the individual but also showcases your own credibility and professionalism.

Having been both an employee and now a boss with a team of 10 employees working under me, I have gained valuable experience in the field of LinkedIn recommendations. I have witnessed firsthand the impact that a well-written recommendation can have on a person’s career trajectory. It not only boosts their confidence but also serves as a testament to their skills and work ethic. Through my own journey, I have come to appreciate the power of a genuine and thoughtful recommendation in building professional relationships and opening doors to new opportunities.

In this article, we have promised to provide you with the best tips on how to write a LinkedIn recommendation. I believe that by following these tips, you will be able to create a recommendation that truly reflects your connection’s strengths and accomplishments. Remember to be specific, highlight their unique qualities, and provide concrete examples of their contributions. By taking the time to write a well-crafted recommendation, you can make a positive impact on someone’s professional journey and strengthen your own network in the process.

How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation

In the digital age, LinkedIn recommendations serve as virtual testimonials that underscore your professional reputation. Writing an impactful recommendation not only benefits the recipient but also reflects positively on your ability to assess and endorse. This article serves as your guide to master the art of writing persuasive and authentic LinkedIn recommendations.

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1. The Value of Thoughtful Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendations are more than just words – they are a testament to your professional relationships and the impact you’ve made.

2. Selecting the Right Connection

Choose connections with whom you’ve had a meaningful professional engagement. Recommendations should be based on firsthand knowledge.

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3. Tailoring Your Message

Personalize each recommendation to the individual’s skills, accomplishments, and contributions. This tailored approach adds authenticity.

4. Highlighting Specific Achievements

Mention specific accomplishments or projects you’ve witnessed them excel in. Concrete examples lend credibility to your recommendation.

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5. Structuring Your Recommendation

Start with a warm introduction, followed by a succinct overview of the individual’s strengths. Elaborate on specific experiences or qualities, and conclude with a strong endorsement.

6. Using Powerful Language

Employ strong adjectives and action verbs to describe the person’s qualities. Use language that resonates and amplifies their capabilities.

7. Sharing Impactful Stories

Share anecdotes that demonstrate the person’s skills in action. Storytelling adds depth and makes the recommendation memorable.

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8. Incorporating Quantifiable Results

Whenever possible, include quantifiable results to showcase their tangible contributions. Metrics and figures validate your endorsement.

9. Expressing Enthusiasm

Infuse your recommendation with genuine enthusiasm. Convey your excitement for their future endeavors and how you believe in their potential.

10. Proofreading and Polishing

Before publishing, proofread your recommendation for grammar and typos. A polished recommendation reflects positively on both you and the recipient.

Mistakes to Avoid: How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation

LinkedIn recommendations are a powerful tool for showcasing your professional expertise and building a strong network. However, writing an effective recommendation requires careful thought and attention to detail. In this article, we will explore the common mistakes to avoid when crafting a LinkedIn recommendation, ensuring that your words leave a lasting impact.

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Lack of Personalization

When writing a LinkedIn recommendation, it is crucial to personalize your message. Avoid using generic templates or copying and pasting the same recommendation for multiple individuals. Instead, take the time to reflect on the unique qualities and contributions of the person you are recommending. Personalization adds authenticity and demonstrates your genuine appreciation for their skills and abilities.

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Vague and Generic Language

One of the biggest mistakes in writing a LinkedIn recommendation is using vague and generic language. Avoid using clichés or overused phrases that lack substance. Instead, strive to provide specific details about the person’s accomplishments, strengths, and impact. Use vivid language to paint a clear picture of their abilities and contributions.

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Failing to Provide Specific Examples

A strong LinkedIn recommendation should include specific examples to support your claims. Instead of making general statements, provide concrete instances where the person excelled in their role or made a significant impact. This not only adds credibility to your recommendation but also helps the reader understand the person’s unique strengths and abilities.

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Overemphasis on Skills and Qualifications

While it is important to highlight the person’s skills and qualifications, focusing solely on these aspects can be a mistake. A well-rounded recommendation should also touch upon the person’s character, work ethic, and interpersonal skills. Highlight their ability to collaborate, problem-solve, and communicate effectively. This holistic approach provides a more comprehensive view of the individual’s capabilities.

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FAQs about How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation

LinkedIn recommendations are a valuable tool for showcasing your professional skills and expertise. Whether you’re writing a recommendation for a colleague or seeking one for yourself, it’s important to understand the best practices for crafting an effective LinkedIn recommendation. In this article, we will address the most frequently asked questions on how to write a LinkedIn recommendation.

1. How should I start a LinkedIn recommendation?

When starting a LinkedIn recommendation, it’s helpful to begin by mentioning your relationship with the person you’re recommending and the context in which you worked together. This helps provide credibility and context for the recommendation. You can also highlight specific projects or achievements that demonstrate their skills and qualities.

2. What should I include in the body of a LinkedIn recommendation?

In the body of a LinkedIn recommendation, it’s important to provide specific examples and anecdotes that illustrate the person’s strengths and abilities. Focus on their key accomplishments, unique skills, and positive attributes. Avoid generic statements and instead, provide concrete evidence of their contributions and impact.

3. How long should a LinkedIn recommendation be?

LinkedIn recommendations should be concise and to the point. Aim for a recommendation that is around 3-5 paragraphs in length. While it’s important to provide enough detail to support your claims, avoid excessive length that may lose the reader’s interest. Remember, quality is more important than quantity.

4. Should I include any weaknesses or areas for improvement in a LinkedIn recommendation?

LinkedIn recommendations are generally meant to highlight a person’s strengths and positive qualities. It’s not necessary to include weaknesses or areas for improvement in a recommendation. However, if you feel it’s important to address certain areas, you can do so tactfully and constructively, focusing on how the person has grown or overcome challenges.

5. How can I make my LinkedIn recommendation stand out?

To make your LinkedIn recommendation stand out, be specific and provide concrete examples. Use quantifiable results or achievements whenever possible. Highlight unique qualities or skills that set the person apart. Additionally, consider personalizing the recommendation by sharing a memorable experience or a specific impact the person had on you or the organization.

Remember, writing a LinkedIn recommendation is an opportunity to help someone showcase their professional abilities and make a positive impression. By following these guidelines and tailoring your recommendation to the individual, you can create a compelling and impactful recommendation.


In conclusion, writing a LinkedIn recommendation is a valuable tool for showcasing your professional network and enhancing your online presence. By following a few simple steps, you can craft a compelling recommendation that highlights the skills and qualities of your connections. Remember to personalize your recommendation by including specific examples and anecdotes that demonstrate the individual’s strengths.

Firstly, start by addressing the person you are recommending and provide a brief introduction to establish your relationship with them. This will lend credibility to your recommendation and give readers a context for understanding your perspective. Next, focus on the person’s key strengths and accomplishments, highlighting their unique skills and expertise. Use specific examples to illustrate their contributions and impact in their field.

Furthermore, it is important to be genuine and sincere in your recommendation. Avoid using generic phrases or clichés that may come across as insincere. Instead, use your own voice and share your personal experiences working with the individual. This will make your recommendation more authentic and compelling to potential employers or clients who may be reading it.

Lastly, proofread your recommendation before publishing it. Check for any grammatical errors or typos that may undermine the professionalism of your writing. A well-written and error-free recommendation will reflect positively on both you and the person you are recommending.

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