Letter for Reprimand for No Call No Show (Samples)

Here are some Letter for Reprimand for No Call No Show. These are probably the kind of sample letters you wouldn’t have seen on the internet.

It takes a lot of effort to be an employer. You’re always at the mercy of the individuals who work for you, because if they don’t show up, your job will suffer. 

However, there are moments when you must show your authority. You’ll need to send a show cause or warning letter to an employee who doesn’t show up for work and is missing in action, for example. 

A stern tone should be used when writing a no-call, no-show warning letter. Mention that you have attempted to reach the employee but have been unsuccessful. 

And if he or she has any tasks to complete, that should be highlighted as well. It’s important to realize that a person who fails to show up can have an impact on your work. 

Now is the time for you to take matters into your own hands and issue a warning letter. 

Employee conduct is governed by rules and regulations in every firm or corporation. They could be written within the employee’s contract or offered in a more informal manner. The rules are expected to be obeyed regardless of how they are communicated. 

Some people believe that regulations are made to be broken, but after receiving a warning letter from their supervisor, they may want to reconsider. Excessive absence without permission is frequently a symptom of major family or health problems. The employer must be sympathetic to the employee’s reasoning while remaining firm in his or her demands that the employee follow the guidelines. 

Followings are some samples of how you can write a reprimand letter to your employee’s  for no call no show. Let’s get into it: 

Letter for Reprimand for No Call No Show: Sample 01 


Sarah James, 

Project Employee, 


Subject: Letter for reprimand for no call no show. 

Dear Sarah, 

This letter is in regards to your absence from work since last Friday. For the past 5 days, my office has been attempting to contact you but seems to be unable. Except for one that no one picked up, all of the numbers in the list have been turned off. 

You have a project deadline that must be met by the end of the month, as you are aware. Many individuals are working on the project, and your contribution is equally as important as theirs. We believe that if a single person leaves without warning at this point, the project will be lost. 

It is unethical to not show up for work or phone in, especially when you signed a contract with us requiring you to give us a 1-month notice of your plan to leave. Please take this letter as your only warning. We have no alternative but to send this to your home address, with a copy to the permanent address you have provided to us in Greenville, WV. 

Please contact us within 24 hours of getting this notice; otherwise, we may be forced to terminate your job and notify the appropriate authorities to investigate a contract breach. 

Waiting for the response, 


David Johnsons, 



Letter for Reprimand for No Call No Show: Sample 02 


Mallisa Tom, 


Beauty Bar Limited. 


Subject: Letter for reprimand for no call no show. 

Respected Mallisa, 

This is an official reprimand letter to you for failing to tell your superiors about your absence from work. It has come to our attention that you were absent on [date], but you did not feel the need to seek leave from your superior. This type of irresponsible action from you is not acceptable. 

To take a leave, you must obtain approval from your higher authority, according to our company’s norms and regulations. Despite knowing this regulation, you did not apply for a leave of absence or notify any of us of your absence on 10th of January. Our organization will not allow such behavior from you. This type of conduct is totally forbidden. 

We are issuing a warning to you so that you do not engage in such risky behavior in the future. Otherwise, we will take such a matter very seriously and will punish you for it. If you have any questions about this, please contact me. 

You are now cautioned not to engage in this type of activity in the future. If you do, you will be subjected to disciplinary action. 

This letter will be copied and filed in your office’s personnel file. Please regard this as an emergency. 

Best Regards, 

John Cruise, 


Beauty Bar Limited, 


Letter for Reprimand for No Call No Show (Samples)

Letter for Reprimand for No Call No Show: Sample 03 


Karen Smith, 


Gas Supply Chain, 


Subject: Letter for reprimand for no call no show. 

Respected Karen, 

I’m writing to advise you that you’ve been fired from the company for breaking our no-call, no-show policy. 

You didn’t show up for work on October 06th. There was no communication with any of the parties involved, and you have not provided an explanation for your absence. Human Resources attempted to contact you through phone and email that day, but received no response. It has been decided that your arrogance and contempt will not be allowed any longer. 

This has been a persistent issue. You have been spoken to and written up for this type of infringement on multiple occasions, and you claim to understand the policies and procedures for notifying your supervisors and coworkers that you will not be going to work. Despite this, your behavior continues. 

Human Resources on the 13th Floor is holding your final paycheck. You must return your uniform, ID, and pass card to Security before it may be released. You will be led to Human Resources to receive your paycheck at that time. If you do not return the corporate property within five business days of receiving this letter, we will conclude you do not intend to return the property and your paycheck will be forfeited. 


Luke Jean, 

Managing Director, 

Gas Supply Chain, 


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