Love Captions: 400+ Love Captions For Instagram And Love You Captions

Here we have shared some best and cool love captions for you. You can use these love captions for Instagram and on any other social media platform.

Instagram is a powerful tool to show off your life to people. You can take a photo and add a caption to it and people can see what you’re up to. You can even get a lot of likes and followers.

Instagram is so much more than just a photo-sharing app, in fact at the end of the day it’s actually a social network.

But if you want to enjoy Instagram to the full, you have to know how to post the right pictures.

If you use the wrong caption to any picture, you might get a lot of likes but your image might not get the popularity you want.

So without wasting any time, let’s dive in.

Love Captions

In this list, I have shared some cool and unique love captions that you can use anywhere you want:

  • I see you more beautiful, I see you more shining than stars
  • Come in my life and heart, don’t pay even a penny
  • The way I love you is the way a star shines in the sky
  • To make you a part of my life is my biggest wish
  • I can destroy myself to have even a little part of you
  • The way I need you is the way a human needs air, the way a heart needs a pump
  • You know; no one can love you more than I do and I know I will be the same even tomorrow
  • I am always in the mood to love, hug and kiss you
  • Falling in love is a thing that one can’t measure or explain in words
  • I feel it’s my responsibility to love you like you blindly, I will love you till my last breath
  • Time stands still when I find you beside me
  • I will always fall for you like a drop of romantic slow rain
  • I want a part of your life that you normally refuse to give to anyone in this world
  • My heart smiles and feels happy when I see you in front of me
  • For you; my love is like a melodious song
  • I want you to be a girl living who pass her life with me under the same roof
  • You fill my today and tomorrow with a happiness

Love Captions For Instagram

Here are some best and decent love captions for Instagram that you can use on pics and stories:

  • I wish I could do everything with you in my life, my love!
  • I pray time work for us
  • There is a girl in my life who has love in her heart and a smile in her eyes
  • I have seen you hundreds of times in my life and I still get butterflies in you
  • You and I are the perfect blend of love and affection
  • No one in this universe can replace you from my life
  • Never loves one who doesn’t value your feelings and treats you like an ordinary person
  • Holding each other in life is the best thing. Never hurt a person who loves and cares for you
  • My heart and smiles, all are yours and will be yours forever
  • It is not loved if it is not madness
  • Let him enter in your life if she loves you more than anything
  • Half of my day passes by thinking about you, my sweetheart!
  • The more your love is older, the more it would be better
  • And suddenly all my smiles and happiness become the love songs about you
  • The love in my heart keeps growing when I see you sitting beside me
  • There is a sweet girl who stole my heart and she calls my BABY
  • A girl in true love wants to be reminded
  • I like all the moments that I spend with you
  • My love will keep growing with the time
  • Love is all about kindness and patience

I Love You Captions

Following are some best and I love you captions that you can use to impress you fans and followers:

  • I love you more than the words I say you
  • In a world full of sweet muffins, you are a yummy cupcake
  • We both are connected like a Bluetooth
  • You are the only one to whom I want in this world
  • Walking with you, talking to you, and being loved changes my whole day
  • We are the two hearts who love and understand each other
  • I love you because I trust you more than anyone in this world
  • A beautiful girl deserves a smiling guy who looks at her with a great smile on her face
  • You are the only girl, I want to talk and walk
  • I love to see you breathing and smiling with a happy heart
  • I want to watch you smiling whole life
  • You are out of my sight but you are always in my mind
  • I can go anywhere with you while holding your beautiful hands
  • I was afraid before I see you, I was afraid to love you. Now, when I love, I afraid to lose you.
  • I want to grow old with you
  • Love doesn’t find those who seek it but it comes to those who love others
  • The concept of loves varies from person to person but it never changes
  • Your voice is my favorite sound
  • I love to be loved by my beloved one
  • I carry your love in my heart, I carry it in my soul
  • Love finds a way of it is real
  • You are always on my mind
  • I feel stars and shine in you
  • I love you so deep that an ocean would feel jealous

Captions About Love

Enlisted are the best and cool captions about love that I have shared for you:

  • I can see you in 1 universe, 8 planets, and 7 seas
  • I want to fill the place between my fingers with you
  • In this big world, only you have the twinkling eyes and a happy smile which can mesmerize me
  • I don’t want the promises that you would give me the twinkling stars and shining moons, I just want you in my whole life living under the same roof
  • Think of you keep me happy and awaking
  • I want to live and smile with you till I have my last breath
  • I feel incomplete with you
  • You know; dreaming of you keeps me smiling, living with you keep me alive
  • I feel complete when our souls hug and kiss
  • Loving you is my life and making your heart smile is my passion
  • I love you as deep as the sea is, I love as high as twinkling stars
  • Your presence makes my heart smile when I am with you
  • Your smile is a thing that makes me attracted towards you with a crazy heart
  • Caring for you is a hobby, missing you is my job
  • I can measure even a minute which I spend with you
  • A girl is the best creature to love, you can’t kick her out of your heart at any cost
  • You can get out of this world, but you can’t get her out of your thoughts
  • Having you between my arms feels like a melodious song
  • Knowing you is my favorite hobby to do
  • Being with you, laughing, smiling, and walking with you makes my heart happy

Cute Couple Captions

These are some best and clever cute couple captions that you can use to impress your friends and followers:

  • The moment you are with me, I not only feel the butterflies and flower in my mind but a whole zoo deep in my soul
  • Your smile has removed all the distances between us
  • I fell in your love because of your smile and beautiful eyes
  • The moment I find you beside me, my life wakes up and smiles like a red flower
  • If your heart loves a person, it will not be able to find even a small fault in it
  • My heart misses the shining moon and twinkling stars when I don’t find you around me
  • Don’t let her go if you love her more than the moon and the star
  • Our life may not fit with each other but our happy souls know better how to dance even in darkness
  • Instead of missing you, I wish I was kissing you
  • I not only see you but also feel you smiling while sitting beside me
  • Your hands fit in my hands like these are just made for my hands
  • I just want to talk to you with love and a smile
  • My whole day gets better when I talk to you
  • Missing someone hardly in mind and heart means you love him or her
  • Kissing on your forehead is my favorite hobby to do
  • Nothing is impossible to get in life if you love her truly with an honest heart

Couple Instagram Captions

Here are some best and decent deep couple Instagram captions that you can use anywhere you want:

  • Come, live and smile in my heart and pay no rent
  • I love you the way a fish love water, a bird love air, and a heart need a beat
  • I will love you until the stars and sunshine in the sky
  • Your smile is my drug, I am addicted to your smile
  • She was the only girl who likes to smile even she is sad or in pain
  • When I tell you that I love you, it means you’re the most special person to me
  • You are the only source of my smile and joy
  • I don’t know what is love, the only thing I know is how to make you smile
  • I will keep loving you the way I am
  • You are a girl who knows how to make my heart smile.
  • A man cannot live without a love
  • I can stare at your whole life with love and smile
  • Stealing your heart and giving it a never-ending smile is a crime I want to commit
  • I have stolen your heart and you have stolen mine
  • You are the only human on earth to whom I can’t resist
  • Love feels more and sees less but it is not a blind

Love Captions

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