Missing You Messages: 400+ Romantic Miss You Messages

Here you will see some cool and catchy missing you messages. Use these missing you messages anywhere you want. These missing you messages will impress someone easily.

Separation of living away from your loving one can be a daunting part of your life. It carries the capacity to split you or your soul inside. You don’t feel good anything around, your heart and mind become restless when you miss someone.

During this painful time, one thing that can make you comfortable is sending your beloved one a message. Words of your text will let him know about your feelings and unfailing love.

If you are unable to write a lovely and romantic message for your boyfriend then the following messages can help you to express your feeling and love.

Missing You Messages

Here are some cool and catchy missing you messages that you can use for someone:

  • I’m missing the amazing touch of your beautiful fingers, your smile, and the walk we had last night. I enjoyed your presence a lot. Miss you handsome.
  • I smile when I thought of you. The distance between us is a big reason for my heartache. I am missing all the moments we spent together. Miss you so much dear.
  • You can’t imagine how much I’m missing you. Now, it unbearable for me to live without you.
  • I’m missing every minute I spent in your arms. I’m missing your mesmerizing and deep eyes. Even, I can feel your warmth and breath. My love, I’m missing you from the depth of my heart.
  • Spending with you a single minute is like a whole life. In your absence, I feel caged. Missing you so much.
  • I have an addiction to your love and smile. Your presence gives me back my cheer. Dear, I miss you every moment.
  • I feel myself in acute pain in your absence. Sending you love, hugs, and kisses. Love you so much.

Romantic Miss You Messages

Following are the best and cool romantic miss you messages that you can use anywhere:

  • I miss the moments when we hugged, walk and laugh together on foggy nights. Come back as soon as possible.
  • I find myself dying the moment you say goodbye. All I need is you and only you. I miss and think about you every minute of my day.
  • This time I’m heartbroken and feeling alone without you. I can’t wait for more to see you back into my arms.
  • I feel happy inside when I see you, the beauty of your eyes mesmerizes my heart and mind. Miss you a lot pretty face.
  • I’m in pain. I’m missing every moment we shared. Your presence can cure my pain. Please come back soon.
  • I’m unable to express my feelings for you. Words can’t express my pain and loneliness. Miss you a lot, my love. Come back.
  • I miss you when I see the birds flying together in the evening, outside my window. I miss you, my love.

Missing You Message for Him

In this list, you will see some cool and catchy missing you messages for him for you can use:

  • Everything you gift me reminds me of you. Your memories make me smile. My heart cries in your absence. Miss, you love of my heart.
  • I feel peace and comfort when I find you beside me. I carve for your touch and smile. Love and miss you sweetheart.
  • I prefer dying over living in pain with you. You can’t fathom my loneliness. Miss you very much dear.
  • Please let me know about a medicine that can cure my pain of missing you. I miss you, baby!
  • You are the only reason for me to smile. I miss every moment when I don’t find you around. Miss you kind-hearted person.
  • The moment you ignore me is a painful time of life. Come back now. I can’t live alone more. I Miss you more than anything.
  • Where are you? You have sent me even a single message? Please come to me. Missing you my love.

Miss You Text for Him

Following are some best and clever miss you text for him that you can use to impress your fans and followers:

  • You are the only source of a smile on my face. Without you, I feel empty inside. Come back and make my life colorful again.
  • For me, your absence is an event worse than a nightmare. Without you, everything seems dark to me. I miss you dearly.
  • There is no reason for tears in my eyes but your absence. Please come back into my arms. Missing you so much, my beautiful man.
  • My heart, my mind, my eyes, my soul miss you every moment, and every minute my love my honey.
  • Sometimes, it becomes difficult for me to breathe when I don’t found you next to me. My handsome husband, please come back soon.
  • I pretend to be happy in front of my colleagues in my office. Sometimes, it becomes hard to pretend not to miss you. Miss you loads!
  • Here, I feel myself a little thing without you, my love. Come to me soon. I miss my love a lot.

I Miss You Quotes for Him

These are some unique and clever special happy birthday wishes that you can use anywhere:

  • I wish I could stay forever with you. It is not easy to keep myself calm with you my pretty husband.
  • This time when you are not here, I feel emptiness has ceased me from inside. Please come back and free me from this pain. I am missing you a lot, my dear.
  • You are the only reason for my delight and joy. Please come back and give my golden days back. Your girl misses you so much.
  • This time, dark night is making me feel alone and empty. I can’t breathe, my heart is failing in your memories. Come and bring your girl’s life back.
  • I know you also miss me but you can’t even imagine the way I miss you.
  • You are a daily dose of your addict girl. I miss you very much. Come and took me into your arms so I can feel the warmth of your breath and the depth of your beautiful eyes.
  • You are the only one who can wipe my tears. Your presence can stop me from feeling alone. Miss you cheerful boyfriend.

Thinking About You Messages for Him

Here is some best and cool happy birthday to someone special lines that you can use:

  • I feel myself an incomplete person without your hugs and kisses. My heart misses you a lot, my love.
  • You’re the only precious thing I have in my life. My heart, my soul my heart misses you very much, sweetheart.
  • No one makes my heart live as you do. I can’t laugh when I find you sharing distance with me. Your girl is missing you handsome boy. Have a beautiful day ahead.
  • In your absence, I feel severe heartache. Please come and rescue me from this pain. Miss you a lot dear.
  • Ye belong to me and I belong to you. I miss you. I love you.
  • When I miss you, I think about the time we passed together. It makes me smile to think about you, my love.
  • The distance we share has taken all my smiles and happiness. After you have gone, I am feeling myself a useless person on this earth.

Miss You Deeply

Following are some best and catchy special birthday wishes that you can use to impress someone:

  • My man, your presence fills beautiful colors in my soul and heart. My life is colorless without you. Sending hugs and love.
  • Misfortune and all these world problems can’t hurt me. The thing that can hurt me is the distance between us. I miss you so much my handsome.
  • The sky looks empty and boring with shining stars and bright sun. Likewise, I feel boring and empty without you. Miss you love.
  • Living miles away far from you, a girl misses you more than anything in this world, an empty girl misses her love lot.
  • You have taken away my soul, my heart, and all comfort from my life. Please come back and make me smile my pretty face boyfriend.

Missing You Messages

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