400+ Impressive Philosophy Blog Names Ideas For You

Philosophy blog names are different from other blog names. Instead of having a specific theme or niche, philosophy blogs are generally thought-provoking.

When it comes to naming your blog, there are many options available to you. However, the most popular way is to simply use a blog URL address. This may be a great option for bloggers who have a well-known site and don’t want to build their own.

Whether you write about existentialism or ethics, you will find this category of blogs particularly interesting. After all, what is more controversial than our values?

For starters, here are some really cool blog names that you should consider for your next philosophy blog:

Philosophy Blog Names

This is not a joke! Philosophy blogs are here to stay. According to Technorati.com, there were nearly 17 million websites that had a blog in 2009.

Websites that have a philosophy blog focus on any one of several major philosophical topics. Philosophers like Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas have written thousands of books on the subject.

The popularity of philosophy is now on the rise because of the increasing interest in mindfulness, happiness, and the meaning of life.

  • Philosopher Deeper
  • Juniper Philosophers
  • Philosopher Finest
  • Philosophical Tenable
  • Blizzard Philosophers
  • Philosophical Margin
  • Philosophy Flicker
  • Idea Wisdom
  • Philosophers Fully
  • Philosophical Handed
  • Vivid Philosophical
  • The Philosophy Blog
  • Philosophical Revelation
  • Freshphilsoc
  • Philosophical Partisan
  • The Philosophy Smoker
  • Philosophy Guides
  • Philosophical Dragon
  • Arbor Philosophers
  • Philosopher Fuel
  • Wisdom Couple
  • Flora Outlook
  • Wisdom Humans
  • Philosophical Reliant
  • Philosopher Hammers
  • Wisdom Spigot
  • Philosophy Ante
  • Philosophe Reserve
  • Goal Philosopher
  • Wisdomonk
  • Ignition Philosopher
  • Philosophical Searches
  • Philosopher Fluency
  • Philosophical Lion
  • Philosophical Litmus
  • Forthesakeofsciencefiction
  • Euro Theory
  • Philosopher Starter
  • Wisdom Litmus
  • Philosopher Trotter
  • Philosophy Decree
  • Philosophical Religion
  • Philosophers Saucer
  • Carriage Philosopher
  • Philosophers Labors
  • Philosopher Saucer
  • Philosopher Glimmer
  • Philosophy Streams
  • Yummy Mummy Cosmos!
  • Consequently

Philosophy Blog Names Ideas

Philosophy blog names can be used for any of the above topics or even for non-philosophical topics like business, technology, science, health, politics, and so forth.

You can use a blog name that contains the word “philosophy” but you can also use any word with that meaning such as “philosopher,” “philosophize,” “philosophical,” and so on. Here are a few ideas for your philosophy blog name:

  • Philosophers Muster
  • Philosophical Devil
  • Life Talon
  • Philosophers Frontiers
  • Philosophical Justice
  • Philosophy Memory
  • Evolutionary Philosophy
  • Rightlywired
  • Cyprus Philosophy
  • Philosophy Sassy
  • Philosophers Lavender
  • Philosophy Over Coffee
  • Philosophy Worthy
  • Philosopher Exterior
  • Unreal Blog
  • Philosophy Holidays
  • Philosophers Funny
  • Shadow In The Flame
  • Philosophical Peoples
  • Philosophical Above
  • Creator Philosophers
  • Philosophical Cerebral
  • Collector Philosophers
  • Continental Philosophical
  • Brandy Theory
  • Philosophers Feeling
  • Status Wisdom
  • Philosophers Fora
  • Philosophers Harbour
  • The View From Conestogo
  • Philosophical Venus
  • Philosopher Swagger
  • Talking Philosophy
  • Daily Dosser
  • Wisdom Agra
  • Philosophical Viable
  • Partially Examined Life
  • Philosopher Funds
  • Philosopher Publishers
  • Wisdom Freckle
  • Philosophers Prep
  • Philosophical Omega
  • Eversphilosopher
  • The Brains Blog
  • Nebula Philosopher
  • Philosopher Egon
  • Philosophy Purity
  • For The Sake Of Philosophy
  • Jargon Wisdom
  • Meditating On Thought And Meaning
  • Life Locale
  • Philosophy Fierce
  • Philosopher Festival
  • Just Another Philosopher
  • Philosophical Disquisitions Pro
  • Philosopher’s Heaven
  • The Philosophy Girl

Philosophical Economics Blog Names

It is not uncommon for people to have a blog on their website. However, few people know how to design a professional blog. This is especially true for those who want to create a profitable blog.

If you are one of them, then you may be wondering what to call your blog. Many people choose to call their blog with the name of the niche they are blogging about.

  • Philosopher Function
  • Philosophy Auction
  • Philosophers Dominance
  • Wisdom Beacon
  • Philosophical Chasm
  • Philosophical Chariot
  • Outlook Villa
  • Philosophy Pretty
  • Philosophers Fare
  • Thinker Outlook
  • Aspen Wisdom
  • Philosophers Riders
  • Normalphilosophy
  • Geek Philosophy
  • Nerd Philosophers
  • Philosophers Flawless
  • Philosophers Terrier
  • Felicity Philosophy
  • Investor Philosophers
  • Philosopher Stepper
  • Philosophical Fuel
  • Philosophical Pup
  • Wisdom Huddle
  • Philosophical Editorial
  • Philosophy Fake
  • Protection Wisdom
  • Philosophical Strut
  • Merrie´S Philosophy
  • Professor Philosophers
  • Philosophical Chicken
  • Wisdom Immersion
  • Life, Love, And Sugar
  • Bunny Philosopher
  • Philosopher Shammers
  • Grandpa Outlook
  • Son Theory
  • Onetime Philosophical
  • Philosopher Sporter
  • Philosophical Anxiety
  • Philosophers Measure
  • Telepathy Theory
  • Awareentities
  • Theory Wheel
  • Pond Wisdom
  • Zulu Theory
  • Philosophypieces
  • Blue Collar Philosophy
  • Upturn Philosopher
  • Philosophy Reality
  • Philosophical Taurus
  • Philosopher Harbour
  • Hearty Philosophical
  • Erratic Wisdom
  • Jung Theory
  • Philosopher Flow
  • Philosophers Shimmer
  • Philosophicaloyal
  • Philosophers Seeker
  • Philosophers Burg

43 Memorable Philosophy Blog Names

To find a unique philosophy blog names that will attract visitors, here are some ideas you can use as inspiration for your blog.

The philosophy blog is a type of online publication in which an individual writes and publishes articles on the topic of philosophy. The term philosophy blogs was coined in 2008.

Philosophy blogs are gaining in popularity because they have a unique perspective on a variety of topics. This gives them the ability to cover a wide range of philosophical themes including history, religion, politics, psychology, linguistics, and science.

  • Wisdom Editorial
  • Bad Philosophy
  • Wisdom Petunia
  • Philosophicalfig
  • Density Life
  • Wisdom Nada
  • Fun Philosopher
  • Philosopher It Is
  • Philosopher Scheduler
  • Horseless Telegraph
  • Outlook Champion
  • Philosopher Puffin
  • Being A Psychologist
  • Plymouth Wisdom
  • Philosophy Stealthy
  • Theory Dill
  • Bane Outlook
  • Philosopher Sister
  • Philosopher Slash
  • Philosophers Seltzer
  • Philosophical Reservations
  • Parka Wisdom
  • Wisdom Charisma
  • Clinicalphilosopher
  • Philosophy Lounge
  • Philosophers Fortress
  • Virtual Philosopher
  • Philosophical Forms
  • Fertility Philosophers
  • Thevirtue
  • Philosopher Flare
  • Philosophical Handle
  • Philosophical Sentinel
  • Philosophy Of Brains
  • New Rockstar Philosophy
  • Evolving Minds
  • Wisdom Wonk
  • Saver Wisdom
  • Philosophical Impala
  • Wisdom Dove
  • Soul Searching People
  • Life Goodbye
  • Sister Philosophers
  • Philosopher Sailor
  • Philosophical Bump
  • Rightly Considered
  • Philosophy Fire
  • Philosophy Flip
  • Philosopher Scamper
  • Philosopher Mysteries
  • Philosophyminds
  • Ancientphilosophy
  • Ancient Philosophy Society
  • Rational Philosophy
  • Philosophical Cuff
  • Philosophy Tally
  • Philosopher Healer
  • Coder Philosopher
  • Carnal Philosophical
  • Philosopher Churn
  • Wilderness Philosopher
  • Greatest Philosopher
  • The Philosophical Enterprise
  • Philosopher Sugar
  • Philosophers Festival

Philosophy Blog Name Generators

You will need to have a unique angle and a great writing style to become successful. A blog should not be just another place to publish your thoughts on a particular subject. It should be interesting enough to keep people coming back to your site.

Here are some philosophy blog name ideas that you can consider. You may want to choose your blog name carefully so it helps you attract traffic and readers.

  • No Big Whoop Ideas
  • Wisdom Explosion
  • Memory Philosophy
  • Talking Philosophy Online
  • Philosophical Feed
  • Philosophic Ales Sons
  • Philosophy Sugar
  • Philosophers Tote
  • Philosophical Famous
  • Philosophy Appeal
  • Philosopher Compilers
  • Failed Philosophy Blog
  • Partiallyexaminedsoul
  • Immediate Philosophical
  • Philosophical Voltage
  • Philosophers Acres
  • Philosophers Novelty
  • Philosophy Sticky
  • Philosophy Albee
  • Mind&Meaning
  • Philosopher Field
  • Philosopher Grin
  • Fragments Of Consciousness
  • Philosopher’s World
  • Consistent Rules
  • Pharma Philosophy
  • Philosophers Shifter
  • Philosophers Returns
  • Ether Philosophers
  • Popular Culture And Philosophy
  • Philosophy Field
  • Theory Mercury
  • Dime Philosopher
  • Gone Public
  • Philosophical Exchanges
  • Lemon Wisdom
  • Rockingtheory
  • Philosophers Waiver
  • Fixture Philosophers
  • Philosophical Urban
  • Arbor Philosopher
  • Philosopher Flame
  • Kitty Wisdom
  • Experimental Philosophy
  • Philosophical Gaia
  • Philosophy Thee
  • Philosophy Mercury
  • Wisdom Yuma
  • Food Philosophy
  • Philosophers Spurs
  • Floral Philosophical
  • A Philosophy Blog

American Philosophical Blog Names

Philosophy is defined as “the study of nature and human knowledge.” It involves both science and philosophy, but it is the combination of both that makes this type of blog so powerful.

Most people do not know what philosophy is and most people do not think about philosophy in their daily lives. However, philosophy has shaped the world around us in ways we may never know.

  • Philosophical Activist
  • Geniuspickings
  • Philosopher Optimism
  • Philosophic Ales Son
  • Philosophy Blogger
  • Bowl Philosophy
  • Philosophical Four
  • Philosophy Heel
  • Space Time And Slime Mold
  • Leiter´S Legal Philosophy
  • Philosophical Hull
  • Philosophical Faithful
  • Ethicstips
  • Inner Philosophy World
  • Philosophers Fly
  • Philosophy Luxuries
  • Philosophical World
  • Analysis Philosophers
  • Philosophical Ova
  • Philosophers Frames
  • Anselm Philosophy
  • Philosophers Vector
  • Philosophers Masters
  • Philosophy Advisory

Classic Philosophy Blog Names

If you want to teach the general public about philosophy and to make some money off of it, then you have to create your own philosophy blog.

Some great philosophy blog names are below. You can find all sorts of philosophy topics here that you can write about. Just make sure that you have the proper domain name and the content that is relevant to your blog.

  • Philosophical Viral
  • Philosopher Ember
  • Philosopher Treasure
  • Morning Philosophers
  • Margin Wisdom
  • Cultural Philosophical
  • Philosophers Divergence
  • Connor´S Conundrums
  • Logicstuffs
  • The Mind Connection
  • Atom Philosophy
  • Lifedaily
  • Ethicssociety
  • Cutter Philosopher
  • Distant Philosophical

Funny Philosophy Blog Names

Philosophy is the practice of reflecting upon the nature of things and human experience. The word philosophy comes from the ancient Greek philosophy (philo-sophia, meaning love of wisdom).

It can be defined as “the study of how the world works”. A good philosophy blog will address topics related to the above.

The name philosophy was chosen because of its philosophical approach to life. It may sound a bit boring but it doesn’t have to be. If your blog offers valuable insights into life, you will gain visitors and readers.

  • Chore Life
  • Logblog
  • Ave Philosopher
  • Philosophical Storage
  • Philosophe Riser
  • Philosophyofcash
  • Gopher Philosopher
  • Ivory Philosophy
  • Philosophy Truth
  • Sacred Philosophical
  • Efficiency Outlook
  • Philosophers Adventures
  • Wisdom Lions
  • Smartvalues
  • Philosophical Vega
  • Philosophy Coyote
  • Philosophical Idol

Philosophical Names

Philosophy is a topic that concerns every person. For many, philosophy means learning to think critically and deeply. Others define philosophy as an attempt to describe the universal human condition.

This term is being used in a broader sense now, however. Philosophy is also used to refer to people who seek to understand why people do what they do. Most often, this means looking at a person’s personality and life experiences to determine their motives and reasoning.

  • Philosophical Chisel
  • Zircon Wisdom
  • Unpolished Jade
  • Sunshine Theory
  • Wisdom Fuss
  • Philosophy Remedies
  • Another Philosopher
  • Philosophical Enigma
  • Real Philosophy Blog
  • Philosophy Of Life
  • Philosophy Flute
  • Philosophical Lemon
  • Philosopher Fanatics
  • Philosoph Erade
  • Philosophers Factor
  • Philosophical Catapult
  • Wisdom Masterful
  • Philosophers Folk
  • Philosophers Maneuver
  • Philosophical Clinician
  • Philosophical Plum
  • Butler Wisdom
  • Wisdom Punk
  • Solon Outlook

Funny Names For Philosophers

Philosophy is a very wide field, and you may find yourself writing on many different topics. There are so many philosophies that it would be impossible to write about them all.

When choosing a philosophy-related name, you should consider the audience that will read your posts. Do they come from a religious background? Are they interested in Eastern philosophy? Whatever your answer, be sure that you pick a name that will attract readers.

Here are some great philosophy blog ideas you can use for your blog today.

  • Philosophical Demon
  • Philosophy Fizz
  • Theory Cuddly
  • Philosophy Association
  • Philosophical Axle
  • Philosophical Discussion
  • Philosopher Translator
  • Country Philosopher
  • Minder Philosopher
  • Philosopher Splatter
  • Cutter Theory
  • Philosophical Onus
  • Philosopher Sectors
  • Philosophical Gentleman
  • Wisdom Donna
  • Philosophy Sermons
  • Philosophers Flicker
  • Philosophers Shepherd
  • Philosophical Seconds
  • Philosophers Parlour
  • Philosophical Quota
  • Wisdom Damsel

Philosophy Name Generator

Philosophy blogs cover a wide range of topics, but they all have a focus on exploring and analyzing ideas. This can range from the more technical aspects of philosophy, such as epistemology, logic, ethics, and aesthetics, to more personal issues such as life philosophies and moral philosophies.

A blog like this allows you to share your thoughts and ideas on the subject and explore philosophical topics with others who are interested.

  • Tractor Wisdom
  • Wisdom Bale
  • Proximity Philosophy
  • Philosophical Woven
  • Global Philosophy Blog
  • Populist Philosophy
  • Philosopher Followers
  • Philosophical Eminent
  • Philosophical Dopa
  • Philosophers Leather
  • Everest Wisdom
  • Philosophy Leigh
  • Ross Philosopher
  • Bakers Philosophers
  • Philosophical Influence
  • The Philosophy Grrl
  • Idol Wisdom
  • Philosophy Chatty
  • Trailer Philosopher
  • Philosophy Priority
  • Wisdom Modal
  • Philosophers Experts
  • Philosophy Finale
  • Philosophy Activity
  • Planet Philosophy
  • Philosophical Solace
  • Philosophical Farms
  • Brittle Paper
  • Philosophical Risen
  • The Personal Quest
  • Tractor Philosophers
  • Money Philosophy
  • Family Philosopher
  • Feminist Philosophers
  • Theory Mercy
  • Salary Wisdom
  • Philosophical Cheetah
  • The Blue Falcon
  • Philosopher Sherd
  • Lucid Philosophical
  • Philosophers Striker
  • Agenda Philosophers
  • Philosophe Rooster
  • Philosophers Scheduler
  • Philosophical Innovation

Philosophy Blog Names

How to Name Your Philosophy Blog

This article will provide you with all the tips to help you select a name for your philosophy blog.

The Philosophical Essay: What It Is, Why You Need One, and How to Get Started

What is it?

When people ask “what is philosophy”, they might get confused as to what it means. Most of us believe that philosophy is about the big questions, life’s purpose, morality, and what we should be doing with our lives. It is a field of knowledge that deals with the fundamental principles of life and nature.

Why You Need a Philosophy Blog

In the 21st century, we live in a world where things are evolving faster than ever before. We are being bombarded by information, information, and more information.

Many people suffer from information overload and don’t know how to prioritize what they need to pay attention to. This is why they end up getting stuck in the middle.

However, philosophy will help you sort out what you need to pay attention to and what is irrelevant information. With a philosophy blog, you will be able to share your views with the rest of the world. You will be able to interact with your readers and help them understand better what you’re talking about.

How to Get Started

As you are writing a philosophy blog, you should ask yourself some important questions to determine whether you are writing in the right niche.

Why Should People Read My Philosophy Blog?

This question should be answered by asking why you want to write a philosophy blog. Are you looking to earn money from your blog? Do you want to express your views on the world? Do you want to teach others?

What Topics Should I Cover?

Once you’ve decided the reason why you want to start your philosophy blog, you should decide on the topics that you want to cover.

If you want to earn money, then you should write about something that has the potential to make money. If you want to express your views, then you should cover topics that have political implications.

Who Should Read My Philosophy Blog?

You can’t really have a successful philosophy blog if you don’t know who is going to read it. You should decide who you want to target with your blog.

Are you targeting a specific age group? Is your blog going to appeal to people in the LGBT community? Will your philosophy blog appeal to those who are interested in philosophy?

How Can I Make My Philosophy Blog Profitable?

Most of the time, the topics that you choose will have the potential to bring in a lot of visitors and readers. However, if you want to make money out of your philosophy blog, you need to think about ways to monetize it.

There are lots of ways to monetize your blog. You can charge for courses, e-books, and online classes.

Should I Write About My Personal Life?

This is a very important question. If you want to keep your blog personal, then make sure you are comfortable with the topic that you have chosen. If you are uncomfortable with the topic, then you should choose another one.

How to Pick a Good Name for Your Philosophy Blog

Like with any other business, you need to pick a name that you can stick with and promote easily. You can always change your name later on.


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