399 Pretty Feet Captions for Instagram

Feet are something that you just can’t ignore when it comes to beauty. And you also definitely shouldn’t be ignoring them when you have them in the picture too.

You should definitely be showing off your feet while wearing some killer heels and making sure you do the best job possible in order to get that perfect insta-worthy photo that you’ll show off for days.

So here are some captions about feet that will surely make you go “omg I need to put my shoes on right now”.

Pretty Feet Captions for Instagram

A lot of people have trouble writing about their feet, and that’s because most of us have a hard time talking about our own bodies. Here are a few tips for getting started.

Start with what you know: You already know what your feet look like, so start there.

  • Your feet are made to walk and made to run.
  • Toes should never be cut off because they are part of us.
  • Your feet can make all kinds of sounds.
  • You can walk or run or jump with no pain.
  • People talk about the beauty of feet but nobody really appreciates the wonder of it.
  • The one who has got big feet is a person whom the gods are pleased with.
  • Don’t forget to walk on the flowery path before your feet lose their strength.
  • Your feet were made to walk, but you are not always meant to walk.
  • When your feet go into winter, do not give up!
  • As your feet move along with the flow of life, so do your thoughts.
  • Take time out to smell your toes.
  • My feet are like your friends, they come and go,
  • But I am the one who is always with you.
  • We are both in the same shoes.
  • You are walking in my shoes.
  • I am a woman who loves to dance, I love the way your foot moves across the floor.
  • My heart pounds when you come near, my body gets hot just thinking of you.
  • You are my life, my reason for living.
  • I look at you and I don’t think about what I need.
  • I think about the things we can do together, I think about the things you say.
  • You make me want to tell my friends about us, I want to hold your hand and take you on a date.
  • I want to take you out for lunch and to hear you laugh and sing.
  • We have a lot to talk about, but you are a wonderful listener.
  • So let’s talk and talk and talk and talk and talk some more.
  • It will be fun if we can talk about our feelings.

Pretty Feet Captions for Instagram

Shoe Captions for Instagram to Show off your Shoes

When I use Instagram to promote my business, I use the image itself as the hook, so the caption is usually only about 10 words long.

To increase the visibility of your foot products, it is wise to include the product name in your Instagram caption. Include the product name in your caption if you want to show off the specific model or style of product you’re selling.

  • The greatest gift I can give is a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
  • The greatest gift I can give is the touch of my hand to your hand.
  • I hope you are not afraid of my passion, I hope you are ready for all the love I have.
  • My love for you is endless, the joy that you bring to my life never ends.
  • Love is… being loved by your best friend and your lover.
  • The love I feel for you is like a flood, it cannot be described.
  • The way my feet touch the ground tells you how much I love it here.
  • It’s not like there’s anything I wouldn’t do for my feet.
  • My feet make me happy and content.
  • Because I have no choice but to be with them all day.
  • They make me walk, they make me run.
  • They make me laugh, and they make me cry.
  • You’ll never get rid of me until I’m out of sight.
  • I like my feet because they have a life of their own.
  • All I have are my two feet, my hands, and my eyes.
  • You may have the whole world but there’s something you lack, someone who cares about you.
  • You can go anywhere in the world by air, but you can only walk the streets of your town.
  • How can you go to school and work?
  • My feet have wings and I can fly.
  • When I touch you, your feet feel my touch.
  • All you need is one strong desire, one love to keep the sun from going down.
  • You need only two eyes to see, but you can’t see the way back home.
  • A woman’s body is her biggest asset, yet she doesn’t realize it.
  • The best thing you can do with a person is to make him/her feel wanted.
  • I can see my whole life in the pattern of your toes.

Captions for Feet in Water Pictures

Captions about feet have a unique opportunity to stand out in your feed. You’re able to customize your text, but the best thing about a caption about feet is that it doesn’t even need to be related to the image.

A caption about how cute a dog’s feet are, or a caption that just mentions a funny name, are both great ways to draw attention to your post.

  • Your body is like a clock, so be careful not to get out of synch.
  • How can you expect to run with the swift, if you don’t start off with a good step?
  • I have a secret that I want you to know.
  • You can count the days until my birthday, and then add them together.
  • If you haven’t been hurt, you haven’t loved.
  • If you never fall, you’ll never know how high you can climb.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that all women are perfect and some are not; I’m just saying that every woman is a little bit imperfect.
  • I’m glad you found me, because you were looking for a little bit of everything.
  • As I stare at your face, it’s clear that you’re looking for a little bit of me, too.
  • What a gift it is to be born into this world.
  • In the end it’s the simple things in life that matter most.
  • I have come here to meet my soul mate, and I’m hoping I can find my partner in crime here, too.
  • We live in a fast-paced world. But even in this modern age, we need to slow down, take a deep breath, and look at each other.
  • In the past, there was no time for love. We lived in a world where time was money and money was power.
  • Love can make you feel like a star and a king. Love can make you feel like a beggar and a pauper.
  • Your eyes speak volumes, and your lips tell the rest.
  • No matter what, I will always love you as long as I breathe.
  • Every time I see my feet I remember a story I heard while walking in the forest.
  • My feet used to be big and strong.
  • Now I have small feet and a limp.
  • I’m not as handsome as I used to be.
  • My feet have grown and I have aged.
  • It seems like only yesterday that my feet were all the way down to here.
  • My feet were like mine, not like yours.
  • The most amazing thing about human feet is how much we stand on them, yet we don’t even notice them until they begin to hurt or get sore.

Captions for Feet in Water Pictures

Couple Captions For Pictures Of Feet Together

When you’re writing a caption about feet, focus on the most eye-catching parts of the photo first. Start with the head, then move down to the eyes, and end with the toes.

After those, you can go back and add more details about the subject’s outfit, shoes, etc. Your followers will still see the photo, and they’ll see what you wrote first.

Include a few details about the feet. This helps users know where their favorite part is located.

  • Feet should never be a part of life. Feet belong on the ground, and only the sky belongs above.
  • Let the clouds be your carpet and the moon your light.
  • Let the rainfall on your feet, and let the earth be your bed.
  • Your feet are the reason why I’m still alive.
  • I’ll never forget your beauty because I fell in love with your feet.
  • We have two faces, two faces like an hourglass, two different ways of being one.
  • You’re the best person who could have ever walked on this earth.
  • He’s a man who has no fear of the dark.
  • She’s not afraid to face the wind.
  • Her feet take her places she’s always wanted to go.
  • I can’t help but wonder what kind of man would ever want to marry you?
  • How do we get to know someone? We walk right past them every day,
  • but then one day we notice they were there.
  • It is better to have a pretty face than a big wallet.
  • What you see is what you get.
  • A pretty smile and nice smelling feet can go a long way.
  • Pretty little feet may be hard to find,
  • but they don’t make a pretty pair of shoes.
  • What you say is what you hear.
  • A pretty mouth will always get attention.
  • I see beauty where there is none.
  • The pretty girls are the ones who can dance all night and sleep all day.
  • If your feet smell pretty, you will attract more people.
  • Pretty Feet, I’ve never seen so many different colors.
  • Every day you are born, every day you die

Big Feet Captions for Instagram

If the photo you want to share has no captions, add them by typing them into the comment box that appears below the photo. You may not have time to fully edit a photo, but even with just a few seconds to write, you can still create a great caption.

If the photo you want to share has captions, but they’ve already been removed from the post itself, type “add a caption” and select “I don’t want to add a caption to this photo” from the menu options that appear below the photo. This option allows you to add text to the photo without having to go back to the original post.

  • A great pair of shoes can set you free.
  • Wear sandals with confidence.
  • Your feet are precious gifts from God.
  • Don’t walk on your feet. Walk on the ground.
  • It’s not the shoe that makes the man, it’s the foot inside.
  • If your feet get tired, you should just rest.
  • I know every pair of shoes looks amazing, but I choose these because they’re comfortable.
  • I will not let anybody walk through my mind with their dirty feet.
  • Your feet will bring you to where your heart is.
  • Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.
  • The job of feet is walking, but their hobby is dancing.
  • So many shoes but only two feet.
  • Better to trip with the feet than with the tongue.
  • Never test how deep the water is with both feet.
  • If you are not barefoot, you’re overdressed.
  • Nothing Soothes the soul like a walk on the beach.
  • When your head gets lost, follow your feet.
  • I wanna go where the waves kiss my feet.
  • The touch of water reminds me of gentleness in fierceness.
  • Our feet are our body’s connection to the earth.
  • Every footstep has a fascinating story behind it.
  • Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.
  • I love you from heart to soul and head to feet.
  • Your Feet will bring to where your heart is.
  • Keep calm and take care of your feet.

Big Feet Captions for Instagram

Tiny Baby Feet Captions for Cutest Pictures

This captions are related to feet, which is one of the best options when it comes to keywords for Instagram. So, what you have to do is, just find something that you have done with your feet that you can share to your followers that relates to your brand.

Then try to use your main keyword as much as possible in there, because if you just write about how cool feet are, people won’t read the whole thing. They’ll just skim the first couple of lines and move on. What they need to know is, “Oh yeah! Feet are cool.” So try to find something about feet, like their size, color, or shape, and you’re golden.

  • All you need is love a pedicure.
  • Put your feet in good hands.
  • Pedicures – The best stress revilers.
  • There’s nothing a fresh pedicure can’t fix.
  • All i want is peace and pedicure.
  • Your feet never take a day off so take care of them
  • These are the kind of feet that make you feel pretty.
  • Your feet are your best friends, right? They look at you and say “I Love You!”
  • They keep you comfortable no matter what you do.
  • Your feet show how your body moves when you walk.
  • Foot beauty doesn’t lie – so give your feet some TLC.
  • Make sure they are clean and smell nice before bedtime.
  • Get to know your feet – this is the best way to find out who you are.
  • Your feet hold everything you are – inside and outside of you.
  • There is no doubt that beautiful feet are an asset.
  • Your feet will tell you if you need to dress up or dress down.
  • Beautiful feet can turn even a simple task into something magical.
  • You may have big feet or little feet but all feet are good feet.
  • Everyone knows about big feet but they don’t know about your feet.
  • Your feet will give you confidence when you’re feeling insecure.
  • The human being can get used to anything except change.
  • Every time I put my feet in the water, they feel new.
  • The best time to have your feet kissed is when they’re dry.
  • Don’t walk barefoot in a public place.
  • Walk barefoot in your house and in your bed.

Tiny Baby Feet Captions for Cutest Pictures

Lovely Captions for Feet to Post Online

If you’re not sure what to say, it might be time to ask your followers. You can do this by tagging them in the photo, or just asking them what they want to see more of.

When you’re writing a photo caption, think of it like a mini sales letter. Make sure that you are telling a story about who you are, where you are, what you’re doing, and how your product will help you.

It’s tempting to be all about yourself, but remember that these are strangers, and they only have so much attention.

  • My feet know what my heart knows.
  • The moment you’ve been looking for has arrived.
  • The more you learn, the more you realize how much you don’t know.
  • People like to be around people who make them laugh.
  • Don’t be afraid of taking a chance.
  • You can’t step into the same river twice.
  • Everywhere we go, we leave something of ourselves.
  • If you want to see how the world ends, look at the feet of people standing in line.
  • Your feet have a message, you just have to listen.
  • What is the use of talking about someone else?
  • We all need to look at our feet before we speak.
  • People say a lot of things with their lips, but they seldom do with their feet.
  • Look to the feet of your opponents and you will be able to find out how they play the game.
  • The feet of an ant have a million tiny wheels.
  • In spite of the fact that your feet may hurt, you need to wear shoes.
  • Shoes are good to protect your feet from the cold.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover; judge it by its feet.
  • Look at a man’s feet; his face will follow.
  • Don’t let your mouth water while your stomach rumbles.
  • Barefoot running brings the freedom to the soul.
  • It is the first step on a journey of faith.
  • People will call you crazy if you don’t talk with your feet.
  • Walk in front of a mirror when you’re nervous.
  • If you are too busy trying to look pretty, you won’t see yourself clearly.
  • Take a long hard look at your feet.


Show off your best feet with these creative caption ideas. From the simplest “My feet smell like bubble gum” to “I have some toes,” the best foot photos will be the ones that are fun, witty and creative.

“Include a little personal humor,” Carter advises. “It gives your post a bit more personality and can encourage people to share your post. For example, I always include one or two references to something funny in my life—like, ‘My dog hates when I leave for work.

I wish she would love me when I got home.’ It helps get a conversation going.”


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