400+ Best Puppy Captions for Instagram

It’s a thing of beauty when you see a beautiful puppy. They’re just so cute that you have to show your love right away. You want to give them some love as well, and there’s no better way to do it than with an adorable puppy photo with awesome puppy captions.

Your friends will also love looking at the photos of you playing with the puppy, and they’ll probably tell you that you’re the best. A little puppy love can do wonders, so go ahead and take some pics of you with a puppy, and make sure they’re cute enough to bring tears to your eyes.

Puppy Captions

If you’re into dogs, then you should be aware of how much they mean to people. They’re just such wonderful little creatures who give their unconditional love to everyone. But when it comes to puppies, well, that’s when you know that you’ve got a good thing going on.

They’re cute, they’re innocent, and most of all, they’re full of love. So it makes sense that if you’re having a bad day and you’ve got this adorable puppy hanging around that you’d want to snap a picture and post it up on Instagram. Here are the best puppy Instagram captions.

  • I love puppy pictures because of how innocent and vulnerable they seem.
  • Puppies are our best teachers.
  • They always make me laugh and cry at the same time.
  • You’re as pure as a snowflake and as precious as a diamond.
  • Puppies are the best teachers in the world.
  • Puppies are more fun than kittens.
  • Puppies are the most adorable things on earth.
  • I’m so happy you’re my pet.
  • Puppies are sweet little doggies that can make any day worth living.
  • Puppies have more energy than people.
  • Puppies bring out my kid’s side.
  • Her name is Gracie.
  • If you have time for only one thing, make it a puppy.
  • Puppies have the most adorable personalities.
  • Puppies always have something to say.
  • They have short legs and round bodies and they are adorable.
  • She’ll never leave me.
  • It’s okay to cry.
  • Puppies have short legs, long noses, and wagging tails.
  • Don’t keep the puppy chained up.

Puppy Captions

Puppy Rise Captions

  • Kittens are cute but they are difficult to raise.
  • My dog was given away as a puppy.
  • A puppy needs someone who understands that when he barks.
  • Kittens are cute but they are dumb.
  • Everything was better with my puppy around.
  • Cute is just another word for sweet.
  • They get dirty fast.
  • I’m a good Puppy.
  • I used to think that every dog was cute.
  • A puppy is as playful as a kitten.
  • Puppies are the cutest things on earth.
  • Puppies show us that life is for having fun.
  • They are like children, but they aren’t spoiled.
  • Puppies don’t know anything.
  • A dog has no friends but people.
  • Puppies can teach us a lot of things.
  • Put the puppy on a leash.
  • The puppy is a little boy.
  • I like to have fun.
  • If you’re really lucky, you’ll find your one and only.

Cool Puppy Captions

  • A puppy can be your friend.
  • She has huge brown eyes and a soft brown coat.
  • Give the puppy lots of love.
  • He needs a loving family who will take care of him all his life.
  • A puppy is so cute, he needs love every minute.
  • When you go through something hard, remember how it felt.
  • She’s not perfect but she’s beautiful, and we love her anyway.
  • You’re the most adorable puppy I’ve ever seen.
  • A puppy is a puppy, and he just wants to play.
  • The puppy is love.
  • They are so innocent.
  • They’re great companions for kids and grownups.
  • Life with a puppy is a sweet experience.
  • When you come home, be happy to see me.
  • She’s so loyal.
  • Puppies have no control over their actions.
  • When you love someone, be careful how much you show it.
  • But as time went on, I realized that all puppies were cute.
  • I’m a sucker for puppy pictures.
  • She was lost in a storm and found by a kind neighbor.

Best Puppy Captions

  • I can never get him to stay up late enough for me to take photos of him sleeping.
  • The best way to start a relationship with a puppy is with love.
  • A puppy loves to be loved.
  • Love is blind. But it seems more than we can imagine.
  • The happiest people on Earth are puppies.
  • It is because he wants to protect the family and their home.
  • Always walk your puppy on a leash.
  • Puppies have the most endearing expressions.
  • They don’t care if you are black, white, brown, or red.
  • The puppy is yours.
  • She loves everyone, everything, and all animals.
  • There’s something so magical about a puppy.
  • Give me a bone, I’m thirsty.
  • Puppies are playful and cute.
  • The puppy knows he’s cute. He doesn’t care if you think so too.
  • I have a puppy named Gizmo.
  • Rosie, I wish you knew how much we love you.
  • Puppies have no history.
  • I need my owner’s loving touch.
  • The sun and moon are a puppy and a dog.

Instagram Puppy Captions

  • Puppies teach us that life is to be enjoyed.
  • She loves to run around and chase squirrels.
  • The puppy is precious.
  • Your heart knows.
  • I want to make sure you know how special you are.
  • Puppies have the power to make you feel so happy.
  • Puppies are innocent until they grow up.
  • She’s beautiful.
  • It’s okay to have a bad day.
  • Take him to obedience classes at least once a week.
  • They don’t care if you get up late or stay up too late.
  • You are unique in all of creation.
  • A puppy is so cute, you can’t help but love him.
  • A puppy doesn’t want to bite, he only bites when he is afraid.
  • Life is short.
  • Your pet doesn’t mind.
  • There is no greater love than my puppy.
  • I love puppies. They make me happy.
  • Puppies are the perfect example of how things should be.
  • A puppy can be as big or as small as you want it to be.

Puppy Fall Captions

  • They haven’t learned anything yet.
  • They have no idea what the world is about.
  • Puppies grow up too fast.
  • Puppies teach your patience.
  • She’s a part terrier and part Labradoodle.
  • Don’t forget the little things.
  • There is nothing in the world that can compare to you.
  • She knows she’s cute and that she deserves our love.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are young or old.
  • He sleeps like a log when he sleeps with me.
  • Kittens are hard to train.
  • Puppies have big eyes, soft fur, and fluffy tails.
  • I don’t like to play alone.
  • They give us unconditional love.
  • Puppies don’t always have the best timing.
  • Don’t feed the puppy after midnight.
  • If you think a puppy is too young to learn a thing or two, just ask him.
  • They act first and think later.
  • Give me food, I’m hungry.
  • Never leave the puppy unsupervised.

Sassy Puppy Captions

  • They just love to cuddle and play.
  • Make sure the puppy has a large yard or garden.
  • You’ll have a family who loves you and who treats you well.
  • A puppy wants to be loved.
  • You’re my everything.
  • I wish I could take back what I said before.
  • A puppy is cute because it knows so little.
  • The way things should be.
  • You came out of nowhere, and you were so beautiful.
  • They always make me happy.
  • It’s impossible to have a dog who is both your friend and your adversary.
  • Puppies are fun because they have a blank slate.
  • Puppies are adorable and funny.
  • I will never forget the first time I saw you.
  • Cute is what they do best.
  • They’re just puppies.
  • Keep the puppy’s nails trimmed.
  • Puppies bring out my caring side.
  • Love me all you can, or none of you.
  • A puppy is just a puppy until it becomes a dog.

Beautiful Puppy Captions

  • They give you unconditional love.
  • Everyone has their own puppy in the world.
  • Play with the puppy.
  • Everything was more precious than my puppy.
  • Puppies are innocent creatures.
  • A puppy is someone’s, first love.
  • I hope this puppy gets lots of attention when it grows up.
  • I love puppies.
  • Sometimes puppies become dogs.
  • Puppies are sweet.
  • My puppy was the cutest thing on earth.
  • My puppy was the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night.
  • Puppies are cute and smart.
  • Spend lots of time with the puppy.
  • And they make cute little noises when you tickle them behind the ears.
  • The sun is on the grass and the sky is blue.
  • It’s hard to believe they ever grow up.
  • Feed the puppy a diet rich in protein and fiber.
  • I’m going to make sure you have a wonderful, loving life.
  • Give the puppy plenty of exercise.


There is nothing more beautiful than a puppy. They are cute and loveable and they make you smile every time you see them. And since we all know that the internet is full of puppies, it makes sense that there should be a lot of cute puppy images online.


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