220 Funny and Cool Restaurant Captions for Instagram

In this article, I have shared some cool and catchy restaurant captions for you. You can use these restaurant Instagram captions anywhere you want on social media and Instagram to amaze and impress your friends and followers.

If you’ve ever worked at a restaurant, you know that people love to caption photos of food. So here are all the restaurant captions we have from our friends that work in the industry – I’m sure you’ll find something funny or interesting to make your own caption!

I hope that you will enjoy reading all these amazing and catchy restaurant captions and you might find for what you came here. Without wasting any time, let’s dive in.

Restaurant Captions

  • It is not wrong if we say that the restaurants are the petrol pumps that are providing the necessary fuel “Food” to engines “Our Bodies”.
  • Calories don’t count during the weekends.
  • The best is what we cook for you and serve you with honor and respect.
  • If you are sad, head towards the nearest restaurant in your area and spend some time there, you will find everything better.
  • Our name can make your mouth water. #mouthwatering
  • The great times are those when you eat some good food and enjoy it.
  • Don’t waste money on something else when you can invest it for your health and body by spending it on some good food.
  • The best investment for your health and body is to buy some healthy and yummy food for them.
  • We have the best and healthiest food you can ever think of.
  • Dream, then come to us for the food you dreamt of.
  • You made us who we are today, so why we don’t serve you the best we can ever have?
  • It is the place where you choose your taste.

Funny Restaurant Captions

  • “If you’re gonna eat a sandwich, make sure it’s not your own.”
  • “A man is defined by his ability to cook a hot meal for a beautiful woman on command.”
  • “The only food I enjoy eating is tasty food.”
  • “The most dangerous man on earth is the one who thinks he’s not hungry.”
  • My first date was at a restaurant, it was romantic, we were eating oysters. We ended up in bed together.
  • I think this is a very interesting question, and I’ve been wondering why my wife has no idea how to cook.
  • I love eating outside. The fresh air does wonders for my appetite.
  • It’s a pleasure to come home, and find dinner waiting for me.
  • I can’t stand the smell of cooked meat.
  • I think people who like to eat are just people who like to eat.
  • When someone asks, “What are you having for lunch?” they’re actually asking, “Are you hungry?”
  • I would have made a great chef, except for the fact that I lack the necessary skills to cook.
  • I have to go through the pain of tasting everything before I eat it, it makes me appreciate it even more.

Outdoor Dining Instagram Captions

  • “The best dishes in the world can come out of a microwave oven.”
  • “Cooking is like riding a bike. If you have not fallen off since age four, you will never fall off again.”
  • “When you eat a meal, a part of you dies, and a part of the chef lives forever.”
  • “Eating with someone you love is a privilege. Eating alone is a punishment.”
  • “A vegetarian restaurant is a restaurant without meat. A carnivorous restaurant is a restaurant without vegetables. A human restaurant is a restaurant without patrons.”
  • “Eat all you can. It will taste better when you are dead.”
  • “It’s never too late to become a vegetarian. In fact, it’s never too early either.”
  • “A diet without cheese is like a vacation without sunburns.”

Restaurant Captions for Instagram

  • “Always carry a small notebook, so you can write down your favorite restaurant.”
  • “No restaurant is complete without a sign that says, ‘Please Help Yourself’.”
  • “Food is the only pleasure that people know nothing about.”
  • “I want a man who can make a simple chicken dinner for me, who is creative enough to think of new ways to serve the chicken.”
  • “I’m glad you’re here, honey because I need to find a way to pay for dinner.”
  • “Cooking is like riding a bike. If you have not fallen off since age four, you will never fall off again.”
  • I can’t eat in front of the computer. I feel like I have to look up everything I order.
  • I can’t wait for the day when I can eat anywhere, anytime.
  • I’m a vegetarian and I’m a cat lover. How can you not be one or the other?
  • Dinner is dinner, if it doesn’t have meat then it’s not food.
  • I love you and all that, but I can’t have any of your food.

Restaurant Ambience Captions

  • I’m not crazy, I’m just tired of eating.
  • We are very lucky here in the United States. We have a lot of restaurants and many types of food to choose from.
  • Eating out is fun. You get to try all kinds of stuff.
  • When I make dinner, I don’t think about anything but food. My mind is completely focused on that one task.
  • If you eat too much while you are watching television, you won’t miss your favorite show.
  • I can’t wait to go to a buffet. I can eat anything I want, and there is no pressure to eat only the things that I want.
  • The whole point of going to a restaurant is to sit and talk, not to eat.
  • If you eat dinner by yourself, you’ll be hungry in the morning.
  • My wife gets mad at me when I watch TV while I am cooking. She thinks that it takes away from the meal.
  • I would like to eat dinner at a table by myself, preferably with a window view.
  • It is possible to have a perfectly delicious meal without meat.
  • I don’t think that my wife understands how much I enjoy eating out.
  • The best way to eat it is with someone you love.

Cafe Review Captions

  • I don’t want to eat out. I like to stay home and watch my favorite shows.
  • My husband can’t understand why I love to eat in restaurants. He thinks that I should cook more at home.
  • My favorite thing to do is to cook. It’s nice to have a family member prepare meals for you.
  • The first bite is the best.
  • I have a secret weapon.
  • I think you can’t eat too much ice cream before a meal.
  • Restaurant, food, and romance – The three R’s.
  • What happens when you order the cheapest item in a restaurant? You pay the price.
  • If I had a dollar for every meal I’ve had where the bread came from a vending machine…
  • I’d eat more bread!
  • The secret ingredient of a successful restaurant is an experienced chef.
  • When you go into a restaurant, do you look for a menu? Or a waiter with a menu?

Food Captions for Restaurants

  • When they say there’s no soup left, there’s no soup left.
  • I love a good meal as much as the next guy, but sometimes the last thing I want is a meal.
  • I was never a gourmet chef, I was a microwave chef.
  • I know how to prepare a steak, but I am not very good at cutting it.
  • I was raised by wolves, I can eat at any time.
  • I am not the type of person who eats for fun, but I do eat for fun.
  • I am not a foodie. Foodies are weird.
  • If the food wasn’t good enough, we wouldn’t be here.
  • I have never eaten at the best restaurant in town.
  • A restaurant is a place where they charge you for the food.

Best Restaurant Captions

  • We will eat at any restaurant as long as there is salad or vegetables.
  • The problem with most restaurant meals is they’re too big for me to finish.
  • Wake up and smell the coffee! It’s your alarm clock.
  • If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.
  • A man’s home is his castle. But if you put him in a small, dark castle, he’ll soon be wondering why he ever came out of the house in the first place.
  • I never drink water. Water is just fine.
  • I always look for the finest meal when I go to a restaurant. And I always order the tastiest thing on the menu.
  • Why is it that the first place to be robbed is a restaurant that has good food.?
  • If you think you’re hungry, you’re probably right.
  • “Fruit is a type of vegetable. It looks good on your plate and tastes good in your mouth.”
  • It’s only the beginning… I have to eat, sleep, and breathe food!
  • Don’t call me a foodie, call me a gourmand!
  • We don’t eat, we eat for fun. We eat to live, we eat to love, we eat to love to live, and then we eat again.

Fine Dining Instagram Captions

  • If you don’t think I’m a foodie, you should meet my family.
  • No one wants to eat dinner with a pickle.
  • I’m a pickle! I don’t like pickles!
  • I hate when someone puts ketchup on their hamburger.
  • I think that bacon makes everything taste better.
  • If I could go back in time, I’d be a foodie. I would have been a foodie.
  • A wise man once said: “If life is a sandwich, I’ll eat all the bread”
  • I have this thing about people who drink coffee before breakfast.
  • I have learned over the years that the only people who understand me are those who eat my food.

Captions for Restaurant Pics

  • I love the way my mouth feels after having eaten a chocolate cake.
  • I love to watch people eat. It’s a fascinating show.
  • My friends call me “The chef” because I eat more than anyone.
  • I will never eat fish. I won’t eat fish ever.
  • It’s the little things in life that count. I’m afraid that, someday, I’ll find out that they really don’t.
  • People who say they don’t like food have never met my family.
  • If I had to choose between being rich or having a kitchen, I’d choose the kitchen.

Caption for Beautiful Restaurant

  • I am not interested in what people eat when they think no one is watching.”
  • “Don’t eat a hot dog. If you do, put it on a bun and call it a hamburger.”
  • “Never eat at a place that makes you wait for your food. Never eat at a place where you have to order your food over the phone.”
  • I hate to admit this, but I really enjoy drinking coffee.
  • I hate going out to dinner, I just like having my food delivered.
  • I like food that’s easy to prepare and delicious.
  • I have to ask myself why I want to be a chef. What’s the use of all that knife and fire?
  • We may be animals but we still have a sense of humor.
  • We all know about your mother’s cooking. We just didn’t tell you about it yet.
  • I don’t know what’s worse: eating or cooking. The two are very similar.
  • If I were stranded on a desert island, I would choose rice. I don’t care if there’s no water.
  • Do you know what a meal is? A collection of bites.

Restaurant Instagram Captions

  • It is surely a paradise for any food lover.
  • Beautiful and tasteful things don’t ask for attention.
  • It is the place where you can have one thousand tastes.
  • It is the craziest place for some crazy food.
  • Go to a place where you feel most alive, for me; they are restaurants.
  • You know what? Food is a kind of hug for some peoples, it can vanish all your problems and tensions.
  • Keep calm and eat restaurant foods.
  • Restaurant foods can be healthy enough if you go to some good restaurants.
  • Once you fell in love with restaurant foods, there is no way of getting back from it.
  • Eating some better food with my good and best crew.
  • It is the place where my dreams meet with reality.

Food Captions

  • Food is an essential thing to live life, and yummy food can enhance your love for food.
  • Do you know what is better than blabbering about food? Yup! Eating.
  • Take food as your medicine before you take medicine as your food.
  • Love and food are alike for me. I can never get enough of both.
  • I am feeling heroic today, I guess I have to go and rescue some wine trapped in some kind of bottles.
  • You can guess my mood by how I am eating and what I am eating.
  • Food is always much satisfying after a long and hard day.
  • Buying some good and healthy food is pretty expensive but I think it is way much cheaper than therapy.
  • Some good food is my kind of therapy.

Food Instagram Captions

  • People say you cannot buy happiness with money but I say that you can buy some good food with money and that is pretty much the same.
  • The definition of happiness is some good food.
  • Good food is the foundation of happiness.
  • Buy me some good food and I am already in love with you.
  • Everything tastes good when you are hungry.
  • If you want me to love you so much, bring me some good food and everything is fine.
  • I love Instagram because it takes the record of every meal I ate.
  • First, we eat breakfast, and later, we change the world.
  • It is never early to order a burger again.

Catchy Phrases For Food

  • The pleasure of finding good food to eat hits differently.
  • Come, have a seat and order a burger.
  • You can never be full enough to eat a burger.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction every time you visit us.
  • Everything here feels so heavenly.
  • Good food is directly proportional to the good life.
  • Count only the memories, not the calories.
  • The taste of eating something that is made by your hands has some unique taste in it.
  • Goodies for the foodies.

Funny Restaurant Quotes

  • In order to achieve a balanced diet, one must hold a cookie in each hand.
  • Magic happens in the kitchen during lunchtime and dinner time.
  • Note to self: eyes on the fries!
  • When you eat food with your family and friends, it always tastes better.
  • Food is necessary for us just like fuel is necessary to run an engine.
  • Eating spaghetti requires so much attention, that’s why you can never feel lonely while eating it.
  • A tasty burger is what you deserve.
  • Be young, live life, and taste food.
  • I love you to the fridge and back.
  • Go to a place where your food can talk with your plate.

Restaurant Captions

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