400+ Best Sarcastic Captions for Instagram

Here are some best and coolest sarcastic captions for you. We have shared these sarcastic captions for you to use anywhere you want on any social media platforms.

Being sarcastic is sometimes fun, but we got to care about the feeling of other people too. Life is meant for small happy moments, enjoying them is what we all should make our choice.

These are probably the best sarcastic captions you will see on the internet. You can use these captions for free anywhere you want. So, let’s get into it:

Sarcastic Captions

Here are some best sarcastic captions we have shared for you:

  • After breakup, let’s just stay friends is equal to never talk again.
  • You don’t have to say it again, I was choosing to avoid you the first time.
  • You should get one because life is beautiful.
  • This might be the ugliest shirt I have ever seen, yet it is complimenting your face so good.
  • Can I ignore you some other time? I am kind of busy right now.
  • The body’s natural response against stupidity is sarcasm.
  • I am so tired. Do I have to pretend that I like you even today?
  • I lose interest in micro seconds, hurt me once and I don’t want to even see your face.

Sarcastic Captions for Instagram

Enlisted are some best sarcastic captions for Instagram:

  • Always being sarcastic as beating the shit out of people is still illegal.
  • I clapped because it was completed rather than because I liked it.
  • Sharing is caring, you can take all grenades with you and I will take all their pins.
  • I never usually forget a face, but I’ll gladly make an exception in your scenario.
  • You still continuing talking despite seeing the look on my face.
  • I am 99 percent chill, but oh that 1 percent.
  • Is your name Google? I guessed because you are acting like you know everything.
  • I am nice as hell person but just don’t press that bitch button.

Sarcastic Quotes

Here we have shared some sarcastic quotes for you:

  • I am not here to impress anyone; I know who I am.
  • Life is all about happy moments and I’m here to not give it you.
  • I am here to make you stop and stare.
  • I don’t depend on anyone; people are just disappointments.
  • People still sometimes take me as sarcastic even when I am being serious.
  • Never be someone who these people want you to be.
  • My experiences are more than the hair you have on your head.
  • Let’s meet again at the same restaurant but different tables this time please.

Sarcastic Quotes About Life

Here are some sarcastic quotes about life:

  • Sometimes it is good for you to break some rules.
  • Sometimes you got to be both: beauty and the beast.
  • My mascara is more expensive for me to cry on your words.
  • I never argue with idiots, they can drag you down to their level.
  • You hate me it is okay, but do I know you?
  • I am sensitive not soft; I will definitely slap you across your face while I am crying.
  • Sarcasm is totally my thing; I can directly punch people in their face but with just words.

Funny Sarcastic Quotes

Enlisted are some funny sarcastic quotes for you:

  • Just keep your mouth shut if you don’t know the whole damn story.
  • Rest in peace you guys who were not mature enough to keep a good girl.
  • I wish you could see your personality every time you looked at mirror.
  • Who said I am antisocial? I am just sick and tired of fake people around me.
  • Give them a taste of they have done and keeps doing.
  • Everyone seems good only until I get to know them.
  • If I have hurt anyone this year, I am not sorry, you really deserved to get hurt so stop playing around with people.

Witty Sarcastic Quotes

Followings are some witty sarcastic quotes for you:

  • Just because of the fact that you lost me as a friend does not mean you gained me as an enemy. I don’t even care about your existence.
  • Not a person who chase for anyone, I simple replace.
  • You are my past for goddamn reason.
  • My pride>>>>> feelings
  • I recommend you to stop finding me: if you find me rude.
  • I would have died for some people in my life a year ago, now a year later almost all of them are dead to me.
  • In the end I just wish I have a happy ending cause people have made me go through shit I never deserved.

Best Sarcastic Quotes

Here we have shared some best sarcastic quotes for you:

  • Human heart costs around $442,000 and I had given mine to you for free, you ungrateful bitch.
  • Never will I ever ignore the initial red flags anymore.
  • I have stop believing in forever’s.
  • Your apology is like trying to fix the broken pieces of glass which can never be back to its original state,
  • I don’t want to be in relationship, I just want to be in a Lamborghini.
  • I reach your level but I don’t like being on my knees as more often as you do.
  • Do you always talk too much or today is something special?

Famous Sarcastic Quotes

Enlisted are some famous sarcastic quotes for you:

  • Reaching out to karma service to hand them over the list of people they have missed out.
  • I now always choose me; I don’t care who I loose anymore. Bye.
  • When I delete number and all the conversations it means you are different kind pf dead to me.
  • I don’t take any grudges against anyone in my heart, I just move on and forget their whole existence.
  • Not everyone has a good taste so it is okay if you hate me.
  • I’m like a butterfly, pretty to watch but hard to catch.
  • Don’t blame a joker for acting like one, ask yourself why you keep going to circus.

Sarcastic Captions

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