400+ Social Distancing Captions for Instagram

Here are some best social distancing captions for you. We have shared these social distancing captions for you to use anywhere on any social media platforms.

Social distancing is what we all have to implement on. We can’t risk anyone’s life by not followings social distancing rules. This is the that we understand things and properly follow all the SOPs and maintain social distancing.

We have shared a collection of social distancing captions that you can use to spread awareness and share your opinion with your followers.

These are probably the best social distancing captions you will see on the internet. So, let’s get into it:

Social Distancing Captions

Here are some best social distancing captions for you:

  • The normal lifestyle that I’ve been living entire my life is called quarantine.
  • Known to be the queen of social distancing.
  • The only place I will be going this vacation is my imagination.
  • Isolation is the new destination.
  • When we can travel again, only then wake me up.
  • Its very healthy to spend time with yourself alone.
  • You need to know, how to be independent and not be defined or recognized by someone else.
  • You cannot be lonely if you like your own company.
  • We are all born alone, we all live alone, we all die alone, the rest is just an illusion.
  • Introverts are really satisfied, nowadays.
  • I want to see 2022 trailer.
  • How time changes, once we used to eat the cake blown by someone.
  • Week name will now be called as this-day, that-day, someday, other-day or next-day.
  • I wonder that if this all happening because I did not send that text to 25 of my contacts.
  • Who needs weights for exercising at home? Just try the psychological weight of living in this world.
  • Favorite outdoor activities these days are definitely going outside the door and bringing in my parcel.

Social Distancing Captions for Instagram

Enlisted are some best social distancing captions for Instagram:

  • Social distancing does not mean to stay away from your goal, it means to stay away from people.
  • When your life means everything to you, the meaning of distancing becomes little.
  • The whole universe lives in, don’t feel alone.
  • Making my selfies game perfect this lockdown.
  • All dressed up to chill on the couch with a cup of coffee.
  • Introverts are living their best life.
  • Is going outside legal yet?
  • Thinking what to wear today to the lounge.
  • My family is keep trying to come inside the home, when this lockdown is going to end?
  • Found an excuse to not shake hands or give hugs to anyone.
  • Stay home, stay alive.
  • A cozy bed, bowl full of favorite food, perfect movie: who needs another person to be happy?
  • Keep your distance, at least from me!
  • Social distancing? I have trained myself whole life for this time.
  • People who used to smile when they were all alone were considered psychopaths, until social distancing made everyone alone.
  • Even when all of this corona shit is over, please continue to stay away from me.

Social Distancing Quotes

Followings are some social distancing quotes for you:

  • Bro, social distancing gives us no choice, it is either what it is or nothing at all.
  • Been socially distant even before too.
  • Can’t say about others, but I am living my best life in quarantine.
  • Quarantine mode: ON.
  • Near, far, or wherever you are, just do not stop practicing social distancing.
  • Every time something unusual happens in my throat. Corona is that you?
  • Had a conversation with a spider in quarantine. He is a web designer. Seems like a nice guy.
  • Sending everyone virtual hugs in this pandemic.
  • Hopefully better are going to come soon.
  • Now, we all need to start practicing social distancing from the refrigerator.
  • Considering this mask, a part of me.
  • Social distancing really made easy to avoid toxic people.
  • I can annoy anyone around the house without the fear of them saying get out.
  • Social distancing has made me save a lot money by not buying clothes the whole year.
  • My mother always thought that I would never achieve something in my life by just laying in the bed all day long, look at the time now, I am saving the entire mankind.
  • Extroverts are screaming internally.

Best Social Distancing Quotes

Here we have shared some best social distancing quotes for you:

  • Official breakup text these days: I am practicing social distancing.
  • This longer this pandemic will go, the more it will get harder for introverts to interact with people.
  • Ewww…. people!!
  • Official pick-up line these days: I want to get isolated with you.
  • Always wanted to get socially distant from few people.
  • Being as use less as the letters E and A in TEA.
  • Two types of people currently living around the world, one who loves being quarantined, and others who being forced to love being quarantined.
  • Dress code of the year: Pajamas all day, all night.
  • Miles apart, but are always gonna be close at heart.
  • The time we used to bless people when they sneeze, and now we run away from them if they do so.
  • I don’t know if I have achieved my goal in this lockdown, but I do have achieve the weight number that I should not.
  • Just realized during social distancing that I have no specific hobby other than eating all day and spending money.
  • Are you okay? No, I am already done with this social distancing thing.
  • When it is another Sunday and you have not done anything productive the entire week. Awkward silence.
  • My response to people who call me stupid for practicing social distancing, “At least I get to live with being stupid unlike just die for being over smart.”

Social Distancing Captions

I hope you would like reading all these social distancing captions and must have found what you were looking for your social media platforms. You can use these captions for free anywhere you want on Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat etc. The important thing is to spread awareness and make people follow social distancing.

Take care in these tough times and peace out!

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