Story Captions: 400+ Best Story Captions for Instagram

Here are some best and catchiest story captions. These are some coolest story captions for Instagram that you can use anywhere you want on any social media platforms. 

Stories have become new cool feature to let people know what you are up to at that time. An interesting fact is stories get more views than the posts these. Mostly, active people use it more to stay connected with their followers to gain the reach of their stories and posts. So, we have made a collection of story captions that you can use under your photos to stand out in the explore section of any social media you’re are using. 

These are probably the best story captions you will see on the internet. You can these anywhere for free. So, let’s get into it: 

Story Captions

Here are some creative story captions shared for you:

  • Act like an ordinary, think like a boss. 
  • If you can’t say anything sweet and kind; be quiet. 
  • You never know what the other is up to. 
  • Hustle in silence. 
  • Do whatever is good for your soul. 
  • Be your own friend. 
  • Be cool enough that people crave for it.
  • I wasn’t born to live a simple life. 
  • I saw, I analyzed, I conquered. 
  • Never depend on anyone in life. 
  • I am not here for explanation. 
  • Nobody really deserves to get your time. 
  • Hold tight to the loyal ones only. 
  • Everybody here is playing; you better get better than them. 
  • You can’t afford to give any chance to control the steering to your life. 
  • Always be grateful for whatever you have. 
  • Always walk like you own it. 
  • Wasn’t born only to be an ordinary but to be a boss, a living legend. 
  • Trust me, hating me won’t make you any pretty. 
  • There’s one thing I do proudly, that is what I want. 
  • There’s no competition of your anywhere in this world but you with yourself. 

Story Captions for Instagram

Enlisted are some impressive story captions for Instagram:

  • Have a nice day everybody! 
  • Be nice to each and everybody, you never know what the other person really is. 
  • Start your day with some nice cup of coffee. 
  • Always have a nice intention towards others. 
  • Always do what is good for your soul. 
  • Look for inner piece, it’s the most important thing in life. 
  • Be humble, not just towards others but towards yourself too. 
  • Regret less, learn and smile more. 
  • Be an art that nobody understands you. 
  • Spare sometimes from your busy routine and live a little. 
  • It might feel the end, but be hopeful, believe in yourself and work again. 
  • Stress less, because piece of mind is more important than these unnecessary and temporary problems. 

Story Quotes

Followings are some amazing story quotes shared for you:

  • Heading out towards my goals. 
  • Fun fact: No rich guy has ever looked ugly. 
  • Person is known by his tongue. 
  • Go out and live a little. 
  • Bury them with your cool style. 
  • Leave a little coolness wherever you go. 
  • Success comes those who really hustle for it. 
  • Why people disappoint me every time? 
  • Stay in your own vibes, people will always talk shit about you. 
  • Never mix your responsibilities with your party life. 
  • I do my responsibilities first before I do something else. 
  • Never break someone’s trust, because they are never going to believe someone in life anymore. 
  • I may look high maintenance but I am not; you are just low effort.
  • Life is too short to live simply and worry about unnecessary things. 

Instagram Story Love Quotes

Here we have some best Instagram story love quotes:

  • You give me an indescribable feeling. 
  • Everyone has an addiction in life, and mine is you. 
  • You are like a flower to my garden. 
  • Every time I look at you, I smile. 
  • 7.7 billion people and I got you. 
  • Without you, my life was incomplete. 
  • Life is not perfect but our bond can be. 
  • It sometimes feels like as if some novelist has written our love story. 
  • I feel so happy because the reality as become better than my dreams. 
  • Seeing you beside me when I wake up in the morning is my favorite part of the day. 
  • My day starts with you and ends with you too. 
  • A believe that you are mine always help me get up more energetically int the morning. 
  • Million tiny little things, when we added them, they meant love. 
  • Don’t make me the best but the one and only for the rest. 
  • You let me enter your life despite my weaknesses, my life choices and my decisions. 
  • I am the luckiest man in the world because I got you. 
  • I feel proud and grateful to be the husband of such a beautiful, amazing and caring wife. 
  • Lost in life, right in the middle in an ordinary life, I found you. 
  • Even when I am losing, I am winning when I am with you. 

Instagram Story Funny Quotes

Here are some best Instagram story funny quotes:

  • Every 60 seconds is a one minute. 
  • When will math stops asking me to find his X? 
  • Why I don’t fly when I am in an airplane mode. 
  • I don’t know why people say dreamers need books, I need sleep to see dreams. 
  • What if we tell people the brain is an app, they might start using it? 
  • We all shouldn’t take life so seriously because nobody has ever gotten out alive. 
  • My soulmate would be somewhere pulling the door for his girlfriend right now. 
  • I always get confused in an analog clock, if it’s 7:40 I think it’s 8:40. 
  • Eat an apple keeps a doctor away, just like this you can keep anyone away if you throw an apple hard at them. 
  • Two things are infinite in this world, one is light and the other is my love for you. 
  • I didn’t fall, I was just checking if the gravity still exists or not. 
  • She was like rainy day of my life, an absolute destroyer.

Story Captions

We hope you would have enjoyed reading all these amazing story captions and must have found what you were looking for.

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