Superhero Captions: 300+ Superman Captions for Instagram

Here we have shared some cool and catchy superhero captions for Instagram that you can use. All the superhero captions that we have shared are unique and funny.

A human being is by nature too curious to know what he is capable of. He strives for it in real life, if unable, then he creates stories and myths that contain supernatural events and characters that do the impossible.

From ancient times of myths related to Zeus, Poseidon, Achilles, Apollo to; modern superman, Batman, Spider-man, and so on.

We speculate and perpetuate these stories in our real life and like them when we watch these stories made into movies.

Superhero Captions

Following are the best superhero captions that you can use on Instagram:

  • You and I are like chaos and order, Necessary for each other. (Joker and Batman)
  • Heroes are not born they are made by society.
  • No matter what happens a hero does good not for glory but good.
  • Like a superman, I will protect you.
  • let’s enjoy the journey as an adventurer in the face Joker (Chaos).
  • We all are heroes in our own stories.
  • I will demarcate a line between good and bad as an upholder of justice.
  • let me justify my actions…as a Batman.
  • You can be a goodman like Deadpool.
  • Justice is to give Devil its due.
  • hulk is strong but stronger is the one who controls the anger.
  • I am a protector of justice and ensure peace. I’m a hero.
  • You can do miracles, only, when using your mind.
  • Hates off for the heroes of the nation.
  • My Father is the real hero in my life.

Superman Captions for Instagram

Following are the best superman captions for Instagram that you will like:

  • My mother is the goddess of justice, she treats us all equally.
  • The dream is to build it …like Dr paradox.
  • I can’t control time like Dr strange but can make it unforgettable.
  • It’s not power that makes you a superhero it’s a will to do justice.
  • Let’s do good will hunting.
  • The real power is to bind by words…that’s is the law.
  • Fall like a wave and rise like a tsunami.
  • Flying over the world like a superman.
  • I can close the door on my will…here is the remote.
  • I’m exorcising my dog from evil-dirt.
  • I have the power.. to sleep whenever I want.
  • My eyes don’t have a laser but they do show anger.
  • I keep trying to climb the mountain like Spider-man.
  • I want life Beyond good and evil.
  • It is not who I’m underneath, but what I do that defines me.

Spiderman Captions

Here are some cool and catchy spiderman captions that you can use:

  • We are what we believe we are.
  • We work at night to serve the light.
  • The real crime would be not to finish what we started.
  • Re-gain your life as a superpower and its virtue.
  • You’re good that’s your superpower in this modern world.
  • Helping is a power not all can do that.
  • I don’t think you have ever met a man like me.
  • it’s good to be bad.
  • I will fall like the thunder on my food.
  • I will sway all your problems like a tsunami.
  • Behold this miracle of meat trapped between two buns.
  • See that Arrow on the wall…I’m it’s archer.
  • I wore a mask now I’m a clown.
  • My brother is a Batman of my neighbor.
  • I use Spider-man’s power to stick things together.
  • I like sarcasm it’s like punching people in the face with words.
  • We all have Thor and Loki in our life.
  • I run like a flash when doing something wrong.
  • Stay strong. you never know who you are inspiring.
  • I have power and I’m responsible for that!.
  • Her name should..cuteness overloaded.
  • I know, you have never met a cute like me.
  • People dream about Bunny girl..aren’t they perverts?
  • The definition of cuteness is a girl in a superhero costume.
  • I will rob you of your dreams!
  • it is a cute and badass hero time!
  • This cute girl looks like a wonder woman.
  • Courage and Solitude
  • Being her you need a heart that can stand alone.
  • You need to follow your courage, to become the hero you desire.
  • It is strange becoming a hero is the destiny of those who dare to stand in solitude.

Funny Superhero Quotes

Below are some unique and funny superhero quotes that you will like:

  • Here is the costume of spider-man who pokes in someone else’s business.
  • I dare to sacrifice my company to save the world.
  • I moved in the darkness and lit the light that’s my superpower.
  • Time for courage is the time for bearing unbearable solitude.
  • We are lonely humans in this universe, we are humans mere mortals, like satellites.
  • Let’s give courage to those who wear costumes to pretend they are heroes.
  • Those who like solitude are either crazy or gods.
  • Put on your costumes and chose who you want to become.
  • Weak ones have excuses to become a villain.
  • I cannot stand superheroes. I do not understand any of its appeals. it has just bored me to death since I was a little kid.
  • So, what was your excuse to support vice? its joker.
  • You create superheroes to solve problems that can’t be solved other way.

Marvel Quotes for Instagram

Here are some cool and cute marvel quotes for Instagram that you will like:

  • It’s not like that I love order but I labor to bring it.
  • A good reason to become a hero is also a good reason to become a villain too.
  • Fall like a sun to rise again.
  • The game is not to play one but to become one.
  • I saw heroes fall and waited, to see them rise again.
  • sarcasm is what sinks deep into the blood of a villain.
  • here I am standing before the waves of villains like a wall.
  • we stifle chaos and disorder to let peace prevail.
  • the disorder is like itching on the body of a hero.
  • I wore a superman costume because I am, for my son.
  • every joker in a society has to face batman. And here I am.
  • I like flash because he has the power to see things before they hit the spot.
  • I am the hero of the flute, my power is to make people dance.
  • The scythe I have: annihilates the disorder.

Funny Superhero Captions

Below is the list of some cute and funny superhero captions for you:

  • I seek peace and peace seeks power to control the chaos.
  • Avengers assemble! It’s time to take a selfie.
  • Smash that like button with the hammer of justice.
  • Just waiting for the night in my shining armour.
  • I am looking for justICE for my Halloween costume.
  • Superman is weird he wears UW inside out.
  • I am ready for Thor Halloween.
  • My favorite line of every joke is the punchline.
  • See that crowd they all are a bunch of weirdos wearing costumes.
  • I see! you are beguiling yourself with this getup.
  • Humans are strange they do funny and embarrassing things and then spread them.
  • They don’t do what they like….that is why we have heroes to clean the mess we make.

Superhero Captions

I hope you have found the best superhero captions for your Instagram.


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