400 Vegan Blog Names That You Will Like

Have you ever wanted to start a vegan blog, but didn’t know where to begin? Or maybe you’re already a vegan blogger, but aren’t sure what to call it.

Many bloggers struggle with the nomenclature of their blogs. However, it doesn’t have to be confusing. There are a variety of ways to choose a name for your vegan blog that will ensure a successful blog, while still reflecting your unique voice.

Here are four ways to choose a vegan blog name that works.

Catchy Vegan Blog Names

Having a name for your blog is crucial if you want to be successful. This is especially true if you’re creating a niche blog, such as vegan food blogs, or vegan travel blogs. A great name helps readers remember your blog and keeps them coming back for more.

If you’re wondering how to create a catchy name for your blog, this list of vegan blog name ideas can help. We’ve compiled a selection of creative, vegan blog names that will certainly grab your readers’ attention.

·Vegan Weed

·Vegetable Man

·Herb Pewter

·Organic Digs

·Vegan Food Only

·Kitchen Therapy

·Rug Vegetarian

·Cupid Veggie

·The Vegetable Rainbow

·Baby Vegan

·Antenna Vegetarian

·Keeping Vegan Values

·Vegan Event

·Vegetarian Divas

·Vegan Chic

·Healthy Girl’s Kitchen

·Vegan Leben

·Herbal Energy

·Vegan Curious

·Vegetarian Technical

·Ethical Vegan

·Tacos In The Park

·Vegetarian Battle

·Green Gourmet

·Breakfast Vegan

·The Conscious Vegetarian

·Veggies Felicity

·Vegan Post

·Vegan Aisle

·Vegan Dinner

·Cities Veggie

·Veggie Crunchy

·Photon Recipes

·Plant Source

·The Joy Of Plants

·Pure Vegan Lifestyle

·Vegetarian Fortune

·Deals Steals And Meals

·Vegan Terra

·Vegan Honey

·Precision Vegetarian

·Veggie Singles

·Diet Crust

·Recipes Cloudy

·Veggies Story

·Vegan Heart

·Veggie Planet

·Foodie Burger

·Foodies Paradise

·Burger Vegan

·Gean Veggie

·Herb Food

·Snack Chef

·Asset Vegetarian

·Vegan Skin

·Vegan Breakfast

·Delicious Interaction

·Veggie Market

·Modern Vegan

·Vegetarian Acceleration

·Vegan Veggies

·Vegan King

·Delicious Chef

·Vegan Energy

·Flora Life

·Vegan Pets

·Sheen Veggie

·Vegan Brunch

·Council Recipes

·Vegan Whey

·Vegan Crepes

·Vegan Bakery

·Green House Effect

·Vegetarian Vertigo

·Area Vegetarian

·Super Vegan

·Lazy Cat Kitchen

·Activism Vegetarian

·Vegetarian King

·Veggie Love

·Going Vegan

·Bright Side Vegetarianism

·Gust Veggie

·Veggie Express

·Vegan Candle

·Vegan Events


·Veggie Bar

·Veggie Table

·Veggie Privacy

·Vegan Festival


·Tonne Kitchen

·Indian Vegan

·Vegan Dish

·Vegetarian Reverend

·Herbal Teas

·Planet Veggie

·Mountain Herbs

·Another Beer

Creative Vegan Blog Names

So you’ve got an idea about how to start a vegan blog. You’ve taken the time to write your blog post and you’ve read tons of articles and books on the subject. You’ve even invested in domain name registration. Now all you need is a catchy and memorable name.

Luckily, this isn’t as difficult as you might think. Below are some awesome vegan blog name ideas that are both catchy and memorable.

·Veggie Veggie

·About Vegan

·Joyful Gourmet

·The Lazy Vegetarian

·Vegan Is Love

·Just Veggie

·No Meat Athlete

·Biokay Wellness

·Recipe Velocity

·Herb Grow

·Veggie Burgers

·Vegan Cooking

·Vegan Mama

·Vegan Sweets

·Vegan Ventures

·Recipes Reactions

·Eat Boil

·Vegan Kimchi

·Vegan House

·Gallant Delicious

·Freedom From Animals

·Galaxy Veggies


·The Vegan Chef

·Vegan Mineral

·Being Vegan

·Vegetarian Once

·Vegan Edge

·The Vegitalian

·Vegetable Growth

·Vegan Lifestyle

·Vegetarian Novelty

·Vegan Zone

·Vegan Flag

·Vegan Expo

·Vice Veggies

·Pick Of The Veg

·Kosher Bacon

·Ultima Vegan

·Vegan Water

·Eco Vegetable

·Vegan Media

·Vegan Japan

·Wholesome Vegan Life

·Dinner Venue

·Elixir Veggies

·Vegan Bags

·Plant Prestige

·Herbal Gold

·Vegan Hearts

·Vegan Fruit

·Vegetarian Matter

·Grass To Fork

·Veggie Might

·Vegan Dad

·Plant Nanny

·Veggie Anybody

·The Vegan Alliance

·The Vegan Journal

·Vegan Hotel

·Vegan Silk

·Veggies Quietly

·Wasp Veggie

·Veggie Bacon

·Vegan Trends

·Veggies Steel

·Veggie Kart

·Production Vegan

·Vegan Burgers

·Vegan Geeks

·Vegan Shopping


·Vacationer Veggie

·Veggie Web

·Vegan Donut

·Vegan Polar

·Vegan Queen

·Vegetarian Loyal

·Vocabulary Veggie

·Vegan Baker

·Mixed Greens

·Vegan Solutions

·A Couple Of Cooks

·Kitchen Hammock

·Vegetarian Potent

·Vegetarian Crush

·This Vegan Life

·Veggie Meal

·Vegan Drinks

·A Vegan Influence

·Veggies Spooky

·Vegan Fashion

·Vegan Mafia

·Chitra’s Food

·Vegan Action

·Vegetarian Freckle

·Son Vegetarian

·Yummy Mummy Kitchen

·Vegan Treats

·Modern Food Trends

Unique Vegan Blog Names

You’ve finally decided to give veganism a go, and now you’re looking for a blog name. You need a catchy name that’s going to resonate with your readers, and you don’t want to use the same name as a company or product (unless they are related).

So here are some vegan blogging names that are both unique and will keep your readers engaged. Try them out and see which one suits you best.

·Vegetarian Generations

·Super Veggie

·Cook This, Not That

·A To Vegan

·Allied With Animals

·Herbal Infusion

·Garden Herbs

·Veggie Daisies

·Fresh Vegan

·Vegetarian Novas

·Vegetarian Handle

·Vintage Vegan

·Vegetarian Food Bluff

·Sushi Burger

·Cook Republic

·Dairy-Free Mumma

·The Plant Based Guru

·Orange Sherbet

·Eat Vegan

·Recipe Colony

·Vegan Cheese

·Russia Veggie

·Strong Vegan

·Veggie Smarty

·Forum Vegan

·Vegetarian Moment

·Vegan Source

·The Life Of Plants

·Vegan Me

·Club Vegan

·Daily Vegan

·Vegan Natural Life

·Sprouted Life

·Vegan Dietitian

·Vegan Work

·Chubby Vegetarian

·The Veggie Dude

·Plato Veggie

·Healthy Veggie Habits

·Meet Vegan

·Herb Olive

·Veggie Wraps

·Presence Recipes

·Potatoes Have Feelings

·Vegan Evolution

·Vegetarian Everyone

·Vegan Zeal

·Vegan Juice

·Vegan Valley

·Vegetarian Jump

·Naturally Vegan


·Honey Vegan

·My Meatless Life

·Vegan Supply

·Veggie Dates


·The Veg Space

·Aromatic Herbs

·Plant Latch

·Veggie Registries

·Delicious Soma

·Green Living Centre

·Vegan Optimal

·Vegan Garden

·Poppy Tomato

·Vegan Grocer


·Vegan Facts

·Vegan Messe

·Vegan Festivals

·Virility Recipes

·Vegan Rebel

·Food Forage

·Vegetarian Model

·Recipe Quicker

·Veggie Pie

·Vita Vegan

·Vegan Delight

·Angry Vegan

·Fiction Herb

·Vegan Spigot

·Vegan Donuts

·Vegan Vlog

·Holistic Vegan

·Vegetarian Circuit

·Vegan Community

·Olea Vegetarian

·Woman In Real Life

·Trouble Plant

·Bunny Kitchen

·Veggie Dating

·Vibrant Vegan

·Veggie Crunch

·Vegan Certified

·Vegan Facts Inc.

·Vegan Freaks

·Vegan Vita

·Veggie Meat

·Kitchen Lions

Vegan Blog Name Generator

It’s no secret that vegan food is becoming more popular every day. As more people decide to go vegan, they turn to blogs to learn more about the lifestyle. If you’re interested in writing a blog about vegan food, then you’ll need to come up with a unique blog name.

Here are some great vegan blog name ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

·Organic Mailing

·Vegan Bacon

·Charity Vegetarian

·Thai Herbs

·Vegan Hope

·Veggie Life

·Vegetarian Splendid

·Herbal Lab

·Veggie Mania

·Vegan Plaza

·Veggie Heaven

·Vegan Chocolate

·Shop Herbal

·Fruitarian Reflex

·Sender Vegan

·Veggie Switch

·Vegan Things

·Vegan Markets

·Organic Squid

·Nuts About Vegan

·Healthy Vegan

·Veggie Spree

·Vegan Link

·Vegetarian Luck

·Vegetarian Comical

·Vegan Story

·Kitchen Multimedia

·Veggie Plenty

·Vegetarian Junction

·Vegan Edibles

·The Rockstar Tomato

·Vegan Diva

·Vegan Balls

·Vegan Stuff

·Vegan Bar

·Vegetarian Merit

·Sender Herb

·Feast Dish

·Vegetarian Reliant

·Botanic Lean

·Recipes Feast

·Herbal Garden

·Pot Gourmet

·Vegan Room

·The Vegan Society

·Vegetarian Ranch

·Vegan Active

·Beasty Vegan

·Afro Vegan

·The Tofu Sisters

·Herbal Vitality

·Herb Leaf

·Delicious Pavilion

·Veggie Fantasy

·Pebble Vegetarian

·Kitchen Lineup

·Plants And Pickles

·Herbal Market

·Fresh Food Finder

·Town Herb

·Vegan Man

·Vegetarian Fresh

·Total Body Botanical

·Recipes Intrigue

·Vegetarian Mud

·Your Vegetarian Kitchen

·Vegan Hut

·Vegan Vegas

·Veggie Farm

·Vegan Camp

·Kitchen Construct

·Connoisseurs Veg

·Herb Market

·Fruits Of The Earth

·Veggies Reverie

·Oven Honey

·Vegan Babies

·Organic Leverage

·One Vegan

·Humble Food

·Veggies For Life

·Vegan Meat

·Vegan Baby

·Vegetarian Justice

·Vegan Mania

·Herbal Food

·Plant-Based Life

·Veggie Finery

·Gourmet Hour

·Vegetarian Food Swing

·Alt-Meat Magazine

·Veggie Forums

·Veggie Delight

·Molly Vegetarian

·Single Vegan

·The Green Plate

·Vegan Merch

·Vegetarian Opinion

·Veggies Mead

·Vegetable Forst

Best Vegan Blog Names

Starting a vegan blog? You might be wondering what kind of name you should pick. Do you go for a simple and easy to remember, or a more obscure and unique one? What about a brand name or website name?

We’ve listed below a few suggestions for the latter to help you brainstorm:

·Food On The Table

·Vegetarian Focus

·Vegetarian Analysis

·Vegan Meet

·Jam Nourish

·Veggie Feasts

·Journey To Veganism

·Veggie Frequency

·Vegan Yoga

·Veggie Aries

·The Vegan Grocery

·Vegetarian Mara

·Veggie Lovin

·Vegan View

·The Vegetable Garden

·Vegan Marketing

·Vocabulary Vegetarian

·Vegan Lab

·Vegan Brownies

·Veggie Plus

·Vegetarian Ladle

·Protein Vegan

·Veggie Sticks

·Veggie Chicks

·Vegan Snack

·For The Vegan

·Another Bottle

·Edition Vegetarian

·Delicious Disinfection

·My Foodie Lifestyle

·Vegetarian Linux

·Vegetarian Pupil

·A Plant Based Diet

·Veggie Pride

·Propolis Herbal

·Plant Based Kindness

·Vegan Shoppe

·Vegan Babes

·The Vegetarian Ranch

·Animal Free

·New Vegan


·Herb Story

·Recipes Spunky

·Herbs Market

·Raw Till Whenever

·Impulse Vegetarian

·Vegan Styles

·Organic Readings

·True Vegan

·Vegan Baking

·Veggies Thee

·The Plant Philosophy

·Organic Veggie

·The Vegan Dudette

·Plants Action

·Vegan Map

·Easy Cheesy Vegetarian

·Plenty Foodie

·Veggie Tea

·Vegetarian Precious

·Vegan Herbs

·Deep Fried Vegetable

·Tiger Recipes

·Slowly Veggie

·Vegetarian Discipline

·Sweet Vegan

·Veggie Spunky

·Vegan Hotdog

·Veggies Speed

·Vegan Future

·Herb Health

·Veggies Scheme

·Letʼs Cook Vegan

·Vegetarian Fruitful

·Bio Veggie

·Advisor Vegetarian

·Vegan Cakes

·The Carrot Hugger

·Vegan Crew

·Herb Gardening

·Zesty Cook

·Fountain Vegetarian

·Tarot Recipes

·Venom Vegetarian

·Whats Vegan

·Gourmet Herbs

·Macs Vegetarian

·Response Recipes

·Vegan Warrior

·Vegan Sauces

·Vegan Cooking Classic

·Veggie Valent

·Veggie Shoes

·Veggie Good

·Vocal Delicious

·Veggie Land

·Vegan Cookies

·Vegetarian Town

·Let’s Eat Smart

Perfect Vegan Blog Names

There is a growing interest in vegan food and lifestyles. If you want to capitalize on this interest and become a popular vegan blog site, it’s important that you have a catchy and interesting name that stands out from the crowd.

There are many different types of blogs, but here we’re focusing on ones that cater to a vegan audience. These blogs will offer a wide range of vegan content from cooking tips and recipes to news and current events, all designed to educate readers about being a vegan.

So if you want to capitalize on this interest, you might want to consider starting a blog dedicated to veganism.

·Veggie Friends

·Wine Herb

·Vegan Dates

·Vegan Athlete

·Valley Veggie

·Veggie Van

·Veggie Foods

·Surf Vegan

·Veggie Halls

·Sherbet Group

·Vegan Sausage

·Vegan Love

·Vegan Paradise

·Go Veggies

·Veggie Tales

·Vegan Blog

·Veggie Patch

·Veggie Bite

·Veggie Bowls

·Veggie Brothers

·Vegan Warriors

·Tasty Herbs

·Veggie Gourmet

·Healthy Eating Habits

·Diet Burger

·Team Vegan

·Karat Vegetarian

·Delicious Drilled

·Green Vegan

·Veggie Speculator

·Vegetarian Masculine

·Vegan Healthy

·Courtesy Veggies

·Restaurant Bite

·Veggie Blawg


·Mother Herb

·Opus Vegetarian

·Vegetarian Radical

·Vegan Stealth

·Vegan Beef

·Vegan Takeaway

·Vegan Hampers

·Choose Vegan

·Herbal Direct

·Vegetarian Evidence

·Vegan Book

·Origin Vegetarian

·Too Yummy Tummy

·Hello Veggie

·Steak Vegan

·Solution Vegan

·Veggie Visions

·Herb Web

·Organic Carriage

·Kentucky Veggie

·Vegan Asia

·Vegan Team

·Vegan Christmas

·Micro Veggies

·Kitchen Muffins

·Vegan App

·Veggies Victor

·Grow Veggies

·Think Vegan

·Veggies Spicy

·Veggie Odyssey

·Veggie Oratory

·Veggie Places

·Vegan Cats

·Leva Vegetarian

·Wild Vegan

·House Of Veggies

·Organic Blitz

·Vegan Delicious

·Finn Recipe

·Vegan Basket

·Recipe Roast

·Simply Vegan

·Veg Animal

·Plantpure Nation

·Veggie Pet

·Kitchen Crayon

·Vegan Resource

·Spicy Vegan

·The Veg Life

·Celery Sisters

·Vegetarian Strut

·Recipes Repute

·Carrots And Glitter

·Vegan Barista

·Vegetarian Zen

·Veggies Tidy

·Purest Nature

·Coconut And Quinoa

·Dried Herbs

·Veggie Snacks

·Organic Bricks

·Vegan Mag

·The Healthy Hackers

Cute Vegan Blog Names

If you are starting a vegan blog, you should consider some catchy blog name ideas to help your readers and customers find your website.

After all, how many times have you visited a blog only to forget its URL address? If you have a great business name idea, then you will not worry about getting lost on the Internet.

You can start off by searching for some free domain name registrars. In this way, you will be able to search for great name ideas in a hassle-free manner. Then you can simply buy the domain name at a reasonable price from the registrar’s website.

·Vegan Express

·Vegan Diary Blog

·Vegan Corner

·Two Peas and A Pod

·Veggies Brief

·Veggies Pivot

·Vegan Health

·Vegan Wax

·Vegan Queens

·Jazzy Vegetarian

·Vegan Voice

·Manjula’s Kitchen

·Veggies Fairies

·Vegetarian Trickle

·Vegan Drink

·Vegetarian Carpet

·Veggies Sesame

·Smiley Veggie

·Try Vegan

·Veg Sushi

·Sugar Grill

·Vega Net

·Veggie Num Num

·Vegan Stars

·Herb Honey

·Vegetarian Delights

·Herbs Online

·Vegan Factory

·Vegan Galore

·Vegan Beer


·Herb World

·Vegan Groceries

·Eating Out Vegan

·Vegan Candy

·Vegan Relapse

·Happy Vegans

·Herbal Gardens

·Veggie Chronicles

·Herbal Ink

·Therapy Veggie

·Veggie Sticky

·Sweet N Savory Platter

·Vegan Egg

·Forks And Knife

·Sober Vegan

·The Vegetable Gourmet

·Vegetarian Primer

·The Alkaline Sisters

·Vegan Club

·Herbal Natural

·Vegetarian ‘Ventures

·Sugar Food

·Vegan Fudge

·Veggie Classy

·Vegetarian Angus

·Vegan Essen

·Vegetarian Tuition

·Vegan Worldwide

·Veggie Time

·Pizza Vegan

·The Green Machine

·Leather Vegan

·Butcher Boys

·Volcano Veggie

·Vegan Travel

·Sweet Honey

·Vegan Factor

·Veggie Agility

·Melia Vegetarian

·Brightside Vegetarian

·Vegan Guide

·Vegan Vertigo

·Planet Vegan

·Just The Food

·Vegan Table

·Vegetarian Cognition

·Herb Courage

·Veggie Meals

·Kitchen Crusade

·Veg Anchat

·Investor Veggie

·Vegan Awards

·Vegan Wonder

·Modern Herbal

·Academia Recipe

·Vegan Woman

·Season Vegan

·Recipes Majesty

·Vegetarian Arrival

·Picky Vegan

·Vegan Freak

·Explosion Vegetarian

·Vegan Island

·Vegan Animal

·Vegetable Girls

·Vegan Shark

·Her Balking

·Vegan Sausages

·Pupil Vegetarian

Amazing Vegan Blog Names

The concept of a vegan blog is still relatively new and developing. People aren’t exactly sure how to pronounce the word, much less what a vegan blog actually is.

If you decide to enter this market, it’s best to find a name that defines your particular brand in the space. That way, you know what your audience is looking for when they search for you or your business name.

·Kitchen Fortress

·Vegan Portal

·Vegan Forum

·The Rebellious Vegan

·Veggie Desserts

·Plants And Places

·Yummy Vegan

·Vegan Talk

·Vegan Proteins

·Veggie Snack

·Jack Monroe

·I Eat Grass

·Vegan Print

·Veganly Delicious

·Vegan Beers

·Veggie Sweets

·Tart Delicious

·Veggie Food

·Carte Herb

·Veggie Lover

·Herb Aloe

·101 Cookbooks

·Vegan Pet

·Reluctant Vegan

·Vintage Veggies

·Veggie Queen

·Herb Power

·Butcher Bar

·Plant-Based News

·Snaps Plant

·Vegan Diets

·Recipes Fiend

·Veggies Gratitude

·Vegan Spirit

·Veggie Worthy

·Green Health Blog

·Vegan Heaven

·Satin Veggies

·Vegan Info

·Vegan Haven

·Gamma Veggie

·Apple Vegetable

·Veggies Box

·Vegan Monster

·Diet Veg

·Veggie Studies

·Herb Blubber

·Veggie Runners

·Vegetarian Island

·Mighty Meat-Less Cuisine

·Nourish Grill

·Vegan Institute

·Rocky Mountain Vegetarian

·Vegetarian foodugamy

·Vegan City

·Daily Veggie

·Fruit Freak

·Kitchen Mantle

·Vegan Bunny

·A Vegetarian’s World

·Vegan Inspiration


·Vegan Pro

·Veggie Catering

·Vegan Apparel

·Lifelong Diet

·Vegetarian Walrus

·Pretty Vegan

·Valhalla Vegetarian

·Vegan Ware

·Herb Drops

·Vegan Fox

·Recipe Degrees

·The Veggie Stop

·Aqua Botanic

·Vegan Lush

·Home Grown Vegetable

·Valiant Vegan

·Vegetarian Squirrel

·Vegan Blogger

·Vegetarian Nina

·Heart Vegan

·Vegan Farms

·Lettuce Narratives

·Samurai Veggie

·Socket Vegetarian

·Homegrown Herbs

·Vegetarian Vignette

·Herb Walker

·Strictly Vegan

·A Veggie Venture

·Recipes Reliable

·Run Vegan

·Vegan Journal

·Vegan Place

·Stay Vegan

·Sister Veggie

·Vegan Milk

·Director Veggie

·Dime Recipes

Adorable Vegan Blog Names

Starting a vegan blog could be the best thing you ever do, but before you do it, you first need to find a good name for your blog. The name should be catchy and memorable so that your readers won’t forget about your blog once they visit it.

Luckily, it’s easy to find great names for your blog. Read through this list and pick out some great names that you can use for your blog.

·Vegan Network

·Organic Backing

·Veggie Protein

·Vegetarian Essentials

·Greek Herbs

·The Unpretentious Vegan

·Vida Vegan

·Glenns Garden

·Herbal Cannabis

·Kitchen Foxes

·Vegan Sparkles

·Organic Herbs

·Cunning Delicious

·Mercury Veggie

·Herbs List

·Plant Bound

·Vegan Rocks

·Vegan Gains

·Vegan Resilience

·Veggies Pansy

·Vegan Cuts

·Vegan Run

·Vegetarian Rises

·Vegan Expert

·Veggie Recipes

·Vegan Caviar

·Green Bbq Blog

·Fruit and Veg Garden

·Veggie Fresh

·Fruitarian Advertising

·Vegetarian Appreciation

·Veggie Guide

·Herb Veggie

·Vegan Strength

·Start Vegan

·Vegetarian Column

·Vegan Choices

·Veggies Proximity

·Wholesome Vegan Eats

·Organic Frontiers

·Veggie Hub

·Simply Veggie

·Healthy Eating Haul

·The Humane Veggie Grill

·Herbal Brew

·Recipes Actions

·Skillet Vegetarian

·Vegan Pizzas

·Vegetarian Vanguard

·Gone Vegan

·Sprouted Kitchen

·The Green Garden

·Flavor Recipes


·Odyssey Veggie

·Vegan Farm

·Vegan Powder

·The Green Fridge

·Vegan Design


·Bulk Herbs

·My Vegan Victory

·Glenn’s Garden

·Frenzy Veggies

·Shaman Vegetarian

·Very Veggie

·Veggie Truths

·Vegan Recipe

·Vegetarian Serial


·Naturally Made

·Creations Of Green

·Everyday Vegan

·Love And Lemons

·Food From Plants

·Plant-Based Pros

·Nanny Veggies

·Vegan Pantry

·Flamingo Vegetarian

·Garlic Bite

·Taurus Veggies


·Sweet On Veg

·Veggie Hurry


·Cheap Vegan

·Power Vegan

·Plate Full Of Salad

·Picked To Perfection

·Healing Tomato

·Recipes Hurry

·Vegetarian Package

·Veggie Billy

·Wholesale Herbs

·A Vegan Adventure

·Vegan Superfood

·Vegan Review

·Vegetarian Food Carp

·Vegetarian Adorable

·Vegan Earth

Awesome Vegan Blog Names

It’s not unusual to find vegan bloggers who start their own blog just because they’ve decided to follow their conscience and try to lead a healthier lifestyle. If you’re one of those people who’s trying to lead a healthy life and are interested in starting your own vegan blog, you’ll find this article useful.

We’ve compiled a list of interesting vegan blog name ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

·Vegetarian Goblet

·Snack Vegan

·Vegan Pasta

·Vegetarian Food Handle

·Vegetarian Ventures

·Veggies Vikings

·Vegan Eat

·Vegan Kebab

·Herb Sprocket

·Vegetarian Dentals

·Vegan Kitchen

·Vegan Supplies

·Veggie Advisory

·Vegetarian Rapids

·Conscious Vegetarian

·Herbal Kitchen

·Veggies Valid


·Veggies Timely

·Vegan Utopia

·Veggie Factory

·Vegetarian Zine

·Herbal Shisha

·Vegan Empire

·Vegetarian Mogul

·Herb Away

·Local Veggies

·Electricity Veggies

·Vegan Van

·Veggies Cozy

·Vegan Explorer

·Big Vegan

·Therapy Veggies

·Vegan Eats World

·Nebula Vegetarian

·Plants For Food

·Urban Vegan

·Vegan Counter Revolution

·Vegan Cookery

·Becoming Vegan


·Game Of Plants

·Tasty Vegan

·Vegan Coach

·Vegan Men

·Pass The Plants

·Vegan Ethics

·Vegetarian Petal

·Vegan Sports

·Vegan Deli

·Live Vegan

·Nexus Vegan

·Recipe Teach

·Vegetarian Snug

·Vegan Vest

·Grow Herb

·Simple Vegan

·Grandpa Veggie

·Veggie Vegan

·Savory Vegan

·Order Vegan

·Vegan Ville

·Vegan Meats

·Herbs Garden

·Vegan News

·Vegan Temple

·Organic Veggies

·Celery And Sailing

·Recipes Poly

·Global Vegan

·The Green Life Blog

·Veggie Beat

·Cucumber Living

·Vegan Snackbox

·Veggies Beauty

·Vegan Bustle

·Thorns Veggie

·The Veggie Queen

·Comedy Veggies

·Flexi Vegan

·Veggie Stealthy

·Iceland Recipes

·Vegan Cookbook

·Veggie Munchies

·Vegan Snacks

·Vegan Books

·Very Colorful Veggie

·Vegan Mart

·Delicious Donor

·Organic Kitsch


·Vegan Tribe

·Vegan Punk

·Veg Diet

·Vegan Peace

·Veggie Mama

·Vegan Nails

·Veggie Secretary

·Healthy Eating Wellness

·Clean Eating Grades

Vegan Blog Names

How To Name Your Vegan Blog

Blog names are the most important aspect of blogging, and you should really pay attention to it. This post is dedicated to helping you in settling on the right name for your vegan blog.

Decide On the Norm of Your Vegan Blog Name

Being creative is always encouraged, but the norm of a name should be the same as your brand name. This is one thing that is hard to grasp for beginners who are trying to be creative with their blog names.

When it comes to branding and marketing, the name of your brand and the name of your blog should be similar to each other.

There are two ways to choose your blog name, one is by using the keywords in your blog name and the other is using the keywords that you have selected to represent your brand.

Let It Be Fun and Simple

Your blog name should be fun and simple. Don’t be too complicated or confusing. You want your readers to understand your brand easily. A catchy and easy to understand blog name makes your blog content stand out from the rest of the blogs.

If you have a blog about healthy eating, make sure that your blog name isn’t like ‘Vegan Healthy Eating’ or ‘Vegan Diet’. Instead make it more simple like ‘Healthy Vegan Recipe’ or something like that.

Avoid Creating Unnecessary Buzz Words

Avoid creating buzz words in your blog name. You want to keep your blog name easy to spell and pronounce.

If you’re looking for an easy way to come up with a catchy name for your vegan blog, we’ve created a nifty tool that can help you! You can try out the generator here: http://www.keywordgenerator.net/

Choose A Variety Of Keywords

Be sure to include a variety of keywords so that you cover the whole spectrum of vegan blogs and categories. The more keywords you have the better.

Don’t Just Take the First One That Comes To Mind

If you’ve been thinking of a particular word for a while, don’t just settle on it. Try another alternative to it. You might be surprised at what works.

Don’t Be Too Creative

Your blog name should not be too long, but neither should it be too short. It should be easy to spell and pronounce, yet it shouldn’t be confusing or too easy to remember.

Try to Use as Few Words As Possible

This is also a given. The fewer the words the more you are going to save on typing and editing. This is an important consideration when you are in a hurry.

Be Careful About Capitalization

When you capitalize certain words in your blog name, you’ll make your blog name easier to read and search for. However, if you are using the name of a person, you don’t want to capitalize it. You’ll also avoid any legal issues.


With over 1 billion people being vegetarian or vegan around the world, we thought it was time to compile a list of great blog names for vegans.

This list is full of witty, creative, and original blog names that are suitable for any niche. You could use these as a resource for naming your own personal blog or you could use them for creating content for other blogs.

Whatever you do, we’re sure you’ll love the results!

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