400+ Best Walking Captions for Instagram

There is no doubt that walking is one of the best ways to burn calories. That being said, there’s nothing like the feeling of being able to walk for miles and miles and see nothing but beautiful scenery around you, especially when you know you’re burning some serious calories.

So whether you’re a new walker or have been walking for a while now, we’ve got you covered with some of our favorite walking Instagram captions.

Walking Captions

If you have a thing for walking, then you know that walking is the best thing ever. It gets you so much closer to being in nature and also allows you to connect with yourself and enjoy your time. We don’t need to tell you to get out there and start walking, but it’s always nice to have some extra motivation.

Here are the best Walking captions.

  • Walking is one of my favorite hobbies.
  • I have no problem when I do Walking.
  • You can Walk just about anywhere.
  • If you’re going walking, take a sweater.
  • Just about everywhere has Walking in the winter.
  • I like to get out of the house in the winter.
  • I love being on a plane in the winter.
  • If Walking weren’t fun, I wouldn’t do it.
  • There’s nothing like the feeling of jumping into a snow bank.
  • I’ll give anything to ride that white stuff.
  • Walking, surfing and Walking are my favorite things.
  • A good Walker must have the strength to handle all sorts of terrain.
  • To do well, I have to be ready to learn.
  • Riding a Walking requires the same skill as learning a sport.
  • Being able to deal with all kinds of weather makes me feel alive.
  • As long as I’m having fun and enjoying myself, it doesn’t matter how high I jump.
  • A good Walker can overcome any obstacle.
  • Walking is one of the most thrilling sports in the world.

Walking Captions

Walking Picture Captions

  • It is like Walking, but you don’t have to take off all your clothes.
  • When you get walking, you just want to keep going.
  • If you can’t get walking, there is no point in going anywhere.
  • Some people just don’t have the time, they say.
  • I wish I could Walk more often.
  • We need to have some fun with the Walking we have.
  • I am not scared of Walking.
  • I want to ski the world.
  • Does Norway feel the good vibes of this place?
  • We have a pretty mountain city on this island.
  • Walking is fun for me.
  • I love to learn and see new places while walking.
  • I love Walking, even though it takes place at sea.
  • You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
  • I love to leave this place, but it’s time to go home.
  • The Irish should be rich because their capital is always Dublin.
  • Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before.
  • Walking has changed my life.

Cool Walking Captions

  • I don’t have to think too hard anymore about what I want.
  • I just grab the gear, strap it on, and get going.
  • When I am Walking, I forget about all of my problems.
  • Walking takes me out of myself.
  • I don’t need anything else.
  • I can just Walk.
  • I am completely free and relaxed.
  • I am very lucky to have a job that lets me walk all the time.
  • I enjoy riding and Walking and am always up for a new experience.
  • It is an amazing feeling to know that you are doing something you enjoy.
  • It is great to have the freedom to go anywhere and explore new places.
  • Walking is more than just a sport or hobby, it is a lifestyle.
  • Walking is not about being on a slope.
  • If you’re walking and you can feel the wind on your face.
  • You’re walking like a boss.
  • Walking is about the feeling.
  • The feeling of being on top of the world.
  • It’s about you, your friends, and the snow.

Walking Post Captions

  • And when you’re on top of the world,
  • You don’t want to fall off.
  • That’s why Walking is so addictive.
  • I am the girl that takes her Walking into a bar and drinks a beer.
  • There’s nothing better than going to the mountains for a weekend with friends.
  • I can’t wait until the snow comes in Colorado.
  • Life is like Walking – there are ups and downs.
  • When my friends go on vacation, they just get lost in all that snow.
  • Some days my mom just looks like a snowball.
  • I’m not a Walker, but I do a great job at Walking.
  • I just can’t understand what all the fuss is about.
  • It’s just fun being out in the snow, don’t you think?
  • The Walker’s job is easy, you just stand on top of a chair and slide.
  • Walking with your friends and family!
  • I have the best Walker friend in the world.
  • My Walking and my family will make me a great skier.
  • I want to get the most out of every trip we take.
  • If I’m going on a ski trip, I want my dog with me.

Walking Instagram Captions

  • My dream is to one day race in the Olympics.
  • Walking is one of my favorite sports.
  • I can’t wait to try it with my new board!
  • I’m excited about this week’s Walking trip!
  • Walking sport is all about freedom.
  • It’s snowing at the ski resort.
  • We went walking for the first time today.
  • I was a little nervous, but it was fun!
  • Walking is my favorite winter sport.
  • The air was clear and it was the perfect day for a Walking trip.
  • It’s great to see the mountains covered with snow.
  • I’m sure that if I had more friends, I would travel more often.
  • I’m not going to get too far ahead of myself.
  • It’s hard to tell where I’m going when I’m going nowhere.
  • I wish I knew where I was going when I got there.
  • If I keep walking, where will I end up?
  • I’m getting walking and I’m going to ride a lot.
  • I would like to go to Argentina to Walking.

Best Walking Captions

  • I’m looking for a job with Walking in Canada.
  • Walking is one of the best activities that I can do.
  • I love the mountain in the wintertime.
  • If there is Walking in Europe, I’d like to visit it.
  • I’m thinking of buying Walking and going walking in South Africa.
  • Walking is great for all ages.
  • If I don’t travel I don’t have fun.
  • It’s my dream to become a Walker.
  • The Walkers are coming through.
  • Can’t believe how fast they go.
  • Let’s see if we can catch these Walking guys.
  • Walking is my favorite winter sport.
  • I was born and raised in Whistler, Canada.
  • The first time I ever skied I was 10 years old.
  • I have now been walking for 22 years.
  • I have always wanted to ski in New Zealand.
  • Whistler is one of the top resorts in the world.
  • There is a lot of snow in Whistler so it is.

Walking Captions for Photos

  • A life-long dream came true today.
  • My heart is a Walking and my feet are a ski lift.
  • We were just a couple of skiers and now we are a couple of Walkers.
  • It was a beautiful day for Walking in Tahoe.
  • This is the first time I have ever been on a mountain.
  • Life can be quite boring if we don’t Walk.
  • A trip is like a snowball rolling down a hill.
  • What is more fun than Walking?
  • Sometimes it’s nice to travel by bike.
  • I am going to Rio de Janeiro for Walking.
  • I want to Walk the world.
  • Does Walking feel the good vibes of this place?
  • Cancun is a pretty Walking city.
  • Paris, I hope our paths will Walk again.
  • It’s hard to describe the joy of flying down the mountain.
  • It’s walking like no other.
  • Walking is my favorite sport.
  • Walking is more than a hobby for me.

Funny Walking Captions

  • Walking is my way of living life to the fullest.
  • The feeling of sliding down a Walking is something special.
  • You can’t ski like that at home.
  • My life as a Walker is like a beautiful dream.
  • I would ride my board down the mountain to the bottom of a pool.
  • Riding down a huge hill with no fear at all.
  • Walking is a way to test yourself by going against gravity.
  • Walking is an extreme sport that tests your balance and coordination.
  • In the beginning, you are just a beginner, but you’ll be an expert.
  • Being able to control the speed of Walking with your feet and legs.
  • This is what gives you the feeling of flying, even though you can’t fly.
  • The most fun part is when you are in the air, then it feels so free!
  • In a cold place like this, why do people love Walking?
  • Is there anything more fun than riding a wave of snow?
  • It seems that everyone loves Walking!
  • This is how you’re supposed to do Walking!
  • I’m going to walk in the mountains!
  • Walking is very relaxing for me.
  • This is a cool place for Walking.
  • If I ever get old, I hope I can walk all the time.
  • I want to enjoy Walking.


Everyone loves a good walk. Especially when they’re wearing something cute and cool. Take a picture of yourself in a cute outfit walking around your neighborhood and make sure that everyone knows what you’re looking for.

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, as long as you get the attention of everyone walking by you. And since this post is about walking and pictures, you better get yourself up for a walk right now and see if you can’t find a few good pics.


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