240 Fast Food Slogans and Taglines to Attract Foodies

Here is a list of some fantastic slogans for a fast food business start-up. This will inspire you as well as give you an idea of how to go about a tagline. They are from the leading brands and illustrate how they focus on an individual’s perspective to gain attention.

When you think about a particular brand you can think about the main things that make it stand out from its competitors.

If you think about the fast food industry, the food that they provide is really delicious and it is great that you can get something so tasty for relatively cheap.

That is the main thing that makes people want to visit their store. Another thing that helps you to come up with a good slogan is that it is quite easy to remember and that is because it is just short and sweet.

Another interesting fact about fast food is that it is really cheap and you don’t really need to spend a lot of money to buy their products.

This is something that you could use to your advantage because people might like to come over for a quick lunch because they don’t really have much time but they still want to eat something delicious.

The tagline will be the first important thing. You’ll find hundreds of examples that will help you create a slogan for your business that works and will catch the attention of potential customers. Let’s dive into the list of best fast food slogans ever created.

Fast Food Slogans

A fast-food business needs to focus on speed. Customers have a lot of choices and it is imperative to make them choose your brand. You must come up with a great slogan to grab their attention. The slogans below are proven to work well. Let’s take a look at this list.

  1. A meal in itself.
  2. Be the best and go for Gold.
  3. Go for Gold or else.
  4. If You don’t win…you’re out of luck.
  5. Food isn’t everything; it’s the only thing.
  6. Give people more time to eat in.
  7. The best of fast food.
  8. Fast food for better living.
  9. Get it now.
  10. Just got out of the oven.
  11. Just eat it.
  12. On the go? We’re on the move.
  13. From coast to coast, one meal at a time.
  14. What’s your hurry? You’re in no time.
  15. What’s cooking? Fast food.
  16. Get your food right here.
  17. We’ll do all the work.
  18. No time for cooking.
  19. Just get it fast!
  20. It doesn’t have to be good; we just want it fast.
  21. Let us cook it for you.
  22. Fast food is for everyone!
  23. We don’t need to go far for food.
  24. Our local restaurant has it all.
  25. We don’t need to drive long distances for our food.

Fast Food Slogans

Slogans for Fast Food Restaurants

Below are some creative and unique slogans that are best for fast-food restaurants:

  1. We can find great deals, and variety, in our local stores.
  2. We don’t need to make reservations for a good meal.
  3. We don’t need to pay top dollar for a meal.
  4. We don’t have to be at an exotic location to enjoy great food.
  5. You get what you pay for.
  6. Get hungry at Hungry Jack’s.
  7. The food’s the thing.
  8. If you haven’t tried it, you haven’t lived.
  9. The taste that just won’t quit.
  10. Eat at KFC.
  11. Our chicken’s so good, you’ll want more.
  12. Hungry? Eat at KFC.
  13. Eat at Burger King.
  14. Burger King is doing fine.
  15. KFC has got some competition.
  16. You don’t eat with your eyes.
  17. Fast food is better than ever.
  18. Fast food is a real treat.
  19. I love you, KFC.
  20. Fry on the Go
  21. Lunch Break Meals
  22. Dine On The Run
  23. Take A Break At Home
  24. Get Breakfast On The Way
  25. Save time and money.

Fast Food Motto Ideas

Here are some examples of fast food motto ideas for fast food restaurants and startups:

  1. Get your fix, for a price that makes sense.
  2. Eat healthy, drink coffee.
  3. Let go of stress.
  4. Choose your food wisely.
  5. Pick your favorites.
  6. Make it all count.
  7. Stop eating fast.
  8. Your food tastes great.
  9. Enjoy your food.
  10. Try something new!
  11. We’re all about making memories.
  12. You will be amazed at the taste of our food.
  13. The only thing we can’t change are the things that happen before we open.
  14. We can guarantee you’ll love our food.
  15. Every day, we try to bring you something new.
  16. You’ll find a lot of choices here.
  17. It’s all about making sure that you always get what you want.
  18. Come in and experience some of the finest fast food.
  19. Our food tastes great.
  20. Enjoy your food.
  21. We’re all about making memories.
  22. You’ll find a lot of choices here.
  23. It’s all about making sure that you always get what you want.
  24. Go beyond expectations to deliver the best fast food experience.
  25. Let’s go to your favorite fast food restaurant!

Best Fast Food Slogans That Big Companies Use

  1. Have a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant.
  2. Let’s have some fun in our favorite fast food restaurants.
  3. Relax in our favorite fast food restaurant.
  4. Enjoy your favorite fast food restaurant.
  5. Discover the food.
  6. Have a nice time with family and friends.
  7. We are always there for you!
  8. Eat what we want to eat.
  9. Get ready for a tasty treat!
  10. Our burgers are better than yours!
  11. You will always enjoy our food!
  12. The best in fast food.
  13. Get delicious food at affordable prices.
  14. Come visit our restaurants for tasty fast food!
  15. Get hungry for more.
  16. Let your hunger be your guide.
  17. We believe the best food comes from the heart.
  18. Feed your soul every time.
  19. Our food is not just food. It’s an experience.
  20. Food is something that is good for us.
  21. It tastes good, and makes us feel better.
  22. Food is an essential part of our lives.
  23. Don’t settle for less than perfection.
  24. You deserve the best.
  25. Enjoy the best pizza in town.

Fast Food Taglines That Attract Foodies

  1. Give your friends some real Italian food.
  2. The best pizza in town.
  3. The best pizza in town.
  4. Our pizzas are made from scratch.
  5. Freshness guaranteed!
  6. Our food and drink never disappoint!
  7. Quality ingredients, delicious flavors.
  8. You’re just one taste away from a delicious pizza experience.
  9. Get that perfect pie at our pizzeria.
  10. From the bottom of our hearts we say thank you.
  11. The perfect slice of pizza delivered hot and fresh.
  12. Taste the difference of our dough.
  13. Come in for your pizza today.
  14. Enjoy the world’s finest pizza!
  15. You’ll love our pizza. It’s delicious.
  16. Pizza is a symbol of a great meal.
  17. It’s also a popular snack in America.
  18. Every restaurant offers their own special pizzas.
  19. You can order from a pizza chain, or try something new.
  20. Order your favorite pizza here and enjoy it.
  21. The world is full of people who enjoy eating pizza.
  22. If you like this food, you will love ours.
  23. Pizza is a food you can eat in any restaurant.
  24. You will find that our pizza tastes delicious.
  25. Try one of our pizzas today and see.

Burgers Slogans

Here are some unique and creative slogans for burger restaurants:

  1. Pizza is a favorite at any restaurant.
  2. At any restaurant you can get our pizzas.
  3. Let food be thy medicine.
  4. Food is like love – everyone has their favorites.
  5. Life is short, eat well.
  6. Eat what you want when you want it.
  7. The world is a foodie paradise.
  8. The smell of freshly baked bread brings smiles.
  9. A mouth-watering dinner makes you feel happy.
  10. Have a breakfast like no one’s watching.
  11. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
  12. Be healthy and happy when you start your day.
  13. Eat healthy and stay fit.
  14. A meal is more than food.
  15. Cooking brings joy to life.
  16. Life is all about food.
  17. Food is an art.
  18. Enjoy life, eat well!
  19. Taste life’s greatest pleasures in every bite.
  20. Eat to live.
  21. Enjoy every bite.
  22. Eat food.
  23. Feed yourself with good food.
  24. Eating is the most wonderful way of life.
  25. Have a meal at home.

Funny Fast Food Slogans

  1. Home is where the heart is.
  2. A day without eating is a day wasted.
  3. You deserve to eat well.
  4. Enjoy every mouthful.
  5. Enjoying what you eat is a joy in itself.
  6. Eating is a natural thing.
  7. The best way of life is to live by what you eat.
  8. You don’t have to eat like everyone else.
  9. Eat foods made of love, not fear.
  10. Get the food you crave in a healthier way.
  11. A meal that’s all about you.
  12. Food with a conscience.
  13. Healthy, delicious food.
  14. Get the healthy food you deserve.
  15. Food that’s good for you.
  16. Live life to the fullest.
  17. Eat until you’re full.
  18. Enjoy your meal.
  19. Live the good life.
  20. Learn to cook.
  21. Cook healthy food.
  22. Discover a new culture.
  23. Learn about different cultures.
  24. Empower yourself to live a better life.
  25. Fresh, delicious & nutritious food.

Slogans for Healthy Food

  1. Tasty food made with love.
  2. Food made with care for people and planet.
  3. Food that comes from the heart.
  4. Food has an amazing capacity to bring people together.
  5. A new recipe is always exciting.
  6. The most important things in life are often simple.
  7. Food can change the world for the better.
  8. I like to eat.
  9. Eat, drink and enjoy!
  10. Food is love.
  11. Good food can be good for your health.
  12. It’s time to celebrate!
  13. Get ready for the tastiest, most nutritious food ever!
  14. Make food with love.
  15. It’s all about the food.
  16. Tastes great.
  17. The food that you eat will impact your health, and ultimately, your life.
  18. Our bodies are designed to digest and assimilate the food we put into them.
  19. Food should make us feel good.
  20. It should not cause us to feel bad.
  21. If our foods don’t agree with us, change what you’re eating.
  22. We need to eat for our health, for our enjoyment, and to get the most out of our lives.
  23. Tastier than the food at your local restaurant.
  24. Discover more flavors with this cookbook.
  25. Experience new tastes today.
  26. Make each bite a feast.
  27. Taste the difference.
  28. It’s always good to know how to cook.
  29. Try something different.
  30. Discovering food and cooking is the best part of the meal.
  31. Share a wonderful culinary experience with your friends.
  32. Enjoy delicious foods, one bite at a time.
  33. Taste the best of your life.
  34. Get ready for a tasty meal!
  35. Be the first to try delicious dishes.
  36. Enjoy a new culinary adventure!
  37. Share your experience with others.
  38. Share your favorite food with everyone.
  39. Satisfy your sweet tooth with the best snacks around.
  40. We have something for everyone.
  41. Enjoy a unique experience.
  42. Enjoy food that makes you feel good.
  43. Savor delicious bites of food.
  44. Eat to your heart’s content.
  45. Eat food that’s made for you.
  46. Chew on something you like.
  47. Eat food that has meaning.
  48. Enjoy an authentic food experience.
  49. Let the aroma of great food fill your mouth.
  50. Enjoy the food you eat.
  51. Life is delicious, so be sure to eat your fruits and vegetables.
  52. Eat what makes you feel good.
  53. Get creative with food.
  54. Eat until you burst, but not in a bad way.
  55. Eat healthy food, get energized.
  56. Eat well, live longer.
  57. Enjoy good food every day.
  58. Get the most out of every meal.
  59. Hangout on holidays and birthdays.
  60. Have fun with food.
  61. Have healthy snacks around you all the time.
  62. If you can’t remember what you ate last night, you probably didn’t eat it.
  63. Pizza has never been so easy to find and get!
  64. We are a family owned and operated business.
  65. You will be able to find the best Pizza in town!


Fast food slogans are a great way to get people thinking about what you’re offering them, which is why we chose this slogan to be the second on our list.

Fast food is such a basic part of our lives that it doesn’t seem like it should need any kind of advertising to attract customers.

But even though the phrase “fast food” has been around for a long time, fast food restaurants have become popular in recent years as people crave convenience.

Our slogan is designed to grab your customers’ attention by showing them the food and then asking them what they think of it.

This is a clever way to engage your audience and get them talking about your restaurant or product without being too salesy.


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